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to be like famed singer Elaine Paige. But by the time she finished her song* – "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables – everyone was in tears of amazement as if touched by something transcendent.

Data sleuth Caroline Gerrard from Scotland reports that Susan Boyle was born on April 1, 1961 (9:50 BST (Blacburn, Scotland), putting her Aries Sun square Mars in emotional Cancer. This high-energy influence gives her the courage to make her deeply felt singing presentation before the world, despite her rather frumpy look. The Sun also forms a tight quincunx to Neptune, giving her hopes of stardom that she's harbored since she was 12 years old.
The mother image is strong in Susan since her Sun is conjunct Ceres, the care-taking asteroid. For many years she was a caretaker for her mother until she died in 2006. Since then, Susan has lived alone at home with her cat Pebbles. She has the love planet Venus retrograde and square Saturn, a combination which has blocked (so far) any romantic relationship.

The sudden stardom thrust upon this dreamer arrived as transiting Jupiter, Mars and the Sun were all forming aspects to natal Uranus. What a wake up call! Not only for Susan, but for everyone who is inspired by her story as transiting Jupiter and Neptune come together in Aquarius. Since the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction lands right on her Juno, Susan might expect a record deal (as her progressed Sun trines Saturn) and an interesting mate.
Susan Boyle's Sensational Dream

Last April 11, Susan Boyle stood alone on the Glasgow stage, chatting with the Britain's Got Talent judges while many in the audience laughed cynically at her comment that she wanted
Susan Boyle recorded "Cry Me a River" in 1999, which is on the video below. However, Youtube has blocked embedding the Susan Boyle's performance in Britain's Got Talent, which currently has over 20 million views. But you can click here to see the youtube version of Susan Boyle
An Empowered EPA

Another major Pluto-to-Pluto transformation taking place now involves the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Last Friday the EPA, under its new leadership, sent a report to the White House announcing that smokestack and tailpipe emissions are a danger to public health. The report will likely kick off an expansive regulatory process to control greenhouse gases and combat global warming.

The EPA's chart (December 2, 1970; 8:00 am; Washington, D.C.) has the Sun, Ascendant and Mercury in Sagittarius, perhaps reflecting its broad mission. Jupiter, the ruler of the chart, is in reform-minded Scorpio, but opposed to Saturn. Thus Jupiter-Saturn polarity reflects the EPA's standing as ebbing and flowing in status and power. Mercury squares Pluto in Virgo, which describes both the agency's need to be persuasive and the intense debates which surround any action.

The most important event in the EPA's recent past was the Supreme Court decision on April 2, 2007 that gave the EPA the authority to regulate greenhouse gases. At the time, transiting Jupiter (representing justice) was exactly conjunct the EPA Ascendant and transiting Pluto was conjunct Mercury.
Obama administration designated the three largest Mexican drug cartels as "kingpins", allowing the U.S. Treasury Department to freeze the cartels' assets in the U.S. and prosecute anyone helping them move their money.

Mexico's horoscope (January 31, 1917; 4:42 pm CST; Querataro, Mexico) features the Sun conjunct Mars and Uranus in Aquarius, a combination that promotes violence when political conditions deteriorate. These Aquarian planets have been activated by transiting Chiron and Neptune over the last few years, escalating the tendency toward chaos. Officials estimate that some 10,000 lives have been lost in the last two years due to drug wars.

Saturn in Cancer is in the first house where it describes the nation's rigid family structures that have ruled the country since independence. Behind the scenes, we find Pluto in Cancer in the 12th house and closely aspecting the Mars-Uranus conjunction (by tri-octile). This combination describes the mafia-style cartels that have been undermining law and order, and that have essentially taken over Mexico.

Transiting Pluto is now opposing Mexico's Pluto, which is a fundamental challenge to the
entire narco-trafficking empire. Transiting Pluto to natal Pluto represents a do-or-die developing situation. Mexico has several planets progressed into Taurus and over the next few years they will be squaring the Mars-Uranus conjunction. Unless the kingpins are disabled soon, the violence in Mexico is only just beginning.
NewsScope for April 20, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Mexico's Narco-Trafficking Empire

President Obama's visit to Mexico City last week focused attention on the rampant drug trafficking and violence that is pushing Mexico toward the brink of being a failed state. The
However, the progressed (P2) Midheaven was opposing Saturn, and that effort was stonewalled under the Bush administration.

All that changed when Obama was elected on November 3, 2008. Transiting Pluto was just completing its square to the EPA Pluto, while the P2 Midheaven was just past the opposition to Saturn. Now the P2 Midheaven is heading into a conjunction with Jupiter over the next three years when we can expect a greatly rejuvenated and expansive EPA to completely alter the trajectory of the American environmental movement.
"The EPA Jupiter will soon be activated (by transiting Neptune and progressed Mars), indicating that a shift toward progressive environmental strategies is coming soon."

NewsScope; December 24, 2007
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With great thanks to Caroline Gerrard of the Scottish Astrological
Association for ferreting this out:
April 1st 1961; 09:50 BST (08:50GMT); Blackburn, West Lothian,
Scotland (03W38 55N58) Source: Birth certificate