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NewsScope for June 22, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Ayatollah Khamenei,
Iran's Supreme Leader

Last Friday in a much-anticipated speech, Iran's supreme leader denied that the election was rigged and reiterated his support for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's victory. Ayatollah Khamenei's warning that opposition leaders would be held responsible for protest rallies seemed to clear the way for a violent crackdown, even as Khamenei faced challenges within the clerical power structure.

Seyyed Ali Khamenei was born with his Cancer Sun conjunct Ceres (July 17, 1939; Mashad, Iran; time unknown), a benevolent combination that gives him a patriarchal, care-taking personality. However, with his Mars opposite Pluto, this kindly side includes a keen awareness of enemy action, which he's always on guard against. Richard Nixon and Joseph Stalin also have the Mars-Pluto opposition, and both were hyper-vigilant against perceived enemies.
For truly deep revolutions, the astrologer often finds Uranus-Pluto combinations, and here we have transiting Uranus exactly squaring Twitter's Pluto.

The progressed chart adds details: the progressed Sun is now exactly conjunct the Aries North Node, describing Twitter's pioneering leadership in cyberspace.

These transits and progressions are still building up, telling us that Ayatollah's declaration that the elections were fair does not end the matter. Uranus turns retrograde on July 1 while only 0º07' from squaring Twitter's Pluto. Saturn squares Twitter's Mars on July 4, and the progressed Sun is conjunct the North Node at the same time. Together, these timers indicate that we have yet to see the most historic phase of this Twitter revolution.
Chaz Bono Undergoes Gender Reassignment Surgery

Last week Cher's daughter – formerly known as Chastity – announced that she's undergoing "gender reassignment surgery" and will henceforth be known as Chaz. This is the second gender-related life passage for Chaz, with the first being when she told her parents she was a lesbian following her 18th birthday. This time, Cher seems more understanding, and has given her full support to Chaz's decision.

Chaz Bono was born with his Sun in the victim/savior sign of Pisces (March 4, 1969; 12:55 am; Hollywood, CA), where it opposes the Full Moon in Virgo. These luminaries square a Sagittarius Ascendant, giving rise to much
in the 12th house represents the hidden male identity, which began expressing itself as progressed Mars neared the Ascendant at age 18 and she "came out". Currently, transiting Saturn is aligned with Chaz's Moon-Sun-Ascendant, helping to make the serious transition from female to male.

Chaz's progressed Sun was conjunct Venus earlier this year. Normally, astrologers forecast a wonderful love life under this influence, but due to the influence of Venus's conjunction with Saturn, she/he couldn't relate. This is when she/he made the decision to become a transgender male. The process will be complete in about a year, when his progressed Sun completes the quincunx to transformative Pluto.
The Twitter Revolution

In the aftermath of Iran's contested June 12 election, the social networking tool Twitter emerged as the best way to organize street protests and get photos and video to the outside world. Since the Iranian government has been filtering internet content for so long, a new generation has become adept at circumventing cyber roadblocks, especially through the use of proxies to Twitter.

Twitter's natal horoscope (see NewsScope: April 13, 2009) can be relocated to Tehran to show why it's central to Iran's civil resistance movement. Most importantly, Mars in the communication sign of Gemini sits right on the Descendant, where it represents a strong push against the religious supreme authority, as symbolized by the Sagittarius Ascendant. Mars is amped up by a square to Mercury-Uranus, giving it a revolutionary communication channel.

Why now? Transiting Saturn is squaring Mars, describing the clash between activism (Mars) and the authorities' attempts to quash the revolt (Saturn).
When Ayatollah Khomeini died in 1989, Khomeini's close confidant Ali Khameini became the new supreme leader, as the transiting Saturn-Neptune conjunction in authoritative Capricorn opposed Khamenei's Chiron in Cancer. Also, transiting Pluto was trine his Chiron. The ascension to power under major transits to his Chiron points to Khamenei's status as a religious outsider, since he was not an ayatollah. Rules were bent to allow his ascension.

Khamenei's Saturn in Taurus squares his Mars-Pluto opposition, adding a tough-minded conservatism that has marked him as Iran's symbol for established law and order. He may very well have his Moon in early Leo, a position now being hit by transiting Pluto, and giving rise to the intensity
of feeling surrounding his decisions. Pluto goes on to form a trine to Saturn, guaranteeing the deployment of an iron fist to protect the established power structure.
confusion about personal identity. The masculine Sun (in emotionally divided Pisces) imparts one gender preference on the identity (Ascendant) while the feminine Moon imparts another.

Venus in Aries is under tremendous pressure to express the feminine side of the psyche due to an exact conjunction with Saturn and a close quincunx to Pluto. In this case, Mars
Ayatollah Khamenei was born on the same day as Joseph Luter III, who was profiled here on May 4, 2009
as seen on
The Tonight Show
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