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NewsScope for November 16, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Obama in China

The New York Times characterized President Obama's three-day trip to China as a "profligate spender coming to pay his respects to his banker." This new role for an American president stands in sharp contrast to Obama's predecessors in both parties who criticized China about various policies. But now that the U.S. deficit is largely financed by the Chinese, a more conciliatory
diplomacy is appropriate.

Obama's trip to Asia is marked by the diplomatic, peace-seeking planet Venus. Recall that Obama's Neptune at 8º Scorpio is precisely conjunct the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant. Obama embarked on his trip when transiting Venus was at 8º Scorpio, making him the official diplomatic representative of the United States. While this is a relatively mild transit, it coincides with far deeper Venusian vibes.

Obama's natal Venus is located at 1º Cancer where it forms a close quincunx to Jupiter in Aquarius. This blend strives for personal or national security (Cancer) by socially networking with other nations (Jupiter in Aquarius). Venus is also challenged by the close square to Juno in Aries,
which pushes him toward making pioneering agreements wherever possible. American relationships (Venus) are now being restructured by the transiting Saturn-Pluto square.

Obama's horoscope relocated to Beijing reflects this powerful diplomatic approach. The relocated Midheaven is 28º Leo, and coincidentally, Obama's progressed Venus is now at 28º Leo. Obama also has his North Node at this position, making relationships with China a top priority in his and America's global vision. The U.S. needs agreements with China to stabilize the global economy, environment and military security.
NYSE: Quirky, Volatile, and Unpredictable

Financial astrologers use a wide variety of tools to judge the movement of the stock markets, but one that has found common currency is the foundation of the New York Stock Exchange on May 17, 1792. An exclusive group of brokers met on Wall Street where they signed a policy statement for trading stocks. A horoscope set for this moment can be used to judge market trends.

Although the time is unknown, a popular version set for 10:10 am works quite well in practice. This chart features Uranus conjunct the Leo Ascendant, which makes Uranus a key planet in the NYSE character as well as an indicator for major market moves and reversals. Uranus by nature is quirky, volatile and unpredictable, but its major transits generally correspond to headline changes in direction.

For example, Uranus is always prominent during stock market crashes. An important dynamic in the NYSE is the exact square between Mercury and Pluto, a combination that is
The Fearless Taylor Swift

At last week's Country Music Awards, the omnipresent Taylor Swift stole the show by taking home four awards, including Entertainer of the Year. The young singer is on the cover of this week's InStyle magazine, and just finished hosting Saturday Night Live. A Newsscope reader wants to know how she "can inspire us all to express ourselves and manifest our dreams."
Taylor Swift was born with her Sun in adventurous Sagittarius (December 13, 1989; Wyomissing, PA; time unknown) and her Moon dignified in Cancer. Her Sun happens to be aligned with the U.S. Mars, so that her best-selling album Fearless rings true as an American expression of the Inner Warrior. Taylor's Mars in Scorpio provides extra courage, especially with its trine to Pallas in Pisces, which gifts her with a keen sense of poetry and imagery.

Taylor was born during a spectacular outer planet alignment in Capricorn, which corresponded geopolitically to the end of the Cold War and was most poignantly symbolized by the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Her Mercury in Capricorn receives the ideas (Uranus), hopes
(Neptune) and need for secure structures (Saturn) presented by conjunctions with these outer planets which represent collective urges that she's heard since she began writing songs at age ten.

Taylor Swift's love life is under stressful conditions since her Venus and Vesta in Aquarius square her Juno in Scorpio, pitting her need for space and friendship against her need for commitment and intimacy. Since her Juno happens to be exactly conjunct the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant, her scorned-lover side gets played out in public. She accomplishes this by writing songs about how she was done wrong, as in the case of ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas in "Forever and Always."
prone to panic under adverse conditions. On October 29, 1929, transiting Uranus was at 8º Aries, which is the precise midpoint between the NYSE Mercury and Pluto. Again, during the crash of October 19, 1987, transiting Uranus was making a precise hit to the NYSE Mercury-Pluto.

The meltdown that unfolded a year ago was spectacularly deep, and corresponded to progressed Uranus opposite Pluto (orb 0º00'). This aspect has now passed, and so the markets have recovered. However, transiting Uranus will return to the point that triggered the Crash of '29 in July 2012, April 2013 and again in December 2013. That's something to keep in mind if you're heavily invested in the stock market.