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Spiritual Cinema Circle
NewsScope for August 3, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

A Day in the Life of Henry Gates

Following last week's Beer Summit at the White House, Professor Henry Gates and Sgt. James Crowley said they would have lunch together without the mediation of President
Obama. The two agreed to disagree about their confrontation on July 16 when the duty-bound white police officer cuffed the distinguished black professor while entering his own home, allegedly for ranting and raving about racial profiling.

Unfortunately, birth data for Crowley is unavailable, but we do know that Henry Gates was born on September 16, 1950 (Keyser, West Virginia; time unknown), with his Virgo Sun conjunct Saturn and Mercury. This studious combination has given him the motivation to succeed as an intellectual. Sun-Saturn-Mercury people tend to be cautious, reserved, and deep thinkers – hardly the picture painted by Sgt. Crowley.

However, Gates' Moon and Mars are conjunct in Scorpio and square Pluto. This is an emotionally volatile combination that seethes at injustice and gives a warrior's ferocity when aroused. Rage and resentment can live just under the surface, and can explode under stressful conditions. Celebrities with similar alignments include actor James Dean, who became famous for teenage angst, and Kathie Lee Gifford, who let us know how she felt
when she was betrayed by her husband.

Generally, Gates' Sun-Saturn conjunction in humble Virgo kept this angry side of his psyche in check, so that his Mars was usefully deployed in fulfilling his ambition. Recently, Gates' Mars has come under pressure from the three outer planets in Aquarius. All this background stress was suddenly triggered on July 16 when the transiting Sun was exactly trine his Mars, allowing him a moment to really vent, to erupt in righteous indignation.
Excessive Pay for Corporate Executives

Growing public outrage over excessive pay to Wall Street's top financial executives was fueled last week by N.Y. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's report about the bank bonus culture. According to Cuomo, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and J.P. Morgan Chase collectively paid $18 billion in bonuses while receiving $45 billion in taxpayer dollars through TARP. Together, the three companies only earned $9.6 billion.

Astrologically, the U.S. is in a phase when predatory capitalism can be reined in. It's a unique window of opportunity shown by the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune triple conjunction in Aquarius, which happens to align with the U.S. Moon at 25º Aquarius. Historically, the U.S. has see-sawed between unbridled capitalism where the wealthiest thrive and dominate and a more egalitarian idealism that protects society's weakest, most vulnerable factions.

These polarities are symbolized in the U.S. Scorpio Rising chart, with the Aquarius Moon representing the people's security needs and humanitarian interests, while the Scorpio Ascendant and four planets in the 8th house of credit signify the nation's interest in leveraging capital for corporate and personal gain. The wealthiest traders, bankers and executives are specifically associated with the U.S. Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the 8th house.

Last Friday, the House passed a bill that would check excessive executive pay, but the bill still must pass the Senate. With transiting Neptune exactly conjunct the U.S. Moon, the hope is high but the details are elusive. Still, with transiting Pluto heading into an opposition with the U.S. Venus-Jupiter, the potential for fundamental regulation of the financial industry is possible. Pluto's nature ensures that if transformation doesn't come consciously, another financial disaster becomes likely.

Conrad Murray,
Michael Jackson's Dr. Feelgood

The top Michael Jackson story last week centered on his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, who investigators believe injected the King of Pop with propofol, a powerful anesthetic that ultimately killed him. Murray was hired by Jackson for $150,000 month to accompany him on his comeback concerts, but now Murray is the only suspect in a case that police are treating as a homicide.
The transiting Moon is a minor connection, but it activated Murray's progressed Vesta at 12º Aquarius. Vesta is not a minor player in this case! For more information, see Vesta
Conrad Murray was born with his Sun in ethereal Pisces (February 19, 1953; St. Andrews, Grenada; time unknown) where it forms a trine to a Saturn-Neptune conjunction. This supportive configuration allowed him to build a solid career as a cardiologist. His Sun also squares Ceres, adding a caring, kindly demeanor that many of his patients found compassionate and praiseworthy.

However, Murray's Mars in Aries squares Uranus, showing a reckless, risk-taking side that often landed him in trouble. Michael Jackson also has a Mars-Uranus square, so the two (allegedly) settled on a risky pattern of doping him at night and then closing the IV drip in the morning. Comparing their charts shows a predominance
of the secretive Neptune-Pisces-12th house vibe, notably, Murray's Pisces Sun in Jackson's 12th house trine Jackson's Neptune, the ruler of his chart.

In terms of their fateful interaction, Murray's Lunar Node axis in Leo-Aquarius is perfectly aligned with Jackson's Uranus. This combination describes the potential for sudden attractions as well as crises and unexpected turns. On June 25, the day Jackson died, the transiting Moon* at 13º Leo activated this Lunar Node connection. This week the Lunar Eclipse at 13º Leo-Aquarius hits this karmic link, likely putting Dr. Murray in the criminal spotlight.
For more on the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, see excerpts from Horoscope magazine's
cover story