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NewsScope for December 14, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Jupiter in Aquarius Shapes Global Warming Agreement

As 100,000 peaceful protestors in Copenhagen urged conference delegates to forge a binding deal that controls global warming, about 700 anarchists erupted in violence, forcing police to arrest some 400 of them. The UN-sponsored summit is entering its final phase of negotiations in preparation for the arrival of 110 other world leaders at week's end.

Astrologically, the coincidence of the world's leaders arriving in Copenhagen at the same time that Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct in Aquarius bodes well for the overall process. Jupiter in Aquarius has been particularly helpful in organizing agreements and working for the common good. The Kyoto Protocol, signed on December 11, 1997, took place the last time Jupiter was in Aquarius.

Perhaps the first organized warning about global warming came one Jupiter cycle earlier, when a group of scientists meeting in Austria called on the nations of the world to develop economic and social plans to deal with rising temperatures caused by CO2 emissions. Their collective warning was issued on November 3, 1985 when Jupiter was in Aquarius and squaring Pluto.

The Kyoto Treaty was seriously undermined when President Bush withdrew from it on March 28, 2001. Neptune was in Aquarius then and exactly squaring the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant, perhaps indicating Bush's higher allegiance to the oil industry. With Obama's natal Jupiter in Aquarius and his Aquarius Ascendant, he may hold the pivotal position for a collective agreement. The three planet alliance in Aquarius between Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune resonates strongly with the United Nations' horoscope, which was the last time Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune were conjunct.
Lord Monckton and the Global Warming Scam

In response to last week's Copenhagen article, a NewsScope reader informs me that the meeting in Denmark "has little or nothing to do with saving the environment and everything to do with the power elite consolidating their control over the entire planet." The reader touts Lord Christopher Monckton as the voice of reason, who is in Copenhagen to debunk global warming.

Lord Monckton is a great example of how the Aquarian energy is not necessarily liberal or innovative, but is certainly cause-oriented. He was born with a Sun-Mercury conjunction in Aquarius (February 2, 1952; Tonbridge, UK; time unknown), a combination that opposes paranoid Pluto. Like Dick Cheney, who also has an Aquarius Sun opposite Pluto, he sees in others his own projected shadow, and has become obsessed with enemy action and conspiracy theories.

Lord Monckton has been making the talk show rounds recently, undoubtedly energized by transiting Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune near his Sun. He made his brashest statements on November 28 when transiting Jupiter was opposite his Pluto: he called for the United
Avatar, James Cameron's Environmental Parable

In the sci-fi epic Avatar, James Cameron's first feature film since the spectacular Titanic, genetically engineered hybrids battle the Na'vis, the blue-skinned inhabitants of Pandora. The basic filmscript was written 15 years ago, but Cameron set it aside until film technology caught up with his vision. The lavish production is the most expensive movie of all time, and Cameron's masterpiece in an already remarkable career.

James Cameron was born with his Leo Sun conjunct Pluto (August 16, 1954; Kapuskasing, Canada; time unknown), an intense combination interested in power, transformation, and creation and destruction on a massive scale. His Sun-Pluto is energized by a trine from the warrior planet Mars, which shifts his story-telling focus onto super-heroes and super-villains, (remember Rambo and the Terminator?).
Nations to be shut down, and for "fraudsters and racketeers like Al Gore" to be arrested and criminally prosecuted.

Transiting Mars will soon turn retrograde in Leo, remaining in a relatively long-term alignment with Monckton's Mercury-Pluto opposition. This highly confrontational energy indicates he will be on the frontlines of the anti-One World government movement as well as the so-called Climategate scandal. Also, transiting Jupiter and Neptune are right on his Sun this week, giving him plenty of airtime to voice his opinions.
Cameron's Sun also forms an octile (45º) to Venus, which gives him an artistic and romantic side. His films – and Avatar is no exception – have strong female leads who are also interested in affection and loving. With his Moon in Pisces, he seems emotionally divided to many observers: half controlling scientist/director and half artist/feminist. Cameron designed the 3D filming techniques and cameras used in Avatar, as well as every set, plant, and character.

Avatar opens as transiting Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune oppose Cameron's Sun-Pluto, putting the spotlight on this creative, complex personality. Chiron, as a half horse, half human, is a hybrid, just like the avatars in the film, and the film itself, since it's half state-of-the-art
computer animation and half real-life dramatization. The Jupiter-Neptune combination in Aquarius represents futuristic visions, with the forest conditions on Pandora and its clash of civilizations becoming a modern day environmental parable.