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Spiritual Cinema Circle
NewsScope for August 10, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Taking Issue: Obama's Prospects

With financial blogger Dan Dorfman's latest column*, The Huffington Post continues to be the leading edge in bringing astrological commentary to mainstream America. He describes astrologer Bob Marks' insights on the outer planet aspects that will negatively influence the economy over the next few years. However, he also notes that Marks sees "the distinct possibility that Obama will not complete his term in office".

I beg to differ, and find the warning unnecessarily alarmist. Obama's chart looks exceptionally primed to lead the nation through what will undoubtedly be difficult times. The main indicator for this is something that most astrologers rarely look at: his progressed Jupiter. The outer planets progress so slowly that they rarely change status. But when they do, the changes can be dramatic.
Obama's natal Jupiter began at 0º Aquarius, and over his 48 years has retrograded back to 27º Capricorn where it is now about to turn direct. First, the direct station is a golden opportunity to bring a renewed sense of enthusiasm and growth. Second, the location of the station happens to be exactly conjunct the U.S. Pluto, the ruler of the United States Scorpio Rising horoscope.

Politicians with favorable connections to the U.S. Pluto bring favorable events. Bill Clinton's recent rescue mission to North Korea worked so well because his progressed Sun is now at 27º33' Libra, precisely square (to-the-minute) the U.S. Pluto. JFK's natal Saturn at 27º Cancer was the red flag that some astrologers saw. Lincoln was assassinated when Saturn was at 27º Libra. In the most rudimentary analysis, Saturn is bad, Jupiter is good.
Mars in the Danger Zone

Across the nation, members of Congress who organized town-hall health care debates were shouted down and taunted by angry crowds, which in several cities led to fistfights, arrests and hospitalizations. Meanwhile, the CIA reportedly killed a major Taliban leader, while the Al Qaeda leader in Indonesia was also killed in a 27-hour confrontation with U.S.-trained anti-terrorist troops.

Astrologically, these violent events are the manifestations of Mars in Gemini, which is squaring the ongoing Saturn-Uranus opposition. This month's Astro-Event #5 gave some hints about the depth of this celestial climate, but in light of recent developments, it's worth expanding. Most importantly, the Mars-Saturn facet of this configuration is perfectly aligned with the U.S. Mars-Neptune square, which doubles up on the martial elements.
Meryl Streep as Julia Child

The hottest actor in Hollywood these days is Meryl Streep, having successfully turned The Devil Wears Prada into a huge hit earning $327 million. Then came Mamma Mia!, which wasn't so big in the U.S. but worldwide earned an astonishing $603 million. Over the weekend, Julie & Julia opened to critical acclaim, with Streep giving a fascinating portrayal of the iconic chef Julia Child.

Meryl Streep was born with a quirky Sun-Uranus conjunction in Cancer (June 22, 1949; 8:05 am; Summit, NJ), a dynamic combination that bestows an innovative, progressive, and often ingenious personality. The Sun-Uranus type enjoys experimenting, and with a favorable sextile to Saturn, she also has the discipline
In popular culture, Paramount released its $170 million production of G.I. Joe – the ultimate military fantasy film. Hollywood executives must have astrologers advising them on the best days to debut their films: having G.I. Joe appear on the weekend that Mars squares Saturn while aligned with the U.S. Mars is either sheer genius or synchronistically lucky, as box office receipts were much higher than anticipated.

American interests in Georgia, a key player in the
military-petroleum complex (Mars-Neptune), are under severe threat now as Russian troops are gathering along the border areas. Russia's horoscope (June 12, 1990; 1:45 pm; Moscow) features the Sun at 21º Gemini, which is now being activated by the transiting Mars-Saturn square. This coming week is pivotal, as tension increases under the Mars-Uranus square while aligning with Russia's Midheaven.
and common sense to not get too carried away with her creative imagination.

Her most angular planet, and therefore the archetype that she most strongly personifies, is Jupiter in Aquarius, which is located right on her Descendant. Jupiter here represents the engaging, dramatic characters that she assumes in her various screen roles, and the occasional larger-than-life roles that Jupiter so fondly embraces.

Julia Child (August 15, 1912; 11:30 pm; Pasadena, CA) has the same over-the-top set-up with Jupiter sitting right on her Descendant.
Meryl Streep was previously profiled in NewsScope on February 25, 2003.
Meryl's Mercury-Mars conjunction is right on Julia's talkative Gemini Ascendant. In Julia Child's career, she became famous for her chirpy, cheerful commentaries. It would have been so easy to lampoon her, but Streep gets it just right, not too exaggerated but unusual enough to make us laugh and reminisce. Transiting Pluto opposite Streep's Sun-Uranus brings these psychological insights, and most likely, another round of fame and fortune.