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Hay House, Inc., Inc
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NewsScope for December 28, 2009
by Michael Wolfstar

January's Top Five Astro-Events

1. The Sun and Venus are traveling together all month, bringing great opportunities for enjoyable social activities and romantic outings. This dynamic duo favors the arts and advances those who excel in charm, style and cultivation. Watch for big movements on the diplomatic front, with the potential for a breakthrough in an important global hotspot.

2. Jupiter enters Pisces on the 18th, bringing renewed interest in religion, faith, and compassion for the less advantaged. Over the next year, spiritual seekers are rewarded with understanding and can share their insights, either as teachers or advisors. Jupiter here favors off-shore drilling for oil, sea treaties, and the pharmaceutical industry.

3. The New Moon in Capricorn on January 15th is conjunct Venus, marking an excellent time for new beginnings in work, career, and business, especially since Mercury is turning direct. With the New Moon near the U.S. Pluto a significant power shift in corporate structure may be underway, probably in the medical-insurance- pharmaceutical complex.

4. Neptune conjoins the U.S. Moon on the 27th for the third and final time in this series, which began a year ago. Neptune creates an atmosphere of uncertainty, and/or a vision for the future, perhaps in Obama's State of the Union address. With Mars on the U.S. Midheaven, disillusionment with sports heroes continues, plus doubt about war efforts in Afghanistan.

5. Saturn and Pluto's second of three squares becomes exact on the 31st and is in effect all month. This stressful combination challenges health, relationships, and career with an emphasis on endings and new beginnings. Politically, this aspect favors conservatism, as well as the overturning of conventional approaches. Deep structural changes can be expected.
Neptune to the U.S. Moon

By itself, transiting Neptune conjunct the U.S. Moon – representing American security needs – can be interpreted as bringing great disappointment, financial loss, lack of direction, and disconnection from the manifest or material world. Neptune does have a beneficial side, and with transiting Jupiter and Neptune conjunct each other while aligned with the U.S. Moon, it's a good time to count the blessings.

Neptune conjunct the U.S. Moon brought a sensitivity and caring for the 35 million without health insurance. As forecast in last July's NewsScope, Jupiter conjunct the U.S. Moon (with Neptune) brought the window of opportunity to accomplish something historic with a health care reform bill. Over the next three weeks under Mercury's retrograde phase, the Senate and House will be rewriting some provisions to forge a compromise package.
Diane Sawyer Anchored by Pluto

Whether she's asking Marla Maples if sex with Donald Trump was the best she ever had, or pressing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with an intelligence report that Iran is secretly making nuclear bomb triggers, Diane Sawyer has a knack for reporting intriguing news. Now that she's the new anchor at ABC World News, the former Nixon aide will be shaping public perceptions of global events.

Diane Sawyer was born with her Sun in ambitious, disciplined Capricorn (December 22, 1945; 8:05 am; Glasgow, KY), a position energized by a close aspect to Mars in dramatic Leo. The former beauty queen has Venus in adventurous Sagittarius, where it receives multiple connections from other planets – all of which help her maintain her good looks and ability to charm her guests.
Sawyer's Mercury is also in Sagittarius, a placement that gives her a wide range of interests, a cosmopolitan attitude, and an optimistic enthusiasm. Mercury's trine to Pluto reveals her investigative, persuasive, and probing mind set, while the opposition to Uranus loves stories that shock and entertain. The close trioctile (135º) to Saturn gives her a reality check, steadying what might otherwise lead to exaggerated or ungrounded statements.

On September 2, ABC announced that Sawyer would be replacing Charles Gibbs. At the time transiting Pluto was right on Sawyer's Sun, proving that patience and hard work will eventually pay off. Unlike the
Neptune's tendency to diffuse ego-centered drives have made competitive Americans realize that striving to be #1 is not always the best strategy in a world where everything is connected. Americans are part of the global economy, a global climate, and a global anti-terrorism watch. Under Neptune's influence, we have moved away from superficial consumerism to better understand what really matters, which has included building bridges to other cultures.

In the film Wall Street, Gordon Gekko pronounced that "Greed is good!", a sentiment that many Americans sympathized with until 2009, the year when transiting Neptune passed back and forth across the U.S. Moon. Neptune is a non-materialistic planet, and with many Americans out of work or underwater with their mortgages, many people discovered that the best things in life are free. Friendships, family and love have moved up the priority list, as have connections with spirit and nature.
tremendous fanfare given to the ascension of rival Katie Couric at CBS, Mars turned retrograde when Sawyer debuted. However, transiting Jupiter will be conjunct her progressed Sun in early February, when she should expect some great recognition and rewards.