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September's Top Five Astro-Events

1. Mercury turns retrograde on September 7th and remains so until the 29th. Due to Mercury's many challenging aspects during its backward phase, expect an unusual amount of paperwork snafus, changing opinions, and misinformation. Through the 17th watch for shifting alliances and intense discussions or negotiations. After the 18th, any analysis is prone to a biased selection of facts.

2. Pluto turns direct on September 11th while closely squaring Juno. This combination may signal explosions of violence on military fronts. In the political realm and pop culture, watch for scandalous divorces, outrageous settlement claims, and other mean-spirited acts motivated by jealousy and revenge. Around this time, manipulative behavior is the norm.

3. Saturn opposes Uranus on September 15th, the third in a series of five confrontations between these powers. With the Sun and Pallas nearby, expect major developments on the political scene, most likely involving health care legislation. Uranus retrograde likely represents the rebellious factions (Uranus) unhappy with any detail-oriented bill (Saturn). This polarity will likely bring volatility and instability in the stock markets.
Ted Kennedy was recently profiled. See NewsScope for
June 8, 2009.

For an in-depth article on the Kennedys, see the Kennedy Clan
DJ AM's Intense Life

Adam Goldstein, the popular club disc jockey better known as DJ AM, was found dead early Friday morning in his New York apartment. Once engaged to Nicole Richie, and best friends with Paris Hilton, Kobe Bryant, and Madonna, DJ AM had just finished filming a reality TV show about how he intervenes in the lives of drug abusers. He himself apparently died of a drug overdose.

Adam Goldstein was born with a charming Sun-Venus conjunction in outgoing Aries (March 30, 1973; Philadelphia, PA; time unknown). DJ AM has experienced an unusual amount of personal trauma in his life, beginning with an abusive father who was "unbelievably cruel". Psychologically abusive fathers can often be traced to hard Sun-Pluto aspects, which DJ AM's chart has: his Sun-Venus opposes Pluto at 2º Libra.

A Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius accounts for his social networking skills, and since this planetary pair trines his Pluto, it
4. The New Moon on September 18th is conjunct Saturn, and may mark the assumption of power for new corporate and world leaders. However, due to the opposition to Uranus, their arrival on the global scene will likely be under severe threats from opposition groups. Leaders already in power will be held responsible for the radical changes they promised.

5. Major activation of the U.S. Mercury (from transiting Uranus, Neptune and the progressed U.S. Ascendant) highlights everything Mercurial all month. Expect an unusual number of deaths of famous writers or reporters and the passage of major legislation. Watch for the importance of rumors, analytical reports, studies, documents, and secret information in many headline news stories.
NewsScope for August 31, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Ted Kennedy and the Kennedy Clan

Quite a few cultural icons have died recently, most notably, Ted Kennedy, whose passing leaves a void in the hallowed halls of Congress. Kennedy's most enduring legacy was his ability to reach compromise on a wide range of important bills, even though he was an outspoken liberal. Unlike his slain brothers John and Robert, Ted's historic relevance to the nation is that he endured.

The U.S. Venus at 2º Cancer is the main astrological marker for the current phase of celebrity deaths. Venus is the natural ruler of well-liked public figures, which includes politicians, film stars, and DJs (see below). In the Scorpio Rising U.S. horoscope, Venus is found in the eighth house of death, and so when it receives challenging transits like this past week's, the political astrologer can expect a round of mourning.

The Kennedy Clan was founded on October 7, 1914 (9:49 am; Boston,  MA) when Joseph Kennedy married Rosemary Fitzgerald.
At the time,  Saturn and Pluto were conjunct at 2º Cancer, right onthe U.S. Venus. The Kennedy patriarch parlayed this marriage into America's greatest political family, but also suffered many tragic losses, all of which can be astrologically traced to activation of this foundation horoscope.

John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 when the Kennedy Clan's progressed Sun was quincunx (150º) to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Robert Kennedy was killed on June 6, 1968 as transiting Chiron exactly squared this Saturn-Pluto at 2º Cancer. Ted Kennedy's Sun at 2º Pisces allowed him to build a long career based on the Kennedy legacy. He died with loved ones around him while his progressed Venus was at 2º Cancer.

allows a way out of the otherwise severely challenging Sun- Venus-Pluto dynamic. On September 19, 2008 DJ Am was one of only two survivors in a Lear Jet crash. Since then, transiting Pluto has been squaring his natal Pluto, as he's struggled with post-traumatic stress.

A week ago, DJ AM's longtime girlfriend Hayley Wood left him and this was most likely what broke his resolve to stay away from crack. This can be seen in the transits at the time of his death: transiting Juno (close relationships) was opposite his Pluto, while transiting Mars squared it from emotional Cancer. Transiting Mercury and Pluto completed a harsh Grand Cross that activated his natal Pluto in Libra, the sign of relationships.