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NewsScope for December 7, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

Unemployment Rate Dips

Most financial analysts were stunned when the Labor Department came out last Friday with an unusually good report: only 11,000 jobs were lost in November and the unemployment rate actually fell slightly to 10 percent. Commentators variously called it a game changer, a turning point, and a fluke, while the White House hailed it as proof that the stimulus package is working.

The good news naturally has astrological correspondences, but only if one uses an accurate chart for the U.S. horoscope. Transiting Jupiter was exactly trine the U.S. Mars as this report was announced. In the Scorpio Rising chart, Mars rules the sixth house of employment. With Chiron located in the U.S. sixth house, the transiting Jupiter-Chiron conjunction resonates with and underscores this beneficial development.

As previously noted*, Jupiter's advance through the U.S. fourth house is bringing a surge of confidence in domestic conditions that should last through Jupiter's conjunction with the U.S. Moon just after Christmas. Then Jupiter will enter Pisces and trine the U.S. Venus, Jupiter and Sun, continuing its strong influence in
financial matters, at least for Wall Street. However, the outer planet stresses and especially Pluto's opposition to the U.S. Venus and Jupiter continue to weigh on the economic forecast.

While the unemployment report indicates a leveling off of job losses, a lofty 17 percent of the labor force remains un- or under-employed. A key progression in the U.S. sixth house is shaping the long-term picture: progressed Venus is one degree from conjoining Chiron, which indicates that the job picture has about a year to go before it starts edging out of this deep rut.
The Copenhagen Protocol

As one of the greenest, cleanest cities in the world, Copenhagen is the ideal host for the Climate Change Conference. Denmark is demonstrating the potential for healthy change by deploying a windmill to provide the conference's free electricity, as well as a network of climate-friendly electric cars for transportation. Against this backdrop, world leaders gather to plan for our collective future.

Denmark's modern incarnation arrived on June 5, 1849 (12:09 pm*; Copenhagen) during the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto
* See NewsScope October 19, 2009 and July 6, 2009.
* According to Nicholas Campion in The Book of World Horoscopes, the new constitution was signed shortly after noon. Campion uses 12:15 pm to suggest this ballpark figure. The 12:09 pm time used here is rectified based on this information. However, NewsScope correspondent Uffe Meulengracht argues for a time of an hour earlier. Read his letter.
Elin Nordegren's Prenup

As Tiger Woods' fourth alleged mistress was making the tabloid headlines, rumors swirled around how much Tiger's wife was being offered to stick with the marriage. According to their prenuptial agreement, Elin Nordegren would be entitled to $20 million if they stayed married for ten years. That arrangement is now being re-worked so that she'll get $80 million if she stays another two years.

Elin Nordegren was born with her practical Capricorn Sun (January 1, 1980; Stockholm; time unknown) trine Jupiter in Virgo and Chiron in Taurus. This Earth Grand Trine promises much luck and success on the material plane, while the Jupiter-Chiron factors add a sense of fair play and loyalty. Chiron and Jupiter favorably connected to the Sun offer tremendous protection when finances come up.
Venus is always central to a model's celestial profile, and in Elin's case, her Venus is found in friendly Aquarius, a placement often known for making a better companion than lover. Her Venus can lead to a cool or indifferent temperament since it's tempered by hard aspects to Saturn and Chiron, both of which can lead to painful relationship experiences and the ingrained sense that love hurts.

Elin and Tiger were married on October 5, 2004 as transiting Neptune was conjunct Elin's Venus. The huge gala event was filled with celebrities and lavish entertainment, typical of the glamor bestowed by Neptune. Over the next year, Elin's progressed Sun will be conjunct her Venus, a combination often cited by astrologers as "finding true love".
conjunction in Aries. Rather than subject itself to a violent uprising, the monarchy empowered its people with a constitution. This recognition and balance is reflected in this chart's Full Moon in happy-go-lucky Sagittarius. The Moon participates in a Fire Grand Trine, which has helped establish the Danish people as the happiest in the world.

The accuracy of this horoscope can be seen in the Nazi invasion, which took place on April 9, 1940. At the time, progressed Mars was conjunct the Sun. Germany occupied Denmark until the war ended in May 1945 when progressed Mars was conjunct the Midheaven.

Denmark was the first nation to establish a Ministry of the Environment, which was on October
11, 1971. This historic landmark arrived as transiting Uranus and the progressed Sun were opposite Mars (in pioneering Aries) and trine the Sun, imprinting Denmark with a new global mission.

Currently, the triple planet conjunction in Aquarius is squaring Denmark's Chiron, perhaps highlighting the need to fix or heal our collective industrial systems. By secondary progression, the Sun is in the third house of communication while sextile Denmark's Virgo Ascendant, putting the global media's spotlight on the Danish people in a most favorable way.
However, in Elin's case Venus's association with money is more appropriate, and she will more likely find true wealth.

Hello Michael,

In this mail I will argue that 11:09 have won some traction in Denmark. But I will also try to give what you asked for.

Most easily you can find 11:09 in use if you uploade Karl Aage Jensen on youtube ("femårsprognose") giving his 5 year prognosis on Denmark 2008-13. The speech is in danish but his "Constitution - time" is delivered in print on the screen.

Adrian Ross Duncan is a british astrologer who has lived here in Denmark for many years. He regurely writes some rather good mundane astrology articles about international and global events. On some occasions he writes about Denmark as well. In this piece, unfortunately also in danish, he makes some points around the 2006 Muhammed Cartoon crises and our foreign relations. The 1864 war with Germany was a major loss. One third of the country, Slesvig-Holstein, was lost for many years after. Adrian Duncan says that happened when a progressiv new moon on 29 Gemini was in sextil to Pluto and the progressiv Mars was exactly conjunct Uranus. 9 april 1940 progressiv Mars was exactly conjunct the Sun. Progressiv Moon had just entered Aries and stood on the 8 house cusp. The 2006 Cartoon crisis Duncan relates to transit Uranus in square to the Moon and conjunct the Descendant.

