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NewsScope for May 11, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Stress Tests and Unemployment

Last Thursday the Federal Reserve released the results of its "stress test" and concluded that the economy is healing but not yet healed. In their worst-case scenario, 10 of the nation's largest 19 banks will collectively need $75 billion in new capital if the recession worsens. In response, banking stocks led the overall market upward – even as another half million job losses were reported for April.

The generally favorable results of the stress test were anticipated in this column two weeks ago*. The overall credit crisis came about as transiting Pluto opposed the U.S. Venus, which is found in the eighth house of credit. Transiting Pluto is
President Zardari Acts to Eliminate the Taliban

Last week President Obama met with the presidents of Pakistan and Afghanistan, as the two visitors promised to work together to overcome their shared troubles. At the same time, the Pakistan military launched a major operation to "eliminate" the Taliban, according to Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari. Despite ages-long mistrust, Afghan President Karzai repeatedly referred to Zardari as his "brother".
now returning to oppose the U.S. Venus, but transiting Ceres in Virgo is both trine transiting Pluto and sextile the U.S. Venus, harmonizing the tension between these two.

Since the stress test results were unveiled just as Mercury turned retrograde, many critics have pointed out the flaws in the Fed's analysis. Still, the pending Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at the end of this month is an upbeat condition that encourages belief in the rosiest scenario. If perception is reality, then the economic indicators should keep improving until this conjunction has passed.

However, the actual state of the economy may rest on the continuously increasing unemployment rate. In the national horoscope, the sixth house describes employment conditions, which in the
Scorpio Rising chart holds Chiron at 20º Aries. Currently, progressed Venus at 18º Aries is heading toward Chiron, showing the stressed employment numbers. This condition will likely remain a drag on the economy until progressed Venus passes natal Chiron in early 2011 and enters into a favorable sextile with Mars.
Carrie Prejean, Miss California

Carrie Prejean, the current Miss California, came in second in the Miss USA pageant, a contest she feels she could have won if she wasn't asked about same-sex marriage. Her Christian faith was behind her answer that marriage should be between a man and a woman, and after the competition, she appeared in a nationally televised ad against gay marriage.

Carrie was born with her Sun in sensual Taurus (May 13, 1987; San Diego, CA; time unknown) and her Moon in erotic Scorpio, with both squaring the marriage asteroid Juno in Aquarius. On
Zardari was born with his Sun in the family-oriented sign of Cancer (July 21, 1956**; Nawabshah, Pakistan; time unknown), where it conjoins Uranus, squares Neptune, and trines Saturn – a celestially empowering combination rooted in his family's wealth and position. The Sun square Neptune describes the veil that conceals Zardari's business affairs. Sun trine Saturn strengthens his authority, allowing him to overcome corruption charges.

A Juno-Moon conjunction in the status-oriented sign of Capricorn describes his arranged marriage with Benazir Bhutto, which took place on December 18, 1987. At the time, transiting Saturn was exactly opposing his Venus. Also, transiting Jupiter was conjunct his Ceres which reflects how the beneficial deal was
arranged by his mother. Bhutto was assassinated on December 27, 2007, as transiting Pluto was exactly quincunx Zardari's Sun.

Zardari was elected on September 6, 2008 and took the oath of office three days later as both transiting Uranus was conjunct his Mars, and transiting Pluto had returned to form the life-changing quincunx to his Sun. Currently, transiting Saturn is opposing Zardari's Mars, which provides the political pressure (from the U.S.) to act militarily against the Taliban. Over the next 20 months (as his progressed Sun opposes his Mars), Zardari comes under major threat of assassination, although the same alignment can motivate him to annihilate his enemies.
** Zardari's birth date is uncertain, with at least four dates being circulated across the net. Here's one source with bio:
The progressions help verify the birth date given here:
1. marriage to Bhutto as P2 Sun and P2 Pluto were exactly conjunct, transiting Neptune exactly conjunct P2 Juno.
2. Bhutto assassinated as P2 Venus was conjunct natal Uranus, and P2 Sun opposite P2 Mars.
3. Elected as transiting Sun was conjunct P2Jupiter, transiting Mercury, Venus and Mars conjunct P2 Mercury, transiting Neptune conjunct P2 Pallas
* See item #3 in May's Top Five Astro-Events.
April 19 during the televised Miss USA finals, transiting Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune and the Moon were all in Aquarius, huddled around her natal Juno when she was asked the fateful question.

Naturally, her Venus is well aspected: placed in forthright Aries, Venus is exactly sextile Mars and trines Uranus and Saturn. However, Venus is in its fall in Aries since it doesn't have the diplomatic skills to arbitrate the high voltage conflicts fostered by her Mars opposite Saturn and Uranus. By secondary progression, her Venus is conjunct her Sun, which greatly enhances her attractiveness.

This once-in-lifetime phase is traditionally associated with marriage, but in our age, Venus is
more attuned to beauty, sexuality, and popularity. This development brought her free breast implants (paid for by the California pageant) and some negative publicity about the semi-nude pictures she had taken as a 17-year-old model. Even if she's stripped of her title, we're likely to hear much more of this celebrity over the coming months because her progressed Venus is still applying to her Sun.