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NewsScope for September 14, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Joe Wilson's Outburst

"You lie!" shouted out Joe Wilson during President Obama's address to Congress and the nation on health care. The startling break in decorum was quickly rebuked by lawmakers from both parties, and was followed by Wilson's apology and widespread commentaries from across the punditocracy. Obama accepted Wilson's apology, saying we all make mistakes.

Joe Wilson's birth chart (July 31, 1947; Charleston, SC; time unknown) shows some of the same contradictory configurations as Henry Gates' (profiled here on August 3). Wilson's Leo Sun is conjunct Saturn, which tends to tune him in to protocol and the rules of the political
arena. However, his Mars in vocal Gemini is dynamically stimulated by a conjunction with Uranus, and given emotional voltage by a quincunx to his Capricorn Moon.

Just as is reflected in Henry Gates' chart, Joe Wilson is a repressed hothead. The strong Saturn influence subdues the more impulsive anger that resides just under the surface, which is shown by the prominent Mars placement. At the time of his outburst, Wilson was experiencing a powerful activation of his Mars: progressed Mercury had just entered intense Scorpio and was squaring progressed Mars in imperial Leo.

That progression provided the background vibe of self-righteous outrage just waiting to explode. Transiting Pluto turned direct last
week, as it formed exact hits to Wilson's progressed Mercury-Mars square, triggering the release of this pent-up anger. Within 48 hours of the incident, Rob Miller (Wilson's anticipated opponent in next year's election) raised some $700,000 – more than Wilson raised during his entire 2008 campaign. Moral: check your progressed Mars and if it's under stress, take a chill pill.
Pluto to the U.S. Jupiter

As Professor Michael Pollan described last week, the reason that the United States spends twice as much per person as most European countries on health care is because Americans are fatter. Thirty percent of the increase in health care costs over the last 20 years is directly attributed to the soaring rate of obesity, which the government supports by subsidizing high fructose corn syrup.

Astrologically, the concern over diet and nutrition is often associated with Saturn in Virgo. Saturn, the tough taskmaster, can foster restrictions in harmful foods when it transits through Virgo, the sign ruling the intestines and what passes through them. Also, Pluto just turned direct and is about to oppose the U.S. Venus, the planet associated with sweets, including corn syrup which is the main ingredient in most of the nation's processed foods.

The last time transiting Pluto formed a hard aspect to the U.S. Venus was the square in 1973. On August 10, 1973, Congress passed the Agricultural and Consumer Protection Act, which began the government's subsidy of corn syrup. At the time, Pluto was exactly squaring the U.S. Venus (orb 0º22'). The passage of this act can be seen as the beginning of America's obesity epidemic.

The current health bill proposals will banish terms like "pre-existing conditions" from the rule books, which will likely motivate the insurance companies to help reduce obesity. Jupiter is usually a wonderful planet, but it also governs over-indulgence and obesity. As transiting Pluto opposes the U.S. Jupiter over the next few years, we have an opportunity to transform the American figure.
John Lennon, Forty Years Ago Today

As Beatles hysteria surges once again, the ever-popular myth about their break-up is also getting plenty of ink. According to Ray Connolly** in his exclusive "John Lennon, the lost interviews", Lennon deliberately destroyed the Beatles forty years ago this month while the band was at the pinnacle of its success. The Beatles were having creative differences when John told Paul "I want a divorce."

Compared to the charming, boyish Paul McCartney, John Lennon (October 9, 1940; 6:30 pm; Liverpool, UK) was a tortured soul. His Moon in progressive Aquarius opposed Pluto and squared Mercury, giving him a hard edge that often came through in his more raucous songs. Yet the Moon's trine to Mars in harmony-seeking Libra mellowed him, giving rise to such revolutionary anthems as "Give Peace a Chance."
Read Michael Pollan's op-ed piece in the New York Times:
NewsScope previously addressed the corn syrup-obesity link in July 2004
See Ray Connally's article in The Times
Paul McCartney has been profiled several times in NewsScope, the most recent being May 22, 2006 when he split from Heather Mills.
While McCartney was writing silly love songs, Lennon was more interested in the anti-war movement. He moved to New York with Yoko Ono in August 1971 as transiting Uranus and his progressed Venus were conjunct his North Node in the partnership sign of Libra (and all squaring his fourth house cusp). He actively supported radical elements, including the Black Panthers and Yippies, and promptly earned the wrath of President Nixon.

Lennon's planets are closely aligned with key points in the U.S. horoscope, clarifying his historic role. His Uranus at 25º Taurus forms a perfect square to the U.S. Moon, showing how he wakes up and radicalizes public opinion. His Mercury at 8º Scorpio represents his role as spokesman for a new generation, while his Libra Sun conjunct the U.S. Saturn describes how he was pressured by the establishment.