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This cross-section of a tri-wheel features Iran's natal chart on the inner wheel, with progressions and transits to March 1, 2010 on the middle and outer wheels.
NewsScope for January 4, 2010
by Michael Wolfstar

New Year's Resolutions

According to a recent poll, nearly half (48%) of American adults will likely make a New Year's resolution this year. The top three vows are probably familiar to most: lose weight (19%), quit smoking (12%), and exercise more (10%). Astrology is a useful tool in this regard, but if you made a vow on January 1 or thereabouts, the odds aren't in your favor.

The first planetary culprit is Mercury, which turned retrograde just after Christmas and won't turn direct until January 15. Those who know a few astrological basics understand that the Mercury retrograde phase is not a good time to sign any important documents. The same is true for making
an important vow. Things happen, and one loses sight of the initial promise.

Mars in Leo tends toward the extravagant, and taming unhealthy desires is not easy during its current retrograde phase. Discipline is associated with Saturn, and since Saturn turns retrograde on January 12, those who have promised to cut back on their vices will lose celestial support after the 12th. And if one's working on a diet, the ongoing Sun-Venus conjunction throughout January turns sweets and other tasty food into overwhelming temptations.

These same indicators have constructive outlets. The Sun-Venus combo, for example, can be used for creating more harmonious relationship patterns. The Mars retrograde phase can be used to better understand internalized anger or resentment, and to not blame others. Mercury retrograde is a good time to moderate habits rather than quit cold turkey. When Mercury turns direct, you'll have a better idea of what you can manage.
Iran's Gambit

Last week, Iran's leadership issued an ultimatum of its own, after an earlier tentative agreement expired and Obama promised to begin harsh economic sanctions. The escalating tension over Iran's nuclear program was viewed by Washington insiders as a ploy by Iran's leaders to unify the nation and divert attention from the mass protests that erupted over the last two weeks.

Iran's defiance is in line with the October 5, 2009 NewsScope forecast based on two key Mars developments, which would "lead to a break from international pressure and opinion" and would "bring out all its imperial arrogance". Transiting Mars turned retrograde right on Iran's Ascendant on December 19, which is exactly when the student uprising began, along with scores of deaths and hundreds of arrests.

Iran's horoscope (April 1, 1979; 3:00 am; Tehran) indicates a dramatic escalation of confrontation and repression, and continuation of its nuclear ambitions. Transiting Uranus is heading into a conjunction with Iran's Mars, a sure sign of violence and military turmoil. This transit energizes the Revolutionary Guard, which seems to be holding the power in Iran nowadays. It becomes exact on March 1, a date to watch in Iran's political evolution.
* source: columnist Miranda Divine in the Sydney Morning Herald
Many thanks to NewsScope's Scandinavian correspondent
Uffe Meulengracht for locating this information.
Jasper Schuringa,
the Flying Dutchman

When passengers on board Flight 253 bound for Detroit heard a loud and ominous pop, only Jasper Schuringa, a Dutch video producer, reacted with appropriate speed and courage. Leaping past 20 fellow passengers who were closer to the would-be terrorist, he jumped on the smoldering bomb and patted out the flames with his bare hands, thereby saving 289 lives.

Jasper Schuringa was born with his Sun in heroic Leo (August 5, 1977*; Curacao; time unknown), where it's enhanced by sextiles to Mars and Pluto. These connections are often found in athletes' charts since they provide the physical strength and boldness to take action. His Sun's conjunction with Saturn gives a sense of responsibility. Transiting Mars was exactly conjunct his Saturn when he acted.

If he was born before 12:19 pm, then his Moon is in Aries, which seems likely. The Aries Moon tends to act instinctively and spontaneously without
hesitation, always ready for action. Another factor is his Pallas in Virgo, which gives a keen analytical mind. Transiting Uranus was exactly opposing his Pallas at the moment of ultimate danger, heightening his awareness of his surroundings and allowing him to accurately assess the situation.

Jasper's Mars, the planet of action, has progressed to 3º Cancer where it's being opposed by transiting Pluto. Many people with such an alignment could tell tales of enemy action, whether it's in the office, at home with their spouse, or elsewhere on the battlefield of life. Jasper met that threat unexpectedly on Christmas day when he demonstrated that one person can truly make a difference in the world.
A hopeful sign of improvement is also developing: Iran's progressed Venus is nearly conjunct its Sun. This combination usually indicates a leadership interested in peace and economic prosperity – something that President Ahmadinejad has not evoked. Perhaps this means the rise of a new leader (Mousavi?) who captures domestic and international approval. This progressed Venus-Sun connection becomes exact on March 11, around the same time as the troublesome Uranus transit. These competing astrological signatures indicate a sharply divided society and growing civil unrest.