"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!"
~ Alice O. Howell
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Hay House, Inc.

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Hay House, Inc
Hay House, Inc.
NewsScope for March 1, 2010
by Michael Wolfstar

Chile's 8.8 Earthquake

Following on the heels of Haiti's devastating earthquake, Chile experienced one of the largest earthquakes in modern history when an 8.8 temblor struck at 3:34 am local time (Chillan, Chile). The #1 largest earthquake hit in the same region on May 22, 1960. Chile's national horoscope (February 12, 1818*; Santiago, Chile) helps get some perspective on these events.

We don't have an accurate birth time for Chile's horoscope, so noon is the default setting. However, Jupiter at 4º Capricorn is likely angular or the chart's ruling planet. In any case, the natal dynamics in this horoscope establish a pattern of extreme volatility in the nation's evolution. Most significantly, Mars, the natural ruler of the military, opposes Uranus and Neptune, which in turn square Pluto.

Historically, Chile's main events feature the tense activation of Jupiter. For example, the military coup that empowered Augusto Pinochet on September 11, 1973 took place as transiting Saturn and Pluto were squaring each other while aligned with Chile's Jupiter. Pinochet's military dictatorship began as Chile's progressed Mars was trine Jupiter. Over the next few years, as progressed Mars opposed Saturn, the brutal nature of his regime became evident.
Similarly, the earthquake that hit last Saturday also involved a Saturn-Pluto square aligned with Chile's Jupiter. In addition, the transiting Ceres-Uranus square was perfectly aligned with Chile's Neptune-Pluto square. The 1960 quake hit when transiting Jupiter was conjunct natal Jupiter, and transiting Pluto was trine natal Jupiter. Although Chile's many Aquarius placements lend it to developing a more classless society than its Spanish roots would suggest, the tense natal dynamics still bring periodic devastating disruptions.
The Bloom Box,
Harbinger of the Age of Aquarius

Last Wednesday, the closely watched start-up Bloom Energy officially launched its product: a $700,000 box of electricity-producing fuel cells. The green technology is still too expensive for homeowners, but a dozen corporations are already using the Bloom Box and saving money in the process. Eventually, CEO K. R. Sridhar hopes the cost will come down so homeowners can have their own Bloom Boxes.

The Bloom Box is clearly a harbinger of the Age of Aquarius. The basic design includes flowing warm air to stimulate the movement of ions from one plate to another in order to create electricity. Aquarius, an air sign, is associated with electricity and new technology. The Age of Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune are associated with an industrial economy dependent on oil.

From the global perspective, electricity currently comes to the user via highly centralized coal, nuclear or gas-powered plants. The Bloom Box de-centralizes the entire system by allowing the end-user to make his own electricity. Aquarius is all about de-centralization in order to empower the individual. The Age of Pisces is about dependency on external sources (including deities) for one's well being, but especially on global-warming fossil fuels.

The Bloom Box is making its appearance as transiting Jupiter and Uranus are heading into a conjunction, a 14-year cycle that tends to bring technological revolutions in its wake. The current tech revolution will be challenged by Saturn's simultaneous opposition to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, indicating that there'll be plenty of bugs and practical considerations to work out. Still, the Bloom Box and other innovative, paradigm-busting technologies are advancing civilization into the Age of Aquarius.
* Chile's birth data is from Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes.
Mia Wasikowska and the Frumious Bandersnatch

In director Tim Burton's 3D gothic version of Alice in Wonderland, Alice is now 19 and looking to escape from her dreary Victorian surroundings. In Wonderland once again, she encounters the tyrannical Red Queen and brings out her Inner Joan-of-Arc to duel the evil Bandersnatch. Australian actress Mia Wasikowska plays Alice, and holds her own among superstars Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Anne Hathaway. 

Mia Wasikowska was born with her Sun, Mercury and Mars in charming, polite Libra (October 14, 1989; Canberra, Australia; time unknown), where they square the epochal triple outer planet
conjunction in Capricorn. The Germans call this late 1989 era the "Peaceful Revolution" because it coincided with the fall of the Berlin Wall. These three Capricorn planets are about breaking down old borders in order to reconstitute at a more universal level.

In the same way, Mia began her professional life as a ballet dancer but found the forms too confining. In the U.S. she first achieved critical acclaim for HBO's In Treatment, where she played a troubled teen. Her Mercury (mental attitude) is unbalanced by the square to quirky Uranus and authoritarian Saturn. She escapes via fantasy (Mercury square Neptune), which is a recurrent theme in her film roles.
With her Moon in bold Aries, Mia (and Alice) finds the courage to step out of her restrictive social milieu (Australia and Victorian England). Venus in Sagittarius gives her a playful side and a love of travel and adventure. With her Sun trine the North Node in Aquarius (near the U.S. Moon), Ms. Wasikowska will undoubtedly find much success in the States.