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The Great Debate: Energy Production vs. Environmental Protection
NewsScope for May 21, 2001.

Five days after President Bush lifted caps on carbon dioxide emissions he announced a comprehensive national energy plan, claiming that energy production and environmental protection are compatible values. The 105 proposals included drilling in Alaska wilderness, expanding coal production and increasing nuclear capacity, as well as increased funding for conservation, renewable resources and alternative fuels.

Astrologically, the energy plan is an obvious nod to Big Oil since transiting Neptune, the natural ruler of oil and gas, stands on Bush's Seventh House cusp  of partners. Bush's partner and chief designer of this energy plan is Vice President Dick Cheney, who from 1995 to 2000 was CEO of Halliburton, the world's largest oil service company.

Transiting Neptune is also squaring the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant, reflecting the overwhelming influence of oil and gas in formulating national policy. The square indicates tension, and environmentalists are pointing out that budgetary omissions and industry deregulations contradict the president's avowed interest in environmental protection.

Ecology Debate Warms Up
NewsScope, July 28, 1997

population, spews 22 percent of the total air-borne pollutants.

Clinton and Gore, wearing identical powder-blue shirts, visited the once beautiful Lake Tahoe region to mediate between developers and environmentalists, as transiting Saturn makes its retrograde station. The Saturn station indicates that powerful forces are being set into motion, political and social shifts that will have repercussions in the next Presidential election, and far into the next millennium.

The natural ruler of ecology, Ceres, is currently exactly trine the U.S. Sun, giving celestial impetus for the country's leadership to focus on the causes of global warming. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal featured an article by Jack Kemp which pooh-poohed the theory that the earth's climate is changing due to industrial pollution. Kemp warned that any restrictions on energy use would damage American competitiveness and disrupt the economy.

Kemp and Gore are positioning themselves for the 2000 presidential campaign, which occurs as Saturn is in the resource-conscious sign of Taurus. Saturn was last in Taurus from 1969-1971, and featured an awakening environmental awareness from President Nixon to the grass-roots movement which gave birth to the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970. The Clean Air and Water acts were established then, along with the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The downside of this aspect is that Mercury is in Pisces, where the truth is strongly modified by non-scientific perspectives, such as intuition, beliefs, or hidden agendas. Most of the global warming reports were immediately attacked directly, or sidetracked with the suggestion that more study is needed. With Mercury in Pisces, either side of this issue may be relying more on unrealistic expectations or fears than hard evidence.

Astrologers can monitor the effects of global warming by correlating hard outer planet aspects with historic natural disasters caused by weather anomalies. Hurricane Katrina is the most recent example of this, which unfolded during a Jupiter-Neptune square. As the next hurricane season begins, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune will be forming a powerfully dynamic T-Square, a good sign that more weather anomalies are upon us. Then, by 2010, the epochal Uranus-Pluto square will begin to influence weather patterns.

Julia Butterfly Hill Takes on Corporate Greed
NewsScope, August 21, 2000

For more on Ceres' role as an
indicator for environmental
protection, please visit Ceres


At the time, transiting Jupiter (justice) was exactly conjunct the EPA Ascendant, while transiting Saturn (judgment) was squaring the EPA's Jupiter-Saturn axis. Now (with the progressed Sun trine Saturn), corporate interests are favored, and Bush's energy bill replicated the automakers' wishes. The EPA Jupiter will soon be activated (by transiting Neptune and progressed Mars), indicating that a shift toward progressive environmental strategies is coming soon.

In the Age of Aquarius, finding solutions means recognizing that irresponsible actions taken by many individual entities can add up to a huge collective problem. This month, transiting Saturn and Neptune oppose each other in the signs of Leo and Aquarius, offering a unique celestial window for viewing the Age of Aquarius zeitgeist. Neptune is the natural ruler of the seas, and in Aquarius, carries the mythological ideal, the transcendent message of the Age of Aquarius.

Saturn in Leo represents the rights of individual corporations to run their businesses as they see fit. The LA Times series reflects this Saturn-Neptune polarity, but ultimately we'll need an effective global government to oversee and enforce environmental regulations. This won't happen until Pluto works its way through Capricorn (the sign of government), and those born with Neptune in Aquarius reach political maturity.

a comprehensive national energy plan, claiming that energy production and environmental protection are compatible values. The 105 proposals included drilling in Alaska wilderness, expanding coal production and increasing nuclear capacity, as well as increased funding for conservation and alternative fuels. read more

  Global Warming Report

man-made, and an existing and worsening
threat. A UN spokesperson said "February 2 will be remembered as the date when uncertainty was removed as to whether humans had anything to do with climate change on this planet."more
   Altered Oceans in the Age of Aquarius

