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Despite widespread talk of a global economic recovery, markets around the world took a deep dive last week following Dubai's announcement that it will delay payment on $60 billion of debt for at least six months. Dubai's credit problems have been known to analysts for a year now, but the announcement raised fears of a major government default which could spread across the globe as a contagion.

Dubai is the primary state within the United Arab Emirates which became an independent federation on December 2, 1971 (noon, Dubai). The Sun-Jupiter-Neptune triple conjunction in Sagittarius represents Dubai's broad, expansionist vision based originally on oil revenues. The opposition to Saturn reflects an underlying practical, engineering side, but also the harsh price to be paid if the vision becomes too intoxicating or unrealistic.

Dubai has Aquarius Rising – the sign associated with global vision and federations. This makes Uranus Dubai's ruling planet, and it's located in the 8th house of credit. Dubai's over-extension in exotic real estate ventures took a huge hit one year ago during the global economic meltdown. At the time, Dubai's progressed Sun was exactly squaring natal Uranus, creating the local financial crisis.
NewsScope for November 30, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Dubai's Debt Default
The planetary dynamic associated with Dubai's current problem is the Saturn-Pluto square. Inherently untenable situations tend to collapse under Saturn-Pluto combinations. The last such government default unfolded in Argentina in November 2001, which was the last time Saturn and Pluto formed a hard aspect to each other. In Dubai's case, the Saturn-Pluto square has aligned with its natal Pluto. Dubai's crisis will likely take another month to resolve itself (as P2 Sun squares P2 Uranus), but this is only the first of three Saturn-Pluto squares between now and next August.
Top Five Astro-Events for December

1. Uranus turns direct on December 1st and will oppose the U.S. Neptune all month. Watch for unexplained phenomena, and mystical or paranormal activity. In politics, Neptune is part of the medical-pharmaceutical complex, so its activation brings rapidly changing developments in the health care bill. Since the U.S. Neptune is angular in Tehran, the Iranian crisis over nuclear energy reaches a turning point.

2. Jupiter in Aquarius will conjoin Chiron on December 7th, Neptune on December 21st, and the U.S. Moon on December 27th. These alignments indicate the rise of humanitarian visions and goals, along with the individuals who express them. Opportunities come to those who know how to network, build alliances and value friendship. Systemic approaches work best.
Woods was lying in the street drifting in and out of consciousness when medics found him. His wife, Elin Nordegren, reportedly freed him from the locked SUV by smashing the back window with a golf club after he ran over a fire hydrant and crashed into a neighbor's tree. Police say that alcohol was not a factor, so what was really going on?

Juno, the marriage asteroid, is all over the place in this incident. Tiger Woods (December 30, 1975; 10:50 pm; Long Beach, CA) was born with his Mars near the Midheaven, a logical place for the world's richest athlete. His Mars is challenged by an opposition to his Moon and a square to Juno in his 12th house of secrets. Both his Juno and Moon have been under severe stress lately.

Transiting Juno and Uranus have been traveling closely together over the last two months while straddling Tiger's Descendant, the critical partnership angle. The emotional crisis over relationship status is evident from this combination since Uranus is turning direct while precisely squaring his Moon (orb 0º19'). Uranus in this position often leads to divorce.

In a man's chart, the Moon is often played out by his wife. Uranus is associated with chaos and
3. The Sagittarius New Moon on December 16th squares Uranus and Juno, fostering a fast-paced, often chaotic psychological climate during the holiday season. Personal relationships can become strained, especially where obligations are the primary motivating factor. However, with Venus in fun-loving Sagittarius trine Mars, those who are more free-spirited will have a good time.

4. Mars turns retrograde in Leo on December 20th and will remain so until March 10. Leo problems associated with pride, arrogance and overbearing egotism are sure to arise. This Mars station squares the U.S. Vesta, indicating over-confidence in
business matters, with unrealistically rosy economic forecasts. In military affairs, watch for major realignments with allies.

5. The Sun conjoins Pluto on December 24th, marking a power day for important political or corporate leadership. Major transitions and shifts may be expected, especially related to government bailouts, corporate profits, and pyramid schemes. Pluto simultaneously opposes the U.S. Venus for the third and final time, marking key developments involving huge sums of money.

Tiger Woods' "Traffic Accident"
breakthroughs, which gives credence to the tabloids' story that Elin was chasing him with a golf club over an alleged secret affair. Woods' progressed Moon is now at 16º Pisces and over the next month will oppose his Juno and square his Mars. We are likely seeing cracks in a very troubled marriage., Inc
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