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Spiritual Cinema Circle
NewsScope for August 17, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Fixing the Disease Management System

As Dr. Andrew Weil likes to point out, we don't have a health care system at all: it's a drug-intensive, technology-centric disease management system. With the main objective in the current health care proposals being financial, it seems logical to shift from drug and surgical interventions to more natural remedies, which are often more beneficial and far less expensive.

Andrew Weil was born with his Sun in intellectual Gemini (June 8, 1942; 4:00 pm; Philadelphia, PA) and his Moon in pioneering Aries. Weil is famous for his gathering of useful health information, especially the kind the relies on good nutrition and herbal solutions. His Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Gemini seeks meaning behind knowledge, always striving to find and communicate the higher perspective.
A Mars-Pluto conjunction at his Midheaven describes the reform-minded, fighting spirit that he's applied to the health business. Chiron in his tenth house reflects his interest in alternative medicine. Ceres in sensitive Pisces trines the Midheaven, perhaps showing how his health care is through gentle herbs and healthy diet rather than synthetic drugs with damaging side effects. Both Chiron and Pluto square Venus, which tells the story of how his methods are cost-sensitive.

With Libra Rising, Venus is the ruler of his chart. By secondary progression, Venus is now at 27º Cancer where it opposes the U.S. Pluto, giving Weil a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape the 
national discussion on health care. His lone voice won't change the current legislation, but for those who wish to find good health in a corrupt system, his "integrative medicine" provides the path forward.
John Mackey: Health Food Capitalist

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey enraged many of his fellow health food fans last week when he wrote an editorial in The Wall Street Journal criticizing Obama's health care plan. Mackey said that Americans should be responsible for their own well-being by making healthier lifestyle choices. His Libertarian views did not sit well with many of his progressive customers who value universal coverage.

Mackey was born with a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Leo (August 15, 1954; Houston, TX; time unknown), a combination that bestows enormous creative potential and capacity for self-empowerment. His Sun-Pluto is energized by a trine to Mars in adventurous Sagittarius, and given an idealism about food issues by the sextile to a Ceres-Neptune conjunction – all of which has made him a national leader in the health food business.

This year, transiting Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune are opposing Mackey's Leo Sun. This polarity between Leo and Aquarius makes it difficult to balance the individual responsibility (Leo) with the need for health care as a human right (Aquarius). As Mackey identifies with his self-sufficient Sun sign, the Aquarius energies are coming at him in the form of a boycott and nasty comments at the Whole Foods website.
Read Mackey's Wall Street Journal op-ed piece on
The Whole Foods Alternative
to ObamaCare
Go to Huffington Post to read Weil's latest commentary
Michael Vick's Second Chance

Disgraced quarterback Michael Vick was released from home confinement last month after serving 18 months for running a dog fight operation. His suspension from playing in the NFL was conditionally lifted, but until last Thursday, no team wanted him. He finally found a home with the Philadelphia Eagles where coach Andy Reid said he deserved a second chance.
Since Mackey's Sun-Pluto aligns with the U.S. Moon, one could extrapolate his situation onto the national discussion. The U.S. Scorpio Rising horoscope features the Moon in Aquarius and a Leo Midheaven, which resonates with its Lunar Node axis in Aquarius/Leo. Blending or integrating the two means starting with a foundation of equal rights to health care (South Node in Aquarius), and then individually building toward personal responsibility (Leo).
Michael Vick was born with a Sun-Vesta conjunction in Cancer (June 26, 1980; Newport News, VA; time unknown) which is supported by a sextile to Jupiter. This configuration shows his emotional devotion to the game (Sun-Vesta in Cancer) and the ample opportunities and rewards that follow (Jupiter). The Jupiter theme of opportunity and reward is reiterated on a national scale since his Sun conjoins the U.S. Jupiter.

Vick's Mars in hard-working Virgo has a network of aspects to other planets in his chart, which underscores his martial role in life. The most important of these is the conjunction with Saturn, which over time can build a responsible, strong character. This promise, however, is severely challenged by a square to his Sagittarius Moon and Neptune –
which contributed to his interest in illegal gambling.

Now that he's going through his Saturn return, Vick will be working through these contradictory tendencies. He went to prison as his progressed Venus opposed his Neptune, which wiped out his earnings as the highest paid player in the NFL. The Eagles' current QB Donavan McNabb is secure in his job, but as transiting Pluto opposes Vick's Sun next year (and trines his Jupiter), he will get the chance to transform his life, if he can overcome the intense animosity that such a Pluto transit may also bring.
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