NewsScope, Aug.8, 2006

NewsScope, February 5, 2007. For the first time, the IPCC – a UN group of scientists and representatives from 113 governments – unanimously concluded that global warming is unequivocally
signed into law a national energy bill with relatively weak air quality standards. Governor Schwarzenegger, an environmentally proactive leader since 2002 – said "It is disappointing that the federal government is standing in our way... We will continue to fight this battle."   the EPA horoscope
Energy Production vs.
Environmental Protection

NewsScope, May 21, 2001. Five days after President Bush lifted caps on carbon dioxide emissions, he announced
A NewsScope reader wonders what the astrology is behind the Los Angeles Times five-part series on ocean pollution*. "If you read it, you'll see that agribusiness, oil, and sewage are behind the pollution," she writes. Astrologically, there's no national chart that reveals
the extent of the problem since the runoff from industrial society is local everywhere and is not restrained by any national borders. read the astrological view
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July 28, 1997 Ecology Debate Warms Up
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Last week President Clinton launched a program to boost public awareness about the adverse impact of global warming. European and most other global leaders have criticized Americans for not setting realistic targets to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, since the U.S. with only four percent of the world's
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<~~~ This is one of the earliest           NewsScope articles
The narrative continues with some astrological perspectives below:
On December 10 1997 a 24 year old, soon to be known as Julia "Butterfly" Hill, climbed the tree, soon to be named Luna.
When she finally climbed down, Julia Hill had set the record for the world's longest tree sit after spending 728 days aloft.
While Al Gore and his fund-raising constituents were wooing the nation's wealthiest corporations during last week's Democratic National Convention, massive demonstrations were being conducted just outside. One pundit, reflecting the consensus opinion, described these rallies as being a vague collage of causes born less of compassionate concern than bored affluence.

Julia Butterfly, who spoke to the outdoor protesters about how corporate greed destroys the environment, belies this aloof assessment. Ms. Butterfly was born a progressive Aquarian (February 18, 1974; Mount Vernon, MO; time unknown), with her Moon and Venus in climbing Capricorn. This tree-hugging activist made a name for herself by surviving two full years on a 6-by-6-foot platform situated nearly 200 feet above ground in the arms of a 1000 year old redwood tree.
Butterfly's well-being is protected by an Air Grand Trine. This fortunate planetary combination gives her a profound sense of a special mission (Sunconjunct Jupiter), celebrity status and media savvy (trine Uranus), all based on a practical sense of step-by-step measures (trine Saturn).

The ecology movement is linked astrologically to the asteroid Ceres. Julia Butterfly's Ceres is given a noble cause by being in Aquarius, and empowered by a close trine to Pluto. At the time of Butterfly's speech in Los Angeles transiting Jupiter was trine, and transiting Mars opposed her Ceres. While Al Gore said repeatedly that he would fight for you (as he accepted donations from environmental polluters), Julia Butterfly was actually fighting environmental polluters.
Over the next few months authoritative, institutional Saturn and transformative, regenerative Pluto will be opposing each other in the opinionated, vocal signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, promising to turn the energy vs. environment issue into a great debate. In the U.S. horoscope, Saturn and Pluto are passing through the Second House of financial assets and values, and the Eighth House of budgets and corporations. Determining the relative worth of energy and environmental values through heated discussions eventually will get translated into budgetary dollars. By alienating and polarizing environmental concerns, Bush and Cheney will have done more than any other administration to build the environmental movement into a potent national force.
California Wildfires and Global Warming
NewsScope for November 4, 2003

Last week while Senator John McCain was displaying NASA photos of the melting polar ice cap to demonstrate global warming, most of the news media were displaying the mesmerizing video clips of California's raging wildfires. Although the Senate rejected McCain's proposal to set limits on industrial emissions, the wildfires successfully wiped out 2,600 homes, 730,000 acres, and caused an estimated $2 billion damage.

California's most devastating fire can be seen in the state horoscope (September 9, 1850; noon, San Jose). Fire is governed by Mars, and with transiting Saturn in a long term square to the California Mars, the underlying potential was waiting to happen. Also, by secondary progression, California's Mars is highly prominent (with hard aspects forming to natal Venus and the Sun).

California's four year drought set the stage for the current eco-disaster, and environmentalists expect extreme conditions, like France's recent heat wave that killed
some 13,000 citizens, to only get worse as temperatures climb. The primary cause of global warming is the combustion of fossil fuels, a Neptune-ruled substance. The Neptunian oil and gas industries are the major opponents to any congressional efforts to slow down global warming.

