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October 16, 2006 - North Korea Joins Nuclear Club
July 10, 2006 - Kim Jong-Il, International Pariah
February 14, 2005 - North Korea Goes Nuclear
April 29, 2003 - Pluto Squares North Korea's Sun
North Korea
This page features horoscopes
for North Korea and it's leader,
Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong-Il, International Pariah

NewsScope; July 10, 2006. Defying the expressed concerns of its neighbors and the international community, North Korea launched a handful of missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The July 4 incident took place just as Jupiter (expansionism)
North Korea's cult-like leader Kim Jong Il (February 16, 1942*; Khabarovsk, Russia; time unknown) was born with his Aquarius Sun in an exact square to eccentric Uranus. This aspect fosters extreme independence, self-sufficiency, and originality at its best, but is also prone to sudden and radical breaks from expected norms. New York's billionaire mayor, Mike Bloomberg (February 14, 1942), shares many of Kim Jong Il's basic astrological traits.

At 2:32 pm (EDT), North Korea launched the first missile while transiting Mars was exactly squaring Kim's natal Mars (to-the-minute if we use a 12 noon birth time). The Mars-Mars aspect is renowned for strident conflict, and as astrologers, we can track the short-term confrontations as transiting Mars completes its opposition to Kim's Sun on July 17. Then, as transiting Saturn first enters this same degree zone in August, we can expect that Kim will remain a pariah over the coming months, and continuing into next year.

The Pentagon doesn't know what Kim will do next, but astrologers will see his most troublesome antics coming. Recently, transiting Saturn turned direct on his natal Pluto, initiating the intention of advancing his nuclear ambitions. In three years, his progressed Sun will square that Pluto, marking a dramatic escalation of this program, and possibly, an assassination attempt or coup d'etat.

* Some experts believe that Kim Jong Il was born on February 16, 1941, but the most important events in his life have a strong correlation to his 1942 birth date.

North Korea Goes Nuclear

NewsScope; February 14, 2005. Last Thursday North Korea issued a statement that it had "manufactured nukes for self-defense to cope with the Bush administration's undisguised policy to isolate and stifle" it. Political observers disagreed whether to push for more diplomatic efforts, or to begin looking at economic sanctions, or even military options. The announcement pre-empted a Chinese effort to get North Korea back to the negotiating table.

North Korea's national horoscope (September 10, 1948; 8:50 pm; Pyongyang *) features a prominent Mars in Scorpio on its seventh house of open enemies. This Mars is very near the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant, so that North Korea naturally views the U.S. as a life-threatening enemy. Over the last month American diplomats reported that North Korea was ready to re-start talks as transiting Uranus formed a favorable trine to this Mars.
However, Uranus often leads to sudden changes of direction. The surprise announcement arrived as the Moon and Uranus were conjunct each other and forming an exact sextile to North Korea's Ascendant. From another angle, NK's Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Libra may be associated with diplomatic efforts. Last week the progressed Moon was exactly squaring this planetary pair.

Meanwhile, transiting Saturn is nearing the IC, the fourth house cusp, where it

North Korea's horoscope (September 10, 1948; 8:50 pm; Pyongyang) is dominated by a hyper-defensive Mars in Scorpio. As forecast in the March 11 column, this natal situation is now coming to life due to the current transit of Pluto, which is forming an octile (45 degree angle, also known as a semi-square) to the NK Mars. Normally, the octile is considered a minor aspect, but this octile bridges a network of important aspects, amplifying its influence.

North Korea has a beneficial Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the Eighth House, the house of shared resources. Although the country is notoriously impoverished, the leadership has had enduring relations with China, its political and economic partner. This Moon-Jupiter pairing squares the Virgo Sun, giving the leadership an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

As transiting Pluto is now octile to the NK Mars, it will also form a square to the NK Sun (exact on July 19). This combination marks a deadly battle of wills, and in this case, involves the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Last week transiting Mars was square natal Mars, reflecting the open hostility during the conference. This diplomatic confrontation conceals the very real military option, known in Washington as "Plan B".

