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NewsScope for May 18, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

The New Foundation

The New Foundation is becoming the Obama Team's slogan in the same way that FDR called for a New Deal. The phrase was first used during Obama's inauguration on January 20, but didn't catch on until his much-praised speech on April 14,when he used the phrase "new foundation" so many times to describe his new programs that it became known as "the New Foundation speech".

Astrologically, the fourth house in a horoscope is often referred to as the foundation. In the U.S. Scorpio Rising chart, the Aquarius Moon resides in the fourth house, and represents the people's security needs, and especially their economic concerns. Over the past week, Obama used "new foundation" to describe health care reform, education, and consumer protections – all as transiting Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune were less than one degree from the U.S. Moon.

FDR first promised a "New Deal" during his nomination acceptance speech on July 2, 1932. At the time, Uranus and Pluto were squaring each other, presenting the revolutionary celestial climate that his phrase captured. Similarly, Teddy Roosevelt's "Square Deal", which promised to find a balance between labor and business, was coined in a speech on September 7, 1903, and was celestially mirrored in a Uranus-Pluto opposition.

FDR's New Deal was meant to resonate with TR's Square Deal, which unfolded precisely one Saturn cycle later: Saturn was at 3º Aquarius in both cases. Obama coined "New Foundation" as Jupiter was at 3º Aquarius, which evokes the previous grand-scale programs. However, we won't enter into the rare Uranus-Pluto dynamic until 2011 when "New Foundation" may become the label marking an historic era of social engineering.
Ron Howard (March 1, 1954; 9:03 am; Duncan, OK) was born with his Sun in faith-oriented Pisces and closely squaring Mars in philosophical Sagittarius, a forceful combination that projects strongly held beliefs and opinions. The Sun is trine to Saturn at 9º Scorpio, which in turn is conjunct the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant, allowing him to shape America's image of itself through his cinematic storytelling.

Tom Hanks (July 9, 1956; 11:17 am; Concord, CA) has his Sun in another water sign, Cancer, where it also forms aspects to Mars and Saturn. Ron Howard and Tom Hanks both have Grand Trines in water, so that they share an emotional connection, ambition (Saturn), and drive (Mars). Also, they both have Moon-Uranus aspects, which brings a heightened level of enthusiasm and excitability when their emotions are fully engaged in a project.

Tom Hanks' Venus at 22º Gemini is conjunct his Midheaven and the U.S. Mars, which has earned him a professional reputation for portraying American folk heroes as in Saving Private Ryan and Forrest Gump. Director Ron's Jupiter near Tom's Midheaven enhances the actor's career potential, while Tom's Sun conjunct Ron's Uranus allows the actor to personify the director's vision. Ron's Venus exactly conjunct Tom's Mars makes for an enduring and warm friendship.
LBJ's Great Society, a set of programs designed to end poverty, was kicked off in a May 22, 1964 speech during a Uranus-Pluto conjunction.
See NeptuneCafe's Mars' page for a deeper look at the U.S. Mars. Also, see NewsScope for May 9, 2005 and June 13, 2005 for earlier looks at GM and the U.S. Mars.
The A-Team:
Tom Hanks and Ron Howard

Angels & Demons scored an impressive weekend rout at the box office, as Ron Howard and Tom Hanks teamed up in this prequel to their previous mega-hit, The Da Vinci CodeAngels is their fourth collaboration –  Apollo 13 and Splash were their previous efforts – and the fourth time their film opened at the number-one spot. What makes this partnership so successful?
Automakers and the Industrial Foundation

Last week automakers GM and Chrysler announced that they were closing major chunks of their dealership network. GM is terminating agreements with 1100 of its 6000 dealers, the first step in closing 40% of its retail outlets. Chrysler, already in bankruptcy, announced the immediate closure of 800 dealers. The cuts will cost an estimated 140,000 jobs with a substantial ripple effect across the nation.

The rise and fall of the U.S. automobile industry can be tracked using the U.S. Mars. In the U.S. horoscope, Mars is located in the eighth house of corporate affairs and in the transportation sign of Gemini. A consolidation of the biggest car manufacturers led to the incorporation of GM on September 16, 1908 with transiting Pluto right on the U.S. Mars. Then, the collapse of the automakers began when transiting Pluto entered into an opposition to the U.S. Mars a few years ago.

Simultaneously, progressed Mars turned retrograde in late 2006, marking the inevitable reversal of the U.S. industrial base. For the entire history of the nation, Mars had been progressing forward as the U.S. became the world's dominant industrial force. Now progressed Mars is moving backward, leading to a re-thinking of the industrial model of business.

Last week, transiting Mars opposed the U.S. progressed Mars as GM and Chrysler took action to cut costs. However, progressed Mars will remain retrograde until 2086, which restrains automakers, airlines, and military contractors whose success depends on Mars-ruled metals. As consumers become more aware of global warming and their carbon footprint, industries based on metal extraction are not favored.