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NewsScope for October 19, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Dow 10k 2.0

A collective sigh of relief could be heard across Wall Street last Wednesday when the Dow closed over 10,000 for the first time since October 2008. While the benefits to financial investors are not being cheered on by the 17 percent of Americans who are unemployed or underemployed, the prospects for a return to economic health seem to be improving with this milestone.
Astrologically, the 10,000 level was achieved during an important Jupiter station. In general, financial astrologers had a tough time predicting this up-tick due to the pervasive influence of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, which is a strong bearish signal. However, NewsScope readers were forearmed in the July 6 column, which stated "Jupiter will turn direct in mid-October very near the U.S. fourth house cusp, likely bringing a return of confidence."

The first time the Dow crossed the psychologically important 10,000 level was on March 29, 1999. At the time the U.S. progressed Ascendant and progressed Jupiter were exactly conjunct (orb 0º01'), which aptly describes the general euphoria and uplifting vibration the nation was feeling during that time. The excitement felt on the home front was also evident from transiting Uranus conjunct the U.S. fourth house cusp.

The first time the Dow crossed 1,000 was on November 14, 1972. At the time, the U.S. progressed Sun was conjunct Pluto (orb 0º04'), the ruler of the Scorpio Rising national chart. So, while financial astrologers attempt to assess long-term cycles using outer planet aspects and stations, their success has been limited. The trick is to work with the national horoscope, and as these examples show, the chart set for 2:21 pm, July 4, 1776 works like a charm.
Tribal Conflict Splits Afghanistan Election

As Team Obama weighs the strategic options for its Afghanistan policy, the process has been slowed down by the Afghan presidential election, which is widely acknowledged to have been tainted. Hamid Karzai, running for re-election, won a clear majority of the Pashtun vote in the south, while runner-up Abdullah Abdullah took a majority of the northern Tajik votes.
Nicholas Cage Faces Financial Ruin

Academy Award-winning actor Nicholas Cage is suing his former business manager, saying he failed to pay the actor's taxes and has invested in highly speculative and risky ventures, resulting in Cage's financial ruin. Cage – who has starred in over 60 films, including Moonstruck, Leaving Las Vegas, and National Treasure – seeks $20 million in damages having realized the gravity of his financial condition earlier this year.

Nicholas Cage was born with his Sun in prudent Capricorn (January 7, 1964; 5:30 am; Harbor City, CA), a position that is given shrewdness and psychological depth by the trine to Pluto. His Sun is further enhanced by a sextile to Neptune, which allows him to project various personas onto film. The only challenging aspect his Sun makes is a square to Jupiter, which is generally not seen as negative.
Hamid Karzai (December 24, 1957; Kabul; time unknown) was born with his Sun at 2º Capricorn, which has been under the transformative rays of transiting Pluto for the last year. Now that transiting Saturn is about to enter Libra and square Karzai's Sun, he's coming under even more pressure to restructure his regime. Karzai's Sun will be bandied about by the transiting Saturn-Pluto square over the next year, indicating a long struggle for leadership.

Abdullah Abdullah (September 5, 1960; Kabul; time unknown) was born with a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Virgo trine Saturn, a solid combination that has given him previous roles in Afghanistan's government-in-exile when the
Taliban were in charge. His Mars at 21º Gemini makes him a favorite within U.S. military circles, since the U.S. Mars is also located at 21º Gemini.

Abdullah's Sun does not come under the influence of the tran-siting Saturn-Pluto square, so the
advantage would seem to go to Karzai. However, Abdullah's Venus at 3º Libra does come under immediate contact with the Saturn-Pluto square. His best strategy, with the help of American backroom deal-making, is to enter into a power sharing arrangement with Karzai, since Venus in Libra symbolizes partnerships.
However, Jupiter's downside is extravagance and unrealistic optimism. When the times were good, the mega-star bought castles in England, mansions in Hollywood, and haunted houses in New Orleans. With Sagittarius Rising, and Jupiter, his ruling planet, located on the fourth house cusp, the more ostentatious homes he could find, the better. Had he invested in an astrologer's advice, he certainly would have been warned about the conditions in his second house of money.

Cage has a Venus-Saturn conjunction in his second house, which by itself, is not necessarily problematic. But Neptune, the planet of fraud and deception, squares his Venus-Saturn, indicating that he needed to keep close tabs on his assets. Earlier this year, Mercury by secondary progression had come within one degree of squaring his Neptune, by which time he began suspecting the truth. By last week, it was exact.
Pop quiz! Looking at Cage's chart, what do you think his prospects are for emerging from financial chaos? Email your answers to me at
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