North Korea Joins Nuclear Club

NewsScope; October 16, 2006. North Korea's detonation of its first nuclear bomb last Tuesday set the international community into a frenzied debate about how to deal with this rogue nation. South Korea and China were divided about how to proceed, while Japan and the U.S. favored immediate and severe sanctions, plus a military blockade. Meanwhile, American analysts feared that North Korea might sell its nuclear technology to Al Qaeda.

North Korea's national horoscope (September 10, 1948; 9:50 pm; Pyongyang) shows clear signs of these latest developments. On the day of the nuclear test (October 9), transiting Mars and the new dwarf planet Eris were in an exact opposition, and this polarity formed an exact square to the NK Midheaven. The militant Mars archetype combined with Eris, the troublemaker, to upset and confuse the entire international community.

The observant astrologer will note a number of additional transits with very tight orbs*  all of which underscore the significance of this event and validate the accuracy of this North Korean horoscope. The situation is even more explicit when considering progressed aspects. The powerful nuclear self-assertion is clearly defined by progressed Mars precisely trine Pluto (orb 0º02').

Undoubtedly, President Kim Jong Il will continue to act in defiant and unpredictable ways. This is evident by North Korea's progressed Sun (leadership) heading into a trioctile with Uranus (orb 0º13') and square with Pluto, which will be exact in six months. Kim Jong Il's horoscope repeats this message, since his progressed Sun and Mercury are also squaring his Pluto. No matter how you look at it, this global sector promises to be a major hotspot over the next few years.
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was turning direct on the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant while transiting Chiron (representing military affairs) squared the Ascendant, and was foreshadowed in this column as "military adventurism" the week before it happened.
North Korea
September 10, 1948
8:50 pm
Pyongyang, NK

notes: This chart's time is rectified, based on reports of a proclamation "at night". Mars on the Descendant describes the formation of a northern government that aggressively assumed control over the entire Korean peninsula. This set up the Korean War which began as progressed Mars hit the Descendant.
Regarding the date and approximate time of North Korea's formation, Nicholas Campion (in Book of World Horo- scopes) writes: "The Communist Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea was given independence on 9/10/1948 following three years of occupation. Press reports on 11 September referred to the proclamation of the republic 'yesterday' but spoke of radio announce- ments that a cabinet had been appointed and that the northern government was the sole government of Korea 'last night.' Whether this means that the proclamation was made in the evening, or merely that the only relevant news broadcasts monitored were those made in the evening is not clear. ...The position is complicated by the fact that different dates, such as 9 September and 12 September, are given for independence. However it is clear that while the proclamation was made on 10 September, we have absolutely no indication of the time of day."
creates immense security concerns. Saturn turns direct on March 22 while nearly exactly conjunct the IC and inconjunct (quincunx) beneficial Jupiter. North Korea's eighth house Jupiter represents a financial benefactor which traditionally has been played out by China. Watch over the next two months as transiting Saturn links up to Jupiter for the Chinese-North Korean relationship to come under historic pressure.
* The closest transits include:

transiting Chiron square Mars (orb 0º09')
transiting Sun sextile Pluto (orb 0º03')
transiting Mars sextile Jupiter (orb 0º07')
transiting Neptune quincunx Sun (orb 0º31')
transiting Jupiter conjunct Chiron (orb 0º43')
transiting Jupiter sextile the MC (orb 0º53')
Pluto Squares North Korea's Sun

NewsScope; April 29, 2003. Three-way talks between China, North Korea and the U.S. ended abruptly last Thursday when North Korea admitted that it had already developed nuclear weapons and was preparing to make a physical demonstration to prove it. While Washington hawks repeated their warning that Kim Il Jong should learn a lesson from Iraq, the North Korean position was that the lesson learned was to have a powerful deterrent force.
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