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NewsScope for October 5, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Iran's New Attitude

During negotiations in Geneva last Thursday, Iran struck a surprisingly conciliatory approach to its nuclear development program by agreeing to allow international inspectors to its recently revealed secret facility. Only the week before, Iran had launched long-range missiles during Israel's Yom Kippur celebrations and denied any intent to discuss its nuclear program. What led to Iran's diplomatic reversal, and is the problem solved?

Iran's horoscope (April 1, 1979; 3:00 pm; Tehran) offers some insights into the government's behavior. First note that Iran's Mars at 25º Pisces is in line with the recent Saturn-Uranus opposition. This powerful activation of Iran's Mars occurred as U.S., French and British intelligence discovered a secret underground nuclear site near Qom, which was announced on September 25 during a five-planet alignment with Iran's Mars.

Coming into play is Jupiter, which is about to turn direct on October 12 right on Iran's Descendant. This beneficial planet in the community-oriented sign of Aquarius is responsible for Iran's welcoming the international inspectors. However, in dealing directly with the western powers, Iran's government  legitimizes itself following its fraudulent election process. So
Jupiter here has the effect of securing Iran's current government in the international community.

Transiting Mars and Iran's progressed Mars (currently at 19º Aries) warn of trouble ahead. Within two months, progressed Mars and Uranus will form a quincunx as transiting Mars emerges from the 12th house. This will most likely lead to a break from international opinion and pressure. Due to its retrograde cycle, transiting Mars will remain very near Iran's Leo Ascendant for two months, bringing out all its imperial arrogance.
The New Morality

For astrologers, Pluto in Capricorn represents an archetypal force that shapes an entire cultural fashion or mood. Now that Saturn is edging toward its square to Pluto, the implication of what Pluto is bringing us becomes clearer through the engendered conflicts and controversies that make the headline news. Pluto in Capricorn and Pluto aspecting Saturn resonate with each other, reinforcing each other's meaning.

Limits are being set with this combination. Lines are being drawn and appropriate behavior defined, especially in the area of relationships since Saturn will soon be in Libra. Pluto can manifest as a captain of industry or a media mogul: he's the one who has the power in corporations and institutions. Two stories from last week's news illustrate this emerging celestial pattern.

Under pressure from looming lawsuits, Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis (April 9, 1947) resigned last week. His questionable  coziness with Merrill Lynch employees
Roman Polanski Arrested

Over 30 years after he pled guilty to having unlawful sex with a minor, Oscar-winning film director Roman Polanski was finally arrested in Switzerland while on his way to receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award in Zurich. He fled the Los Angeles judicial system to avoid being imprisoned, and found refuge in France and Poland. The U.S. has a month to file a formal extradition.

Roman Polanski's Leo Sun is trine Uranus (August 18, 1933; 10:30 am; Paris, France), giving him the leadership qualities and creative vision that brought him success as a director. His Sun is also sextile Mars in Libra, which adds a stylish charm and romanticism. These favorable aspects to the Sun protect him personally from some of the extreme brutality and social chaos that surrounds him and which he has cathartically released through his films.

Polanksi's Moon in Cancer is said to be dignified, yet it's one of the most afflicted planets any astrologer is likely to find. The Moon reigns over his
horoscope high in the 10th house, where it's conjunct Pluto, square Uranus in the 7th house and Mars in the 1st house. This configuration brought him a fascination with everything that society deemed to be taboo, especially sex, violence, and moral depravity.

With Libra Rising, Venus is the ruler of his horoscope. Venus is found hidden away in the 12th house where it's conjunct Jupiter and quincunx Uranus in the 7th house of "others". This combination describes the many opportunities Polanski had to enjoy secret, kinky sexual affairs. Polanski was arrested on September 26, when transiting Saturn (representing authority) was exactly conjunct his Venus.
who received $millions in bonuses marked an inappropriate corporate culture with his new partners. Lewis's Juno at 1º Capricorn describes his business relationships. Pluto just turned direct on his Juno, and he could undoubtedly feel Saturn coming.

David Letterman, born only three days after Lewis (April 12, 1947; 6:00 am; Indianapolis, IN), had a similar problem: he had a questionable relationship with an intern which was revealed last week when he detailed a bribery attempt. Although many observers say he handled the situation well, an astrologer might note that his troubles aren't over yet, especially since transiting Saturn and Uranus will be aligning with his 12th house Mars while squaring his Juno.