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NewsScope for September 28, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Obama's Afghanistan Plan

General McChrystal is expected to request around 40,000 additional troops for the Afghanistan war. Although he was handpicked by President Obama to manage the eight-year-old
war there, Obama is now having doubts about the military's effective-ness. He intends to take some time before announcing his decision. What would an astrologer advise in this situation? Here's my take....

First, the chart to consider is Obama's horoscope relocated to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The progressed Midheaven tells the story so far: he sent 21,000 troops there earlier this year as his progressed Midheaven, Venus and Uranus formed a triple conjunction. Now his progressed Midheaven (the relocated one) is about to enter Virgo, showing a change in status.

The advantages in Obama's relocated chart are shown by progressed Pallas trine the Midheaven, which suggests a political, diplomatic approach. One of the plans being considered is to engage moderate Taliban leaders and integrate them into the nation's military-political structure. Also, progressed Ceres is a major factor (octile the MC, square the lunar nodes). Ceres in Taurus and the 8th house points to financial aid to build the infrastructure, including schools, roads, and an electricity system.

Mars is certainly major factor, but in this relocated chart, it's in the 12th house. One of the plans being considered is to use drones and special forces to track down Taliban
extremists rather than brigades of troops. This is in accord with Obama's 12th house Mars. Over the next three years, Obama's progressed Mars is heading into a square with Saturn, which tells us there's no quick fix here. Creating a troop surge and expecting immediate and lasting results won't work.

Top Five Astro-Events for October

1. Saturn trines the U.S. Pluto on the 8th as transiting Pluto forms a trioctile to the U.S. MC on the 24th. This double influence indicates that American power and status is being forcefully deployed around the world. All month long, watch for metamorphic shifts in economic, political and military forums in accordance with U.S. leadership.

2. Transiting Uranus is trioctile the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant all month, and is exact on the 14th. The prominence of the Uranian vibe in October suggests volatility in the stock market along with radically shifting changes in the national health care plan. Look for surprising developments in technology, an increase in paranormal experiences, and a rapidly escalating international crisis, probably about Iran.

3. Mars enters Leo with a bang on the 14th by making a quincunx to Pluto. Mars will remain in Leo until June 2010 since it enters its retrograde cycle in this sign. Through the end of this month Mars and the Sun will be in a close square pattern, creating a confrontational atmosphere. Ultimatums, arguments, and open hostility will be the norm.

4. Saturn enters Libra on the 29th, beginning a three-year phase emphasizing the value of relationships, diplomacy, and civility in human discourse. In the American political theater, Saturn is returning to its natal place, where it has taught politicians the importance of cooperation and compromise. A wave of reconciliation with the rest of the world is just beginning.
Carl Jung's Red Book

Carl Jung went through a traumatic 16-year phase in his life when he thought he was becoming psychotic. In 1914, he began writing down and illustrating his experiences in a red book, which until now has been hidden in a family vault. On October 7, the Red Book* will be published, revealing the inner voyages and visions that led to his popular theories.

Carl Jung was born with his Sun in the creative, heroic sign of Leo square Neptune (July 26, 1875; 7:32 pm LMT; Kesswil,
5. The Sun and Ceres are conjunct on the 31st while also conjunct the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant, perhaps indicating a breakthrough in health care reform legislation following contentious debates (square Mars). Also possible is a national sense of mourning: prominent Ceres suggests a major rescue or first aid operation following some emergency or catastrophe. Watch what your children eat on Halloween.
Switzerland). The Sun-Neptune dynamic naturally attuned him to the dream world and gave him a disdain for the rational, materialistic views held by his peers. Although he has practical Saturn in his first house, Saturn rules the 12th house, which astrologers now associate with one of Jung's inventions – the collective unconscious.

Jung's Saturn is in Aquarius, the sign of systems, so his ambitions were built around putting the collective unconscious into some kind of system. Saturn's trine to Jupiter brought opportunities to find success and a huge following, while Saturn's square to Pluto shows how his views would revolutionize psychoanalysis. Pluto happens to be conjunct the evil star Algol, which is often associated with insanity.

As ruler of his own 12th house, Saturn's square to Pluto-Algol reflects his own disturbing fantasies and psychological fixations. At the moment, transiting Neptune is right on Jung's Saturn, bringing glossy expectations for the Red Book. His sterling reputation (Saturn) may become elevated to iconic status under this Neptunian influence as his inner psychological landscape is revealed for the first time.
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