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NewsScope for August 24, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

The Aquarian Conspiracy

When Marilyn Ferguson's book was first published in 1980, The Aquarian Conspiracy was riding the crest of a transformative wave verging on a social, political, and economic revolution. But the revolution that arrived wasn't what she or any of her co-conspirators expected. The Reagan Revolution in 1981 began a cycle of political conservatism that at least temporarily displaced an entire generation of innovative networkers.

But now, as The Aquarian Conspiracy is being re-published, social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, plus the historic election of Obama are re-awakening a faction keen on completing the social transformation that was first glimpsed back in the 1960s. The internet offers the medium to spark the Aquarian Conspiracy so that it spreads as Ferguson envisioned in her book.
Chiron's Role in Health Care

An entire chapter in The Aquarian Conspiracy is devoted to what Ferguson calls "The Crisis in Health Care," with its now familiar themes of cost over-runs, unnecessary procedures, and an inability to enact a national health plan. In her view, a new health paradigm was emerging, one that rested on a holistic model based on the interaction of the mind, body, and environment.

Astrologers now believe that the mind-body matrix is connected to Chiron, which coincidentally, was first discovered in December 1977 as Marilyn Ferguson was researching her book. In this new health paradigm, "well-being cannot be infused intravenously or ladled by a prescription." Holistic health comes from taking responsibility for one's habits and ways of dealing with stress. And it comes by developing satisfying relationships and a sense of purpose.
See Deepak Chopra's latest blog entry on health care
Tom Delay on DWTS

Last week when DWTS host Tom Bergeron announced this season's stars, many were surprised to see arch-conservative former Majority House leader Tom DeLay on the list. Politicos will recall that DeLay left Congress in 2006 when he was indicted on money laundering charges related to corporate campaign contributions. Although he's the oldest contestant by 11 years, DeLay has a passion for dancing that may keep him competitive.

Tom DeLay was born with his Sun in energetic Aries (April 8, 1947; 9:47 pm; Laredo, TX) and a lucky Moon-Jupiter conjunction near his Scorpio Ascendant. During his political career, DeLay's influence peddling
In 1980, Ferguson described the importance of the state of mind in health and its relation to the immune system. Chronic grief and anxiety weaken the immune system, while new therapies like meditation, visualization, biofeedback, and acupuncture could strengthen it. These "new therapies" are now specifically associated with Chiron. In 1980, Ferguson foresaw the transformation of the medical profession, as new doctors demanded
courses in nutrition and other holistic approaches.

As we know now, the medical-insurance-pharmaceutical industrial complex co-opted those holistic green shoots. However, transiting Chiron is part of the celestial process awakening the renewed interest in health care reform, since it's conjunct the U.S. Moon. Chiron operates outside of the system currently attempting to reform itself, although a few pioneers – like Deepak Chopra – are bringing the message to receptive Americans, who will then be able to recognize their own Inner Physician.
was made possible by his Moon's Grand Trine with Saturn in Leo and Mars and Ceres in Pisces. This Grand Trine doesn't say anything about morality, only that it brings opportunity (Jupiter) and institutional support (Saturn).
I am frequently asked why I believe the U.S. has Scorpio Rising – as if this intense sign with a fascination for sex and violence has anything to do with the American character. But DeLay's life reflects how Scorpio sees where the financial power is, and with Jupiter's influence, how to benefit from that. In the same way, in the U.S. chart, Jupiter trines the Scorpio Ascendant from the 8th house of vested interests.

DeLay's horoscope reveals a few of the ingredients
necessary for becoming a ballroom champion. His Mars in Pisces, which rules the feet, is a definite plus. Transiting Saturn opposing his Mars will push him to perform to his best ability. Also, his progressed Venus in Taurus recently arrived on his Descendant, which blessed him with Cheryl Burke as his professional dance partner. Cheryl, who happens to be a Taurus, has won twice already, and is a perennial favorite.
The nature of our collective social imagination, writes Ferguson, "has been painfully, exquisitely enlivened by a nerve network of electronic sensing." Aquarius – the natural ruler of networks, the nervous system, and systems of social interaction – is the sign associated with the New Age, which is currently getting much planetary stimulation by the transits of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune.

Among the many disciplines discussed as part of this New Age conspiracy is the nature of evolution in a holistic universe. Evolution involves a fundamental reforming of the basic structure, and not the gradualism associated with Darwin. A key element in such transformations is stress, which triggers spontaneous mutations. If we consider the pending Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square shaping up over the next two years, a quantum leap toward an Aquarian-style paradigm shift may not be far behind.