November 8, 1917
1999's Saturn-Uranus Square

The current outer planet confrontation is between Saturn and Uranus, which reached its first of three squares on July 18, 1999. The zodiacal location where these two planets meet happens to hit key points in the horoscopes of the United States, Russia, and China.
The Russian horoscope (November 8, 1917; 2:12 am in Petrograd) is set for the Bolshevik Revolution. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 ends the Soviet Union horoscope set for 1922, but does not alter the creation of the first stable Russian government following the overthrow of the Czarist monarchy.
Russia's chart features a dynamic configuration between the Sun in Scorpio, Saturn in Leo and Uranus in Aquarius. These three points are on target for the  Saturn-Uranus square, indicating that Russia is due for some major reconstruction. The Bolshevik Revolution occurred one Uranus cycle ago, and its current weakened state resonates with the transit of Pluto across its nadir.
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