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NewsScope for July 20, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Pluto Leverages America's Future

Last year when the budget deficit came in at a record $487 billion, fiscal conservatives everywhere decried the Bush economic record. However, last week Obama's budget deficit topped $1 trillion for the first time in history, and for the year is projected to be $1.75 trillion. The 2010 budget deficit will be $1.4 trillion if all goes well, but continue in this lofty realm for years to come.

Although the media are just beginning to report on this unsustainable problem, astrologers can see these huge deficits shaping up via Pluto's transit to the U.S. Jupiter. In the U.S. national horoscope, a Venus-Jupiter conjunction is found in the eighth house of credit and debts. These beneficial planets trine the Scorpio Ascendant, showing how historically the nation has prospered by leveraging capital.

Challenging transits to the U.S. Venus-Jupiter – especially from the 2nd house of money – have often led to stock market crashes, recessions, and
other financial problems. For the first time in U.S. history, transiting Pluto is in the 2nd house. Over the past year it has opposed Venus, leading to the current credit crisis. Pluto will continue to oppose the U.S. Venus, but by year's end, will enter into orb of opposing the U.S. Jupiter.

Jupiter tends to do everything in a big way, and with the intense pressure from transiting Pluto, debts are clearly going to become a huge concern. Pluto's final opposition to Jupiter comes in November 2011, by which time the U.S. debt will likely weigh on the nation's future wealth for many years to come. Jupiter is also known to be expansive, and with respect to the value of currency, that could mean rampant inflation is in our not-so-distant future.
The Game Changing Solar Eclipse

Last week on the Charlie Rose Show, veteran reporter Bob Woodward compared Obama's tenure to Bush's first year in that Obama has so many ongoing projects, nothing really defines his presidency yet. Woodward expects some kind of 9/11 event – not necessarily a terrorist attack, but some historic development – to arrive later this year that would shape his presidency, much as 9/11 did for the Bush years.

Astrologically, Woodward's intuitive remarks are on target if one considers Solar Eclipse patterns. Traditionally, the influence of a Solar Eclipse can last anywhere from a year to three years after the eclipse itself. During this time, the degree of the eclipse and its opposite point remain sensitive to transits which can release the eclipse's dormant potential according to the nature of the activating planet.

On June 21, 2001 a Solar Eclipse took place at 0º Cancer. While that astro-event had immediate manifestations, the seemingly fated changes of that year weren't released until transiting Mars hit that point in early September. The terrorists were plotting in June, but they didn't act until September 11 when Mars was at 1º Capricorn, only two days after Mars triggered the eclipse degree.
Tom Watson at the British Open

The golfing world was aghast that Tiger Woods didn't make the cut during last week's British Open at Turnberry, Scotland, but was inspired by Tom Watson, who at age 59 shared the lead going into Sunday's final round. Watson was the number one ranked player in the world between 1978 and 1982, and now decades later, he was at the top of the leader board.

Tom Watson was born (September 4, 1949; Kansas City, MO; time unknown) with a Sun-Saturn
In the same way, the current Solar Eclipsetakes place at 29º Cancer, and will be activated on October 15 by transiting Mars. Transiting Mars goes into its retrograde phase soon after and then turns direct at 0º Leo (less than one degree from the eclipse point) on March 10, 2010. So on or within days of October 15, 2009 and/or March 10, 2010, we can expect what Washington insiders refer to as a "game changer".
conjunction in Virgo, the sign often associated with health and diet. Looking trim, strong and confident, Watson has evidently taken care of himself. Saturn here gives him the discipline to follow a healthy lifestyle that allows him to age gracefully while adding experience and endurance to his game.

Any athlete's success depends on a dynamic Mars placement. Natally, Watson's Mars in Cancer is said to be in its fall, since the emotional side of this water sign causes his game to go through phases depending on his state of mind. During the years he was ranked number one, his progressed
Mars was conjunct his natal Pluto and trine his North Node in Aries, but he faded after this empowering phase.

Watson's Mars is located at 28º Cancer, which is within a one degree orb of this week's Solar Eclipse. Here we have testimony that the interaction of a Solar Eclipses and Mars can bring unusual success rather than violence and conflict. Watson needed a 10-foot putt to win on the 18th hole, but came up short. The emotional disappointment carried over into the playoff rounds where he lost, but at least he now owns the record for being the oldest player to ever lead a major tournament.

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