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NewsScope for September 7, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Obama to Address Nation on Health Care

As Mercury turned retrograde in Libra over the weekend, President Obama was still formulating what he wanted to say in his address to Congress and the nation about a health care bill. Mercury in Libra is notoriously indecisive, and the retrograde phase can produce much flip-flopping and uncertainty. The key issue is whether or not he will endorse a government-funded health insurance option.

Obama is scheduled to take the bully pulpit at 8:00 pm this Wednesday (September 9). At the time, transiting Pluto is conjunct the Midheaven at 0º39' Capricorn. Pluto here symbolizes the growing power of government as it manifests through this single individual. In Obama's chart, transiting Pluto is exactly (to-the-minute) squaring his Juno, which resides in the second house of money.
The political astrologer can draw some conclusions about this important connection. First, a primary directive in his speech will be about financial concerns, and how passage of a health care bill is necessary to addressing the overall economy. Second, his decision-making has been influenced by Michelle: Juno in Aries represents his assertive, independent wife and perhaps her strong views favoring a national insurance option.

Mercury retrograde probably indicates that the details are still to be worked out, but since Pluto is turning direct, the larger issues and factions will be clarified. Obama's progressed Moon is now squaring his Midheaven, pointing to the importance of this bill to his public standing. Since Jupiter is hovering over his Aquarius Ascendant, he will likely get what he wants in some form.
Pfizer's Corporate Culture

Last week pharmaceutical giant Pfizer agreed to pay $2.3 billion to settle claims that it illegally promoted 13 different drugs – including bestsellers Viagra, Zoloft, and Lipitor – by bribing doctors with resort junkets and other company-paid perks. Prosecutors noted that Pfizer is a repeat offender and that this is the largest criminal fine and health care fraud settlement in history.
Japan's First Lady Visits Venus

Yukio Hatoyama's star rose dramatically last week when he was elected in a landslide victory to be Japan's next Prime Minister. However, his wife has been making the global news with her claims of having visited an extremely beautiful green Venus in the 1970s. "While my body was sleeping, I think my soul flew on a triangular UFO to Venus," she said.

Miyuki Hatoyama was born in Shanghai on June 28, 1943 during imperial Japan's occupation of China (time unknown), putting her Sun in Cancer and Moon in Taurus. This combination is usually conservative and traditional, with much of the life energy devoted to establishing financial and domestic security. However, Ms. Hatoyama's Sun squares Neptune, which gives her a vivid, creative imagination.

Sun-square-Neptune people often feel trapped by the physical plane, and can use their imagination to escape mundane existence. For those well-grounded by life experience (and Saturn), this Neptunian vibe can bring vision and inspiration. Without a stabilizing influence, Sun-Neptune people can become lost in other people's expectations and their own unrealistic fantasies. That said, Miyuki's Venus is where she needs to go, at least from the perspective of evolutionary astrology.
Although Pfizer was founded in 1849, the company went public on June 22, 1942 (10:00 am; New York, NY). The Sun-Jupiter conjunction square Neptune (the natural ruler of drugs) aptly describes Pfizer as the world's largest drug maker. Transiting Pluto is now turning direct while exactly opposing Pfizer's Sun, as federal investigators bring to light a dysfunctional corporate culture in America's health care system.

Pfizer's powerful Mars-Pluto conjunction in the 12th house can be associated with its research efforts, which in World War II were constructively applied to creating a vast supply of penicillin for American soldiers. Mars-Pluto is also intensely competitive, and is the dynamic behind Pfizer's recent
merger-and-acquisition binge. On January 26, 2009, Pfizer bought out rival Wyeth as a transiting Sun-Jupiter conjunction opposed natal Mars-Pluto.

With 25º Leo Rising, Pfizer's public image is a good fit as the provider of Americans' security needs, symbolized by the U.S. Moon at 25º Aquarius. In 2009, as transiting Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune have activated this degree area, Pfizer's image has been tarnished by each of these planets: it's too big and arrogant (Jupiter), it's a criminally fraudulent drug-pusher (Neptune), and it's damaged the health of many individuals with its false claims (Chiron).
Source notes for Pfizer - and
Source notes for Miyuki Hatoyama: see takawiki
With Venus conjunct her North Node, the qualities represented by Venus in Leo are what she needs to integrate into her life to feel more fulfilled. Venus's trine to Mars and sextile to Mercury-Saturn have helped establish her professional role as a lifestyle consultant and entertainment diva. Over the next six months, transiting Pluto will be opposing her Sun (and the U.S. Jupiter), which will likely introduce her and her husband to American society with a grand entrance.