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Doreen Virtue
Hay House, Inc.
Wayne Dyer Excuses Begone! Tour 2009
Hay House Inc. - 120 x 600
Spiritual Cinema Circle
Nidal Malik Hasan

Considering his early interest in pursuing a military career and his violent rampage last Thursday, it's not unreasonable to assume that Mars is angular in Nidal Malik Hasan's horoscope. If his given birth date of September 8, 1970 is correct, placing Mars on a Virgo Ascendant suggests a birth time of 5:52 am. Transits and progressions using this birth time reflect an explosive, spontaneous act of rage.

Mars' natal condition includes its conjunction with the South Node, a karmic placement that is learning about anger and how to manage it. Mars squares Neptune, which in the rectified chart is conjunct the 4th house cusp where it signifies his religious family background. The Sagittarius Moon in the 4th and Saturn in the 9th underscore his earnest religious devotion to Islam.
NewsScope for November 9, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar
Mercury is the ruler of this chart and the career-oriented Midheaven. Its conjunction with Pluto in analytical Virgo describes his career path in psychiatry. His own mind came under assault by listening day after day to the horror stories of mentally wounded returning soldiers – all as transiting Uranus opposed his Mercury. Undoubtedly his deployment to
Birth data sources: A USA Today blog cites September 8, 1970 while wikipedia states September 6, 1970. The WSJ reports: "On the Muslim Matrimonial Inquiry Form for the Islamic Society of the Washington Area, an application filled out by those seeking to marry, Maj. Hasan wrote about himself: 'Quiet, reserved until more familiar with person. Funny, caring and personable.' The form lists his date of birth as Sept. 8, 1970." Wikipedia is evidently in error.
Read the orginal forecast at NeptuneCafe's "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"
the war front and the constant harassment for being a Muslim made him snap.

The transits don't provide a very clear picture, but the progressions do: his progressed Mars and Pluto were exactly conjunct at 28º Virgo, while his progressed Ascendant was conjunct natal Uranus. The Mars-Pluto combo describes the intense rage that was peaking, while the Uranus influence describes the sudden liberation he must have felt in acting out his anger. The progressed Moon had just entered Gemini and stood at his Midheaven: this was the signature moment that changed his life, and one that elevated American-Islamic tensions within the U.S.
U.S. Scorpio Rising Chart: More Feedback

Q. A reader from Los Angeles noticed that Warren Buffet bought the Burlington Northern Railroad last week as transiting Chiron was trine the U.S. Mars, connecting the 4th and 8th houses in the Scorpio Rising U.S. horoscope. "Does this help the economy?" she asks.

A. Historically, Mars in the U.S. 8th has been associated with industrial transportation corporations (being in Gemini), such as automobiles and railroads. The favorable trine from the healer Chiron makes Buffet's buy a good bet.

Q. A reader from Johannesburg, South Africa says that he has no doubt that the U.S. has Scorpio Rising based on what he's read at NeptuneCafe. "Why do people still insist on using incorrect charts in the face of so much empirical evidence?"

A. I write for the younger generation and those with open minds, those who haven't yet cemented their reputations and opinions on other U.S. horoscopes. 

Q. From Latvia, a correspondent tells me of an astrologer in Riga who has used my material at NeptuneCafe to predict the failure of the Federal Reserve Bank and consequent collapse of the global economy. She wonders if I really predicted this.

A. While I have described the dramatic shift in the structure of the U.S. economic system, and especially the increased role of the government, I have not predicted any collapse. To the contrary, the transiting Saturn-Pluto square hits the Fed's Sun, which may very well empower it to regulate the trillion-dollar speculative bets placed by hedge fund managers. I tend to discount astrologers whose strong political opinions color their interpretations.

News Item: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for the first time in history women have surpassed men and now make up more than 50 percent of the nation's work force. This milestone was predicted last December since the U.S. progressed Venus (women) is in the sixth house of the labor force. This past July it opposed the U.S. progressed Mars, leading to the inevitable conclusion that women were overtaking men, especially in terms of jobs. If your preferred national chart doesn't show these kinds of direct correlations, what good is it? Make predictions, write me about them, and I'll post them in this column.
Josh Duhamel's Alleged Tryst

The tabloid press is having a field day over Transformers star Josh Duhamel's alleged one-night stand with an Atlanta stripper. Josh, who first became nationally recognized as casino detective Danny McCoy in the TV drama Las Vegas, has denied the charge. So far, his wife Fergie believes him. She's told the press, "These claims are nonsense." Did he or didn't he?
Josh Duhamel was born with his Scorpio Sun conjunct Juno, the marriage asteroid (November 14, 1972; Minot, ND; time unknown), a placement that indicates a life path that works best within a committed partnership. A contrary impulse can be seen in his Venus, which is located in charming Libra where it conjoins thrill-seeking Uranus. This Venus represents a problem area since it closely squares the Lunar Node axis.

According to the stripper's account, their tryst took place in early October. At the time, transiting Jupiter was turning direct while trine Josh's Venus, bringing him an ideal opportunity for a love affair. Last Tuesday, transiting Juno turned direct while trine Josh's Sun. This was the very day that he took Fergie out to dinner with some very
public displays of affection and support for their marriage.

Josh's horoscope is being hit hard by the current Saturn-Pluto square, especially in the relationship department since Saturn just entered Libra. His natal Pluto in early Libra is under the influence of this year-long Saturn-Pluto transit, as is his progressed Sun, which just entered Capricorn. Josh and Fergie have lots to work out if they want to stay together. For Josh (with P2 Venus conjunct Neptune), a huge distraction over the coming year will be a surging interest in romantic escapades., Inc, Inc