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Twitter, the Micro-Blogging Social Networker

Last week Demi Moore was in the news for her role in rescuing a potential suicide victim. The woman had tweeted her intentions to kill herself to Mrskutcher (as the actress calls herself), who in turn repeated the message which was read by many of her 383,000 followers. The police were called in, and the distraught woman put under protective custody.
Twitter was born with its Sun in pioneering Aries (March 21, 2006; 12:50 pm*; San Francisco, CA) and four planets in the social networking sign of Aquarius. With Cancer Rising, the Moon becomes Twitter's ruling planet: it's placed in trendy Sagittarius and opposes Mars in talkative Gemini. On April 3 when Demi Moore hit the headlines, a transiting Mars-Saturn opposition was closely squaring Twitter's Moon-Mars polarity.

Mercury, the natural ruler of communications, is poorly placed in Pisces where it tends toward confusion and lack of clarity, a situation exacerbated by its retrograde motion. Mercury is electrified by a conjunction with Uranus, and energized by a
square to Mars. This configuration evokes the bird-like flitting about and inconsequential chirping. With this kind of flaky business model, many observers wonder how Twitter can monetize its immense popularity.

However, transiting Pluto is squaring Twitter's Sun this year, as it's pursued by the largest networking corporations around. A buy-out is certainly possible under Pluto's influence. Also, Twitter's Sun forms a substantial trine to Saturn, and since the Sun rules the second house of money, Twitter is bound to turn its product into a revenue-generating money machine – and soon. The progressed Sun will be exactly trine Saturn in September when practical considerations and a potentially huge deal manifest.

* source, see
NewsScope for April 13, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Economic Interdependence

As financial columnist Paul Krugman, IMF economist Raghuram Rajan, and a growing chorus of European financial officials are advising, the only way out of the global economic crisis is through increased regulation of the banks. In contrast, the Obama Administration's economic team (made up of former high-flying financiers) are favoring bailouts of the nation's largest banks to the tune of 100s of billions of dollars.

Astrologically, the competing plans can be seen in the simultaneous activation of contrasting archetypes in the U.S. horoscope. On the one hand, the Scorpio Ascendant and four planets in the eighth house reflect the nations' drive for power and domination, which have come through unfettered capitalism. Currently, transiting Pluto opposite the U.S. Venus corresponds to the credit crisis and the flood of capital to resurrect the banks' power.

On the other hand, the U.S. Moon in Aquarius represents the people's interest in social equality and fair play. The U.S. cycles through long periods of plutocracy (engendered by the activation of the Scorpio-Pluto-eighth house placements), and then reformist, populist movements that empower the lower classes. Outer planet transits – like the current triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune to the U.S. Moon – awaken this populist sentiment.

Oddly enough, President Obama has very close connections to both archetypal
North Korea's Mars
on the Move

Ever since Mars entered Pisces on March 14, the U.S. has experienced a spectacular surge in mass murder, as Mars activates the polarized tension between Uranus in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo. The latest act of violence – the kidnapping of Captain Richard Phillips – was suggested in item #2 of April's Top Five Astro-Events, and one might also include North Korea's missile launch over Japanese waters.
patterns. Uranus, the ruler of his Aquarius Ascendant, is at 25º Leo, exactly in line with the U.S. Moon. This connection puts him in close emotional contact with the people's needs. Then, his natal Saturn and progressed Jupiter are conjunct the U.S. Pluto, putting him in command of America's centralized financial power. It's up to him to find the balance point that creates economic interdependence and well-being.
North Korea's horoscope (September 10, 1948; 8:50 pm; Pyongyang, NK) is currently under tremendous pressure from Mars. By secondary progression, Mars has reached 17º Sagittarius where it's nearing the exact square to NK's Sun at 17º Virgo. NK's Sun, symbolizing its leadership, has been under pressure from the Saturn-Uranus opposition for over a year, giving credence to reports that Kim Jong Il suffered a stroke last August.

Last Thursday, Kim made his first public appearance in months, and he did so only days after North Korea defied an international outcry over the proposed satellite launching – which everyone knew was a missile test. The provocative launch took place on April 5 as transiting Mars was at 17º Pisces, where it activated the underlying progressed Mars-square-Sun dynamic.

Unfortunately for Kim Jong Il, transiting Saturn in Virgo will be back across NK's Sun in July at a time when the square from progressed Mars is reaching maximum influence. This period likely spells the end of his hold on power. The martial conditions in North Korea indicate that a power struggle for leadership is now taking place. The missile launch is likely Kim's public demonstration that he's still in charge, and that his son should be the next Supreme Leader.
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