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NewsScope for October 12, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Obama's Surprise Prize

Reaction to Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize was swift and partisan last week. Some said he deserved it for rewriting black history and redeeming America's image on the world stage, while others said the award honored ambition and hope rather than accomplishments. Everyone in Washington, including Obama himself, was very surprised.

The unexpected surprise element keys Uranus. At the time of the announcement, transiting Venus and Uranus were opposing each other. Ordinarily, this is a brief astro-event, having an influence of a day or so. In Obama's chart, the Venus-Uranus transit aligned with his natal Mars (the ruler of his Midheaven and public status), so that the fast-moving Venus activated a longer, underlying situation. The Uranus opposition to Mars describes the intense controversy that has followed.

Transiting Uranus opposite Mars is generally an unfavorable alignment, but in Obama's case, his Mars is well placed by being part of a Grand Earth Trine involving Saturn and Ceres. Also, Jupiter – the planet associated with honors – turned direct right on Obama's Aquarius Ascendant. This station is reflected in the Nobel Committee's statement that Obama's leadership expresses the values and attitudes shared by the majority of the world's population.
Cash prizes are often connected with the Part of Fortune. Some astrologers calculate Fortuna differently in a so-called night chart, which is when both luminaries (the Sun and Moon) are below the horizon. Obama's chart is a night chart, but using the standard day formula puts his progressed Part of Fortune right on his Mars (orb 0º10'), which transiting Uranus activated at the time of the announcement. This would seem to be a huge validation for using the daytime formula for all horoscopes.
America's Renewed International Image

In addition to being a personal achievement, Obama's Nobel Peace Prize is a stunning and historic national development. In the U.S. Scorpio Rising horoscope, this event is reflected in a major progression, as well as several outer planet transits making tight connections to the natal horoscope.

To enumerate the transits and progressions that are unique to the Scorpio Rising horoscope, first, look at Uranus, the planet of shock and awe. Transiting Uranus is making an exact trioctile (135º aspect) to the Scorpio Ascendant, which during last Friday's announcement was a mere 0º10' from exact. Then, transiting Saturn was trine the U.S. Pluto, the ruler of the Scorpio Rising horoscope (orb 0º09').

Transiting Pluto is going through the U.S. second house (hence the emphasis on rebuilding the economy). At the moment, Pluto is 0º17' from making a trioctile to the U.S. Leo Midheaven. As described in October's #1 Top Five Astro-Events, this Pluto influence (along with transiting Saturn trine Pluto) is making America's leadership and power felt around the world. In essence, the Nobel Committee endorsed Obama's leadership for a global response to global problems.

The U.S. progressed chart shows a unique development: the progressed Ascendant at 24º Cancer is conjunct natal Mercury (orb 0º01'). Here we have the evolving national image (progressed Ascendant) being enunciated and explained through a great communicator (Mercury). With Mercury residing in the ninth house, international affairs and diplomacy are emphasized. If your preferred national chart for the U.S. isn't showing these kinds of precise measurements and meanings based on traditional interpretations, maybe it's time to switch.

2012, the Film

From the director who brought you the melodramatic disaster films Independence Day (1996) and The Day After Tomorrow (2004), prepare yourself for 2012, which opens this coming November 13. The end of the Mayan calendar is used as the timer for this doomsday scenario, with John Cusack portraying the lead role and POV (point of view) for the unfolding catastrophe.
Cusack was born during the epochal Uranus-Pluto conjunction, which is especially powerful in his chart since they are exactly conjunct. The next time Uranus and Pluto form a hard aspect is in 2012, which many astrologers expect will bring some interesting twists to our collective social and political evolution. In Cusack's case, his natal Mars squares his Uranus-Pluto duo, adding an explosive element of danger to this film role.
As the film 2012 approaches its debut, transiting Saturn and Pluto will be squaring each other while they align with Cusack's Mercury in Leo and next year, his Sun in Cancer. Saturn-Pluto aspects tend to correspond to deliberate and random acts of mass destruction, and times when the collective psyche is gripped by shadowy impulses. We might expect Cusack to make the talk-show circuit as a spokesman (Mercury) for 2012 and related doomsday scenarios.
A-lister Cusack's range of films is incredibly diverse, but his horoscope (June 28, 1966; Evanston, IL; time unknown) is especially well tailored for 2012. His Cancer Sun aptly describes the family man whose security base is suddenly disrupted. Cusack's Mars in Gemini reflects his character's job as a science fiction writer and part-time limousine driver, since Gemini is about travel and writing.

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