NewsScope is a weekly astrology column  featuring geopolitical commentary and analysis, plus celebrity profiles. The column is tailored for internet readers and browsers, and especially for those who want to investigate astrology beyond the overly-simplistic Sun Sign forecasts. NewsScope is syndicated to several major astrology web sites, and appears every Monday or Tuesday. It's read by people around our global village, as it shows how astrology works in the real world. You can read the weekly column on Saturday -- three days before it's posted on the net -- by subscribing for $12/year.

Sunday to be posted on Monday.or Tuesday. NewsScope aims at providing interesting content for commercial websites. Readers return each week to get the latest astrological news, and in the process are more likely to purchase your product or service.  To discuss rates or for more info, email:
About the writer: WolfStar is the pen name Michael O'Reilly, a professional astrologer and columnist living in Bend, Oregon. He writes regularly for the nation's largest circulation astrology magazine, Dell Horoscope, and has been a featured columnist for  American Astrology and The Mountain Astrologer. He is best known for his promotion of the Scorpio Rising USA horoscope and use of asteroids in chart interpretation.

NewsScope has been published every week since August 1997. Originally, NewsScope was part of an AOL "greenhouse" project called AstroNet, but when that enterprise was sold, NewsScope was picked up by a few web sites. NewsScope's only venture (so far) into print media was when it  was a regular feature in The Mountain Astrologer for about 18 months. Examples of what's found in NewsScope are featured throughout NeptuneCafe.
NewsScope Subscriptions

Individuals may subscribe to NewsScope for $12/year. By subscribing to NewsScope, you're supporting a more realistic, progressive form of astro-journalism. As you know, Sun Sign astrology is extremely popular but only scratches the surface for what is available. Relatively little attention is paid to the more sophisticated kind of astrology you find in NewsScope because relatively few readers understand or are interested in understanding the symbolic language of astrology.

When you subscribe to NewsScope for $12/year, you are supporting the kind of astrology that has practical uses in the real world. You are supporting a vision of astrology that fosters holistic awareness that nurtures personal and social growth.
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Reader Feedback

"What a Gem you are. As usual your 10/2 NewsScope article was fine, just fine, fine, fine.  I appreciate your crisp, to the point style. Best wishes for continued success."

"Love your weekly email ... keep up the good work."

"Here's hoping most of your NewsScope readers feel as I do, and also pay for subscriptions. I find each edition to be several lessons in astrology. Also I think your book is very good and I recommend it to anyone I know who's interested in astrology."

"Just read another topnotch piece by you in StarIQ this week. 
I cannot believe that every week you write such an excellent view of what's hot in the pop/political/cultural world!
Thanks again--I set my clock by your Tuesday piece. And I tell my own clients to read you too!."

"Michael, wanted to let you know I sent your article on the Pope to the Diane Rehm show on NPR. She will be discussing the Pope for the next hour. Hope she uses your insights. Thought it was great and provided a better view of the man who wears the ring."

"First I want to thank you for your weekly NewScope articles. They are really wonderful. I read them each week. I love NewsScope. ..."

"I really have enjoyed reading your takes on situations. I am a real beginner astrologer, soaking up what I can. Your descriptions such as "First, her Venus is angular (being conjunct the fourth house cusp)," as in the story about Pamela Anderson are so helpful and so sound that it really makes sense. What a great author you are. Thank you for your insights. You are so right on most of the time. You make this look like a science. Keep up the great work."
Webmasters, NewsScope is available to your site as a monthly subscription, and is emailed every
NewsScope Format

Each column is around 800 words and contains three articles, each with its own theme and title. The first and second articles delve into the week's top news stories, and explain how these events reflect actual planetary cycles.

Be sure to read the Top Five Astro-Events, published in NewsScope at the beginning of each month
"Thank you for your political analysis of current events. I find that part of your column very insightful and useful. It gives me hope that as the wheel turns we may not have nuclear war and we may stop slaughtering people. I really thank you for that hope. It's all we have left on some days."

"Congratulations on scoring your 'direct hit' on the Jon Benet case, Michael!  It's especially cool that your forecast was reported in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, three days before the prosecutor's announcement.  (Somehow, the WSJ report makes your forecast "credible".) Three cheers.  Well done.   I trust the major media will be beating a path to your door from now on."
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The third article is a celebrity profile focusing on a recognizeable personality recently in the news. Readers keep returning to read NewsScope because they are learning about astrology, as well as keeping up on the latest planetary cycles and political trends.