You can find his article here;

You will see Duncan referes to Karl Aage Jensen for his 11:09 time in the notes. If you want contact Adrian Duncan. Here is his mailadress;

Though originally it seems to be danish astrologer Paul Mahler Dam who suggested 11:15. Paul Mahler Dam is a very well known astrologer in Denmark. His books of astrology can be found in just about every libary in the country. My reference to him came from a dialoge on the danish astrology discussiongroup "astrologyforum". It happened also in early 2006 during the Cartoon crisis. You can find the whole discussion here;

but the important part is this;

(I will try to translate afterwards)

(It is written monday, february 6 2006)

"Du kan have fuldstændig ret, Karsten ... godt ræssoneret ... for Paul Mahler Dam skrev i Stjernerne et par læserbreve om Danmarkshoroskopet. I nummer 1/2001 skriver han [citat]:

   "Tiden finder vi i det Kgl. Biblioteks arkiver, nærmere betegnet Statsrådets Forhandlinger 1848-63 II. Der kan man fra "Mødet i Statsrådet, Tirsdag d. 5. Juni 1849, kl. 11.00 (lokal tid)" læse følgende:

   1849. Tirsdagen den 5te Juni, Formiddag Kl. 11 var Statsrådet samlet under Hans Majestæts Allerhøieste Præsidium. Protocollen førtes på sædvanlig måde.

   Hans Majestæt gav Grundloven sin Allerhøieste Underskrift, hvilken contrasigneredes af samtlige Ministre. Hvorefter Hans Majestæt med samtlige ministre begav sig til Rigsforsamlingen for at opløse den."

   Mødet fandt således sted kl. 11.00 - og til beregning af horoskopet, skal vi anvende den lokale zonetid 00.50 Ø, eftersom CET (den Central Europæiske tid, dvs. zonetid 01.00 Ø) først blev indført den 1. januar 1894.

   Det, der nok har skabt lidt forvirring gennem årene, er, at der den 5. juni 1849 ikke kun var tale om ét men derimod to møder: Et Statrådsmøde og et Slutningsmøde. Statrådsmødet (beskrevet ovenfor) fandt sted kl. 11.00 lokaltid, og her finder den egentlige underskrift af Grundloven sted. Først herefter begiver man sig til Slutningsmødet i Rigsforsamlingen, hvor kongen opløser forsamlingen." [citat slut]

Så ENTEN har Nic haft ukendskab til indførelsen af zonetid i Danmark (som du antager), ELLER Nic har haft ukendskab til dansk statsprocedure, så han har forvekslet tiden for slutningsmødet, hvor Rigsforsamlingen opløses, med tiden for Statsrådets vedtagelse af Grundloven.

Uanset hvori fejlen ligger, så er 12:15-horoskopet forkert.

Adskillige astrologers korrektion efter begivenheder har ført til tiden 11:15 [undertiden ses 11:16 og 11:18] som den vedtagne fødselstid for Danmark som demokratisk nation. Sagen skulle dermed være afgjort. Morale: Man skal ikke tro på alt, der siges og skrives.


My translation;

"You migth be absolutely right Karsten....well thougt... because Paul Mahler Dam wrote in Stjernerne(danish magazine of astrology. My note) a couple of letters to the editor on the Denmark Chart. In nr 1/2001 he writes (citation):

" The time we find in the Royal Liberays archives, more specific Minutes of the State Council 1848-63 II. From there you have the following: headline "Meeting in the State Council, tuesday, june 5 1848, 11:00 am (local time) Underneath that read:

"1848. Tuesday june 5. In the morning 11:00 am, the State Council was convened under His Majestys supreme leadership. The protocol was made in the usual way.

His Majesty gave his supreme signature to the Constitution which was contrasigned by all the ministers. Hereafter His Majesty with all of the ministers went to the national (constitutional - my note) assembly to dissolve it."

So the meeting was at 11:00 am - and to calculate the Chart we need to use the local zonetime 00.50 East because CET (central european time, that means zonetime 01.00 East) only came about from the 1 of january 1894.

That, which may well have made some confusion over the years, is, there was not only one but actually two meetings: one statecouncil meeting and a final meeting. The meeting of the Statecouncil (as described above) happened at 11:00 am. It was here the actual signing of the Constitution occurred. Only hereafter people went to the final meeting of the national assembly in which the king dissolved the same (national assembly)."(citation ends)

So either Nic (Champion) didn´t know of the implementation of zonetime in Denmark (as you suspect) or Nic didn´t know of formal procedures of the danish state. He migth have confused the time of the final meeting of the dissolved national assembly with the time of the Statecouncil meeting that adopted the Constitution.

No matter what the problem is, the 12:15 chart is wrong.

Several astrologers rectification made according to events points to 11:15 (sometimes you will see 11:16 and 11:18) as the common acknowledged birth time for Denmark as a democratic nation. The case skould here by be closed. Moral: (or morality not sure)you should not believe in everything that is said and written.

/Claus (translation ends)

Claus, that is Claus Houlberg, who also is a well known astrologer and astrology writer in Denmark.

(and maybe you can´t believe in everything he writes and says either)

If you want to contact Paul Mahler Dam I can´t tell you of any e-mail. But I know he is on Facebook if that is of any help. You could goe though his son Sigvard Mahler Dam, and yes, also a wellknown danish astrologer, who have his own website.

Best wishes Uffe Meulengracht
re: Denmark's birth time, email from Uffe Meulengracht