Leading the charge against McCain's bill was Senator James Inhofe, an oil man from Oklahoma. The bill went down as Mars was in Neptune's sign Pisces, and opposing McCain's Sun. Neptune is known for creating dependencies, and the nation's and the world's dependence on oil can be directly related to California's fires. Astrologers, like ecologists, know that everything is connected.
Global Warming Reports
NewsScope, March 7, 2006

Last week a flurry of reports was issued regarding global warming, with the most prominent being The Washington Post story about the accelerated melting of Antarctica's ice sheets. Elsewhere, UN climate experts warned that the impact of warming temperatures will be much sooner and more severe than previously predicted. Also, environmental groups asked the Supreme Court to force the EPA to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

The simultaneous appearance of these global warming reports seems random, but astrologically correspond to Mercury turning retrograde on March 4. When Mercury goes into its retrograde phase, opinions and facts are reconsidered. Mercury happened to be exactly square Pluto as it turned retrograde, adding a level of urgency and intensity to potential catastrophic scenarios. Mercury-Pluto carries a deep desire to persuade.
Altered Oceans in the Age of Aquarius
NewsScope, August 8, 2006

As a global problem, the solution requires a global approach. A few astrologers (Charles Harvey and Ray Grasse come to mind) tell us that the issue is a sign of the emerging Age of Aquarius, and that any consideration of the Age of Aquarius must also take into account its polar opposite, Leo. Leo represents the sovereign rights of individuals to be monarchs of their realms, whereas Aquarius works with systems to address common problems, as in democracies.
The EPA's Balancing Act
NewsScope for December 24, 2007

The horoscope for the EPA (December 2, 1970; 8:00 am; Washington DC*) describes the uneasy balance between the nation's economic and environmental agenda. With the Sun and Ascendant in broad-minded Sagittarius, Jupiter becomes the EPA's ruling planet, which is found in regenerative Scorpio. Jupiter's enthusiasm for environmental reform is substantially curbed by the opposition to Saturn in the financially-motivated sign of Taurus.

The EPA's first administrator, William Ruckelhaus, was keenly aware of these opposing tendencies. His aim was to develop an environmental ethic among businessmen and citizens alike. However, Bush has long supported the corporate interests over the environmentalists' agenda. Nevertheless, in a landmark decision issued on April 2, 2007, the Supreme Court ruled against the Bush Administration, saying that the EPA does have the authority to regulate global warming gasses.

Global Warming Report
NewsScope, February 5, 2007

Astrologically, the sudden agreement among the world's scientists arrived as transiting Ceres and Uranus were forming a conjunction, an event that happens only once every five years. Ceres has strong connections with the environmental movement due to its care-taking function, and this is especially true when connected to the outer planets. Uranus represents the breakthrough scientific perspective.
Saturn's opposition to Neptune points out the problem, lays blame on our collective industrial practices, and warns of dire consequences unless immediate action is taken. Saturn is above all pragmatic, and in Leo, asserts its authority unilaterally. However, at our present evolutionary state, no global authority exists that could implement the necessary changes. Only the United States, which emits 25 percent of our planet's greenhouse gases, could set the example, or organize a global response.
In the broader sense, this report resonates with Neptune opposite Saturn, an aspect that becomes exact this month. We can think of Neptune in Aquarius as the sense or vision (Neptune) of networks of human activities (Aquarius). Neptune knows no borders, just as carbon dioxide emissions respect no borders. The challenge of organizing a collective response to our stressed-out ecosystems is diffused under Neptune's influence.
Uranus and Pluto in 2012
NewsScope for April 17, 2007

Last week, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (PCC) reported that hundreds of millions of people living in Africa and Southeast Asia will soon face hunger, disease, and water shortages due to global warming. The report notes that the U.S. and Western Europe together emit two-thirds of the pollution that causes global warming, but generally have the resources to manage any extreme weather-related problems.
The PCC report arrives as transiting Uranus traverses the middle degrees of Pisces, an area that activates the epochal Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1965-66. Uranus is now awakening some of the paradigm-shifting breakthroughs that began back then, including civil rights, the understanding of ecosystems, feminism, and most notably, the Aquarian concept of one people living on one planet.
Transiting Uranus is raising awareness of some of the issues that took root in the 1960s. However, to really shake up the Saturnian influences that control most of our world's institutions, it will probably take some major natural or weather-related catastrophes that only Uranus-Pluto alignments can bring. Uranus and Pluto make their next dynamic aspect in 2012, a time that, synchronistically, corresponds to the end of the Mayan calendar.

What made that outer planet conjunction particularly challenging was that Saturn in Pisces (regional authority, status quo, Piscean religions) opposed Uranus-Pluto in Virgo. Now, as transiting Uranus hits that 1966 polarity, people living in places like Bangladesh and Kenya—who contribute the least to global warming, but will suffer the most—can only hope for more planetary awareness.
The EPA's
Balancing Act

NewsScope, December 24, 2007. Last Wednesday, the EPA denied California and 16 other states the right to set their own standards for CO2 emissions, as President Bush
The Astrology of Global Warming
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