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Pakistan's Supreme Court

The egalitarian, socially-responsive tendencies of Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius versus the elitist, self-promotion of Mars in Leo was also expressed in Pakistan last week, when that nation's Supreme Court struck down an amnesty that protected the top leaders from corruption charges. Although President Zardari is technically immune, the wildly popular Supreme Court decision supports opposition calls for him to resign.

Pakistan's natal horoscope (August 14, 1947; 9:33 am; Karachi, Pakistan) shows a cluster of planets in Leo that has fostered the control of society through a powerful aristocracy. All of Pakistan's presidents have come from this ruling class, including the generals who usurped power. Mars at the Midheaven shows this unholy alliance between the military and aristocracy, even as they've fought among themselves.

The judicial branch of Pakistan's government has assumed moral responsibility for rooting out corruption. Astrologically, this can be seen in several ways. First, Saturn in Libra (the sign of the scales) is often associated with the justice system. Saturn is now in
Lady Gaga, Pop Shock Artist

While staid Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke won Time magazine's Person of the Year Award for saving the economy, Lady Gaga took top honors as MTV's Woman of the Year. Rising from obscurity to become an overnight sensation and superstar in 2009, Lady Gaga has shocked, surprised, and entertained fans with her catchy songs as much as her bewildering fashion and on-stage antics.

Lady Gaga's Sun in bold, brash Aries (March 28, 1986; New York, NY; time unknown) is given an edgy, manic demeanor by the close quincunx to
NewsScope for December 21, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Health Care and Global Warming Agreements

In the end no one was happy with either agreement, and the task of building consensus for what was agreed was arduous and lasted through the night. On Capitol Hill and at the U.N.-sponsored global summit in Copenhagen, democracy and its backroom deal-making were on ugly display, as political leaders simultaneously pushed and cajoled reluctant participants to meet deadlines.

Although there was no apparent connection between the two processes, their parallel developments were following astrological parameters. In the sky above, Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune were all coming together in Aquarius, the sign associated with democracy and consensus building. In the same way, Democrats were closing in on the critical 60th vote, just as the larger CO2-producing nations were closing in on a reduction plan.
In the sky above, Mars in Leo (about to turn retrograde) was heading into its opposition to the Aquarian planets. In Washington and Copenhagen, in the discussions about the health bill and global warming, Senator Ben Nelson from Nebraska and Premier Wen from China were the last big holdouts. Without these players on board, the respective deals would collapse. Either one could turn away, just like Mars.

Senator Nelson and Premier Wen knew they were in "pivotal" positions, and each held out for royal treatment, which is in accord with Mars in Leo's feelings of superiority and specialness. After the deals were simultaneously arranged, Republicans expressed their collective bitterness, as did the
developing nations in Copenhagen, who were likewise left out of the bargaining process. These political analogs across the Atlantic reflect the fractal nature of our collective reality, as seen in the stars.
Pakistan's first house where it becomes more assertive. Most importantly, Saturn by secondary progression is only 0º03' from its conjunction with Pakistan's Sun.

Advanced astrologers will note that by secondary progression, Venus (the ruler of the ninth house of justice) is one degree from being conjunct Chiron in the second house of money. Also, progressed Pallas (known as the Goddess of Justice) is squaring the North Node in the ninth house. What all these measurements mean is that Pakistan's Supreme Court is on the rise over the coming year, and the nation's ruling aristocracy is under immense pressure to reform.
extreme Pluto, plus an imaginative, ethereal feel by the square to Neptune. These outer planet influences are more than most people can safely manage, but Lady Gaga's Sun forms a stabilizing trine to Saturn, which helps to ground her creativity.

Venus is also in Aries, where it's supported by trines to eccentric Uranus and sexy Mars. From this in-your-face Venus placement, she has become known as a fashionista and a performance artist. But her craziest ideas come from her Mercury in Pisces, a placement that thrives on fantasy and likes to express ideas in images. Mercury's square to Uranus shows her abrupt, scatterbrained, disconnected ideas.
Transiting Chiron, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus have all been aspecting her natal Uranus throughout 2009, emphasizing her quirkiness as well as her sudden fame. An astrologer might warn her about drugs, which become temptations to those with a prominent Neptune influence and a constant need to be close to the edge. Transiting Pluto's given her plenty of energy in 2009 by its conjunction with her Mars, but that influence is now waning.

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