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NewsScope for July 6, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Sarah Palin Resigns as Alaska Governor

Sarah Palin's decision to resign as Alaska Governor came the day after the release of a critical Vanity Fair article. Reaction was swift and divided across the punditocracy. Was it a smart move, a first step as she maps out a path to 2012, or was it political suicide, an impulsive reaction and dereliction of her duty as the elected governor?

Sarah Palin's birth time is unknown*, but her solar chart (February 11, 1964; noon; Sandpoint, Idaho) gives us some
Serena Williams Wins Wimbledon

Venus Williams was on a roll, winning 20 straight singles matches. And as expected, she made it to the Wimbledon Finals where she met Serena Williams, her younger sister who barely made it after saving match point in the semi-finals. However, after a tough, back-and-forth fight in the early rounds, Serena broke Venus's serve in the final game to claim victory.

Serena Williams (September 26, 1981; 8:28 pm; Saginaw, MI) was born with a Sun-Saturn conjunction in Libra along with three other planets and Vesta**, the asteroid that rules sisters. So many Libra placements are ideal for the charming, non-contact sport of tennis, and the Saturn influence gives her the discipline to grow wiser and stronger with age. Saturn also represents her father's guiding hand in her training.

Oddly enough, two of the three closest transits at the time of her victory were to her Vesta: transiting Uranus was quincunx  (150º) Vesta, while transiting Jupiter was trine her Vesta. This
Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune
Retrograde Across U.S. Moon

Last week the Labor Department issued a worse-than-expected jobs report, with unemployment reaching a 26-year high of 9.5 percent. The numbers precipitated sharp declines in the stock markets and left many strategists disappointed over the Obama stimulus package. Economists remind us that the unemployment rate is a lagging indicator, but unless it turns around, it will kill consumer confidence and the economic rebound.

Astrologically, consumer confidence had been buoyed in recent months by the transits of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron across the U.S. Moon. Jupiter naturally restores growth and presents opportunities in the form of buying undervalued assets. Neptune brings hope that the government plans will work out, while Chiron focuses on fixing problems. Now these outer planets are retrograde, reversing their optimism and bringing disillusionment.

Jupiter will turn direct in mid-October very near the U.S. fourth house cusp, likely bringing a return of confidence that may last through year's end. The problem for the U.S. economy is that Jupiter's beneficial influence leaves in 2010, while more stressful combinations shape up. As during the Great Depression of the 1930s, we have lived in a society that has celebrated greed to the point of self-destruction.

Similar to the 1930s, we are entering a rare celestial time frame when Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are forming a T-Square in the action-oriented cardinal signs. The potential for failure is that leveraging our collective financial assets will not lead to an equitable social system. The opportunity is for dramatic reconstruction that leads toward a more holistic, organic society where everyone has a part to play.

For more on Vesta, visit vestaprofiles
combination suggests the good fortune (Jupiter) of getting the upset win (Uranus) over her sister (Vesta). Mercury, the ruler of her third house of siblings, was not active at all. Vesta shows the all-important sister connection.

Former champion Billie Jean King commented, "I've never seen anyone express their willpower as much as Serena Williams on the tennis court, ever." This observation explains the strong Pluto aspects also unfolding. Transiting Pluto is aspecting her progressed Sun and Mars, which does translate as intense willpower. In addition, her progressed Jupiter is nearing a conjunction with natal Pluto, but still growing in strength. Serena is taking over.
* As noted in astrodatabank, reported times of 4:40 pm and 9:43 pm have not been backed up by any birth certificate and are probably rectified.
clues about what comes next. First, her Saturn at 25º Aquarius is the key point in her political stardom, since it's exactly conjunct the U.S. Moon. This placement reflects her status as an authoritative voice in American politics, whether one agrees with her or not.

But the timing of her decision suggests that she was in deep conflict and felt under attack. Transiting Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune are currently all conjunct her Saturn, bringing her sense of responsibility and position into play. That's generally a helpful development for an ambitious politician. However, transiting Mars was squaring
her natal Mars-Saturn last week, as her political critics revealed the intense infighting and devastating effect she had on McCain's campaign.

Her Mars by secondary progression is in the last degree of Pisces, which describes her sense of desperation and feelings of victimization. This corroborates rumors that she's unhappy with her life and is leaving politics. However, her progressed Mars enters Aries within 18 months. Perhaps she won't run for president in 2012, but this progression will bring a surge of energy, a new start, and be accompanied by renewed popularity, since her P2 Mars will be joining her Venus.
In this youtube video: Serena Williams VS Elena Dementieva in Wibledon's Semifinal as Serena breaks match point to win, plus her reaction and commentaries.