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NewsScope for November 23, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Sarah Palin Launches her 2012 Campaign

Last Wednesday Sarah Palin launched her "Going Rogue" book tour, which looked more like a 2012 run for the presidency. The tour bus, the buttons for sale, and the thousands of fans lining up all had the feeling of a political campaign, though Palin has not said whether or not she will run, only that she's keeping her options open.

Astrologically, the surge in conservative politics on the national radar screen arrives just as Saturn and Pluto are squaring each other. This belt-tightening, restrictive Saturn-Pluto vibration was also in play when the GOP took two key governorships earlier in the month. While Palin sucked up all the political oxygen, the Republican governors were meeting quietly in Texas to plot strategy for the mid-term elections next November.
conservative Saturn-Pluto square to launch her tour, Saturn and Pluto are and will be forming challenging aspects to her progressed Mars. Such stressful planetary situations will sustain her role as a polarizing figure.

In May 2010, transiting Jupiter and Uranus will leave Pisces and enter Aries, at which time they will also be conjunct Palin's progressed Mars and natal Venus. So here we have a grand alignment on Palin's natal Venus: her progressed Mars, plus transiting Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. The outer planet transits unfold in 2010 and 2011, but the progressed Mars to her Venus remains a factor into 2012. So over the next three years she will likely remain a colorful, polarizing figure and frequently in the headlines.
As described last July 6, Palin's progressed Mars is about to enter Aries and conjoin her Venus – a powerfully dynamic combination that should bring her tremendous popularity and success. However, while she's capitalizing on the
Herman Van Rompuy Becomes First EU President

The centralizing, consolidating momentum of the Saturn-Pluto square had an historic impact in Europe last week when the European Council selected Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy as the first President. Until last week, the European Council had a six-month rotating president, but now the new president will take office on January 1 for a 30-month term.
New Moon Stars in Love?

As New Moon breaks box office records, the film's stars Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted holding hands as they left a New York nightclub at 3 am. They had skipped the after party of the Twilight saga's premiere last Thursday to spend some quality time alone. Rumors of their secret romance swirled after last year's Twilight became a sensation, but they've denied it.
This data's original source is Luc de Marré and is rated AA.
NewsScope correspondent Ann Fredhom provided Van Rompuy's data as October 31, 1947; 1:15 pm; Etterbeek, Belgium. Although Van Rompuy's Scorpio Sun and the vast majority of his planets are in fixed signs, he was chosen for his renown as a consensus builder. The toughest, meanest planets – Pluto, Mars and Saturn – are all located in his seventh house of "others", and so he has come to know these archetypes through his political interactions.

Venus conjunct his Midheaven describes his professional role as a mediator or consensus builder. The Saturn-Pluto square has aligned with his 12th house Juno, and from this we can get a sense of the backroom deal-making that elevated him to power. He was selected and will
remain in office as he experiences a progressed Juno-Midheaven conjunction, uniting his position (Midheaven) with the deal-making asteroid (Juno).

A potential problem area is Turkey, which has long sought membership in the EU. Van Rompuy's Scorpio Sun resides in the 9th house of religion and squares Pluto, giving him intractable feelings about his Catholicism. He stated in 2004 that "the universal values which are in force in Europe, and which are also fundamental values of Christianity, will lose vigor with the entry of a large Islamic country such as Turkey."
Like the original Dracula, Robert Pattinson was born with his Sun in sensual Taurus (May 13, 1986; London, England; time unknown). A Mercury-Pluto opposition reflects the vampire-like qualities of stalking his love interest, Bella Swann, who is played by Kristen Stewart. Rob's Venus in Gemini opposes Uranus, making it very unlikely that he will settle into a committed relationship any time soon.

Similarly, Kristen (April 9, 1990; Los Angeles, CA; time unknown) has her Moon in indecisive Libra where it's made more uncertain by a square to Neptune. Her Aries Sun square Saturn describes a driven personality that is more interested in a successful career than long-term personal relationships. Venus is in Pisces, the sign of emotional duality, making her the ideal actress to be torn between a werewolf and a vampire.

Still, comparing Rob and Kristen's horoscopes, the astrologer couldn't miss their sexual chemistry: her Mars in Aquarius is exactly trine his Venus in Gemini. They also have mutual Sun-Mars squares, which strengthens their individual egos while in each other's presence. In the long run, this combo can devolve into bickering, but in the short term, the Mars-Venus exchange provides plenty of celestial excitement to confirm the romance rumors.
Twilight author Stephanie Meyer was profiled on September 21, 2009