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NewsScope for October 26, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

The End of Capitalism?

Several red flags have been raised recently about the nature of U.S. capitalism. Michael Moore's latest film Capitalism: A Love Story could be dismissed as the natural antics of an extremist, but Marketwatch's most popular blog last week carried a similar theme, as did Frontline's investigative story The Warning. The message is growing louder: the American economic system is in danger of self-destruction. 
Long-time NewsScope readers are already aware of the underlying astrological dynamic: transiting Pluto is in the U.S. 2nd house and opposing Venus in the 8th house of capitalism. This configuration has never happened before in U.S. history since Pluto takes 248 years to make one orbit. Ever since Pluto entered the 2nd house of money in 1998, the economy has experienced a series of severe boom and bust cycles.
The most dangerous systemic phase began in 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn and came within two degrees of opposing the U.S. Venus. The stock markets reached bottom in March 2009 when Pluto actually opposed the U.S. Venus, but then Pluto turned retrograde and the markets recovered under the government stimulus programs. With Pluto in Capricorn, the astrological message is that government can be the problem but also the solution.

Now that Saturn is entering Libra and squaring Pluto, the time has come to engineer government reforms. Last week the House Finance Committee began writing new legislation that would give the national government regulative power to dismantle corporations "too big to fail". However, Gucci Gulch lobbyists are ready to fight, so the bill may be stalled for a year as the Saturn-Pluto square unfolds.
For more on these red flags, see marketwatch
frontline and youtube
Top Five Astro-Events for November

1. The Taurus Full Moon on the 2nd opposes the Sun, Ceres and Mercury in Scorpio, emphasizing financial security issues and how to share the burdens. Resolving conflicts over money can lead to renewed intimacy with your significant other. Interactions between parents and children are highlighted, with increased communication favoring the resolution of longstanding care-taking problems.

2. Transiting Chiron trines the U.S. Mars on the 11th, around which time Team Obama may have its Afghanistan plan ready. Watch for favorable developments in other conflict zones, such as Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Chiron in Aquarius also favors a public health option, which may become viable as this aspect becomes exact.

3. Jupiter and Pallas are trine on the 14th, but in effect from the 11th through the New Moon on the 16th. Jupiter and Pallas in the social signs of Aquarius and Libra bring diverse friends and acquaintances together in a variety of engaging activities. This combination is especially favorable for healing old wounds, vision quests, and finding value and meaning in difficult situations.

4. Saturn and Pluto square each other on the 15th, a powerful outer planet dynamic in effect all month. In its most positive expression, this combination leads to constructive, fundamental changes in the way government and business function. Saturn and Pluto are also aligned with the U.S. Venus, indicating intense diplomatic efforts and increased interest in regulating financial markets, such as hedge funds.

5. Mars in Leo conjoins the U.S. Midheaven on the 25th, marking major military deployments and headline incidents of violence. Mars aspects Pluto on the 30th, perhaps indicating some large financial cuts. Due to its retrograde cycle, Mars remains near the U.S. Midheaven and Obama's Leo Sun through May 2010, pointing to growing U.S. influence and leadership in the global community.
DWTS, Mya vs Donny Showdown

As above so below: the Saturn-Pluto square has found a fascinating manifestation on Dancing with the Stars. Although the leaderboard is tightly packed, the most likely finalists at this point will be the beautiful, seductive Mya and the charming, entertaining Donny Osmond.
Mya (October 10, 1979; Washington D.C.; time unknown) was born with her Libra Sun conjunct Pluto, giving her an underlying intensity that bursts forth in song and dance. She's performed as a dancer in most of her films (Chicago, Dirty Dancing), and so she naturally has risen to the top. Mya embodies the magnetic charisma of Pluto which emerges gracefully in the partnership sign of Libra.

Donny Osmond (December 9, 1957; 12:55 am; Ogden, UT) was born with his Sagittarius Sun conjunct Saturn, which gives him the discipline to master the difficult steps. Last week after many hours of practice, he and partner Kym Johnson scored a 29 (the season's top score so far) with their mesmerizing Argentinian Tango. Donny takes on Saturn's masterful character in the playful sign of Sagittarius.

Coincidentally, the final week for DWTS Season 9 is the same week that Saturn and Pluto square each other. The pressure to perform well is intense under such planetary vibrations. For Donny, age has its limits and he may be prone to fatigue and injury. For Mya, Pluto's explosive nature can also cause injuries, as when she accidentally sliced her hand at the season's premiere when transiting Mars was squaring her Sun-Pluto. May the best planet win!
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