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Katie Holmes Returns

Last Thursday Katie Holmes performed a Judy Garland song-and-dance number to commemorate the 100th episode of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance. Although she's not quite as agile as the show's top contestants, her act created plenty of buzz among critics and fans, and lifted Fox in the ratings. She then jetted back to Australia where she's filming Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.
NewsScope for July 27, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Health Care Reform

Before he was elected, Obama's health care proposal aimed to extend coverage to the 50 million uninsured Americans. Now that extraordinary budget deficits are looming, he's shifted the focus to controlling costs. So when the director of the Congressional Budget Office testified that none of the pending health care plans would control long-term spending, Republicans and many Democrats began questioning the various proposals.

In the U.S. Scorpio Rising horoscope, Mars is a key player in the health care discussions. As ruler of the 6th house of health, and located in the 8th house of insurance and budgets, Mars here represents a central component of the vast medical-insurance-pharmaceutical industrial complex. Also, Mars squares Neptune, the natural ruler of pharmaceuticals.
The last major health care reform bill was Medicare, signed by LBJ on July 30, 1965. At the time, Saturn and Uranus were in opposition, just as they are now. The closest planetary aspect then was a Jupiter-Chiron square which was exactly aligned with the U.S. Neptune, and which underscores the U.S. Mars-Neptune square as the planetary signature for the health care industry. Over the next month, transiting Saturn will be conjunct the U.S. Neptune, as the medical, insurance and pharmaceutical interests weigh in.
A health care reform package that benefits the American people should have connections with the U.S. Moon. In 1965, transiting Jupiter was trine the progressed Midheaven very near the U.S. Moon. This year, transiting Jupiter will be conjunct the U.S. Moon on December 27. This happens to coincide with the deadline President Obama has given for Congress to submit a health care bill. It represents the window of opportunity to get something done.
Top Five Astro-Events for August

1. Neptune conjoins the U.S. Moon on August 2nd, bringing the nation to the height of the jobless recovery paradox. Watch for stock markets to make a rounded top around this time, as investors question the validity of a rapid recovery. Illusion, fraud and deception may be behind many news stories even as new hope and creative solutions also arise.
2. Barack Obama's Solar Return on August 4th features Saturn right on the Midheaven, identifying him as the leading authority in Washington, the political – and now financial – center of the universe. However, he faces angry critics (Mars in 7th) and ideological opposition (Uranus in 4th). Mercury square the Sagittarius Ascendant points to his role as the Explainer-in-Chief.

3. The Full Moon on the 5th is a Lunar Eclipse. Since Ceres squares Pluto at the same time, those with activated natal planets may experience loss of some kind. Otherwise, this alignment highlights your relationship to your social environment. Are you sacrificing creativity or individuality? Or is your independence keeping you isolated?
4. Saturn activates the U.S. Mars-Neptune square this month, likely bringing severe challenges on the military front. Watch for a diplomatic showdown with Iran around August 27 when Saturn conjoins the U.S. Neptune. This combo also represents the medical-insurance-pharmaceutical corporate triangle, so one might expect major challenges to the health care bill in the form of heavy lobbying. 

5. Mars in Gemini squares Saturn on the 10th and then Uranus on the 18th, making it difficult to relax during this summer break. This Mars position fosters many debates and arguments, which may become especially heated from the 6th to 11th and again from the 15th to 19th. Mars here may cause blackouts, wildfires, snafus with communication devices, and serious traffic accidents.
Katie Holmes was born with plenty of fire in her chart (December 18, 1978; 9:32 pm; Toledo, OH), with her Sun in adventurous Sagittarius trine her confident Leo Moon and Ascendant. The Sun conjunct Mars adds energy and a competitive spirit, which plays out in the 5th house of entertainment. All this dramatic extroversion got her a jump-start in an acting career, with her first film role in 1997's Ice Storm.

A recurring role in TV's Dawson Creek and a dozen more film projects quickly followed, but when transiting Pluto was conjunct her Sun, she met Tom Cruise and her life completely changed. Much of Katie's sparkle and appeal can be attributed to her Venus-Uranus conjunction in Scorpio. She first met
Mr. Mission Impossible on April 18, 2005 when transiting Jupiter was exactly conjunct her Venus.

And since the 5th house also rules children, she got pregnant under Pluto's transit. Marriage and motherhood put her career on hold for the last few years. However, she's now going through a great awakening as transiting Uranus is squaring her Sun. Factor in that her progressed Sun and Mars are coming together, and we're sure to see much more of Katie Holmes over the coming years.
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