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Pakistan), Ms. Clinton was clearly stepping into a hornet's nest. She arrived under the influence of a transiting Sun-Mars square, which happened to align with Pakistan's Mercury, the ruler of its chart.  Small wonder that a horrific terrorist bomb exploded within hours of her arrival.

Also, transiting Saturn was right on Pakistan's 29º Virgo Ascendant. Saturn entered Libra during her diplomatic mission and by the end of her visit, was exactly square Pakistan's Mars at its Midheaven when she met with the nation's military and
Q&A on the Scorpio Rising U.S. Chart

(The following is a temporary break from the regular format to respond to a NewsScope readers' comments about the U.S. national horoscope. This is written in honor of the current Sun-Mercury-Ceres triple conjunction on the Scorpio Ascendant.)

Q. Astrologers tend to choose a U.S. Ascendant according to whatever they feel comfortable with. Either you can predict or you can't. Either you "see" or you don't "see". The psychic does have some involvement here.

A. Many astrologers are intuitive. For those who aren't, it's best to have an accurate horoscope. Would you give your data to an astrologer knowing that it might be off by 12 hours or even 2 hours?

Q. Evangeline Adams, singularly one of the greatest predictive astrologers ever, used the Gemini Rising chart. It worked for her.

A. According to Karen Christino's excellent biography of Evangeline Adams, her teacher – the one who introduced her to the U.S. Gemini Rising Horoscope – was Luke Broughton. But as Nicholas Campion explains in The Book of World Horoscopes, Broughton did not have a time for the Declaration, but rather assumed that the ruling planet for the American Revolution was Uranus. Uranus was in Gemini on July 4, 1776, so following the custom of his day, he placed Uranus on the Ascendant. That this chart was contrived in the 19th century (1861 according to Campion) should be obvious since Uranus wasn't even discovered until 1781 – five years after the Declaration was signed.

Q. Four years ago I saw this recession coming because Pluto moving into Capricorn was monumental and it would oppose the U.S. Venus-Jupiter. When I saw it, waves of energy flowed through me and I shuddered. I would have seen and felt that no matter which U.S. Ascendant I chose to use.

A. The Solar chart (set for noon and used when the birth time is unknown) remains a good tool for astrologers, and one I frequently use in this column. That Pluto hits the U.S. Venus might lead to a
NewsScope for November 2, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Saturn Enters Libra,
Clinton Goes to Pakistan

The world's most famous diplomat went to Pakistan last week for a three-day visit aimed at blunting growing anti-Americanism caused by CIA-operated drone strikes. Ms. Clinton could not respond to the drone question, but did ask about Al Qaeda leaders: "I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they are and couldn't get to them if they really wanted to."

Looking at Pakistan's national horoscope (August 14, 1947; 9:33 am; Karachi,
intelligence leaders. Saturn is said to be dignified in Libra, and many Pakistanis were impressed by Clinton's steely-edged charm and willingness to engage her strident opponents. But she
had many critics who questioned the killing of civilians by the CIA drones.

Considering the developing T-square between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto over the next two years, the situation in Pakistan will remain highly explosive. Saturn in Libra ensures that the ongoing diplomatic effort will include dialogue with powerful, possibly fanatical government representatives (Pluto in Capricorn). Saturn will also oppose Uranus, indicating a natural split between international diplomacy and radical religious movements. Next: Hillary takes on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
The Scorpio Rising chart works for anyone who uses traditional interpretation techniques, whether they're psychic or not. I can't see everything in this chart, nor can I keep track of all its possible manifestations. If more astrologers used this chart, we'd have predictions based on technique rather than psychic ability, which in turn would add a great deal of credibility to the profession. One of the patterns I've discovered shows the relevance of 25º Aquarius (the U.S. Moon's position) in predicting presidential hopefuls. This is only possible using the Scorpio Rising chart. Other patterns include predicting stock market trends. If your national chart can't help you in this most practical matter, what good is it?
Evangeline Adams' horoscope, plus additional bio and interpretive commentary can be found on the Vesta Profiles page under Gemini.
good judgment in this case no matter which U.S. chart is used. However, knowing that this happens in the 2nd and 8th houses would lead to a very accurate forecast that you would be confident in sharing with others. Then you would know that not only is it related to a recession, but that it involves credit, perhaps even mortgages since Venus is in Cancer. These are the predictions that I made and that are recorded in the NewsScope archives, which are linked from NeptuneCafe's Business Front Page.

Q. Astrologers use many different systems. I find that after time the many different systems that astrologers use all blend together, and still essentially say the same thing.

A. Not really. The difference between having fixed signs on the angles and mutable signs on the angles is the difference between the most powerful financial organization in the world and a second-rate nation. Fixed signs accumulate power, and specifically financial power when the Ascendant is Scorpio and there are four planets in the 8th house. Mutable signs, especially when the chart ruler is retrograde (Mercury was retrograde on July 4, 1776), won't amount to much.
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