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"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!"
~ Alice O. Howell
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Reader feedback

re: Iraq -  I was hoping that you would post the chart for the US out of Iraq. From what I could tell it was December 15, 2011 13:00 Bagdad local time. Neptune is at 28 Aquarius 30. Compare to the other big disaster on the US Moon with the BP Oil Spill where Neptune was at 28 Aquarius 50 according to the chart in your archives. I think this 
makes a very convincing case for the true position of the US natal 28 Aquarius and some minutes between 30 and 50 and could be 
used to backtime the true Ascendant of the US chart. I always enjoy reading your columns and wish you the best for the next matter what it brings.

A. Currently, as the troops withdraw, transiting Saturn is exactly square the US Pluto, the ruler of the Scorpio Rising chart. Neptune at 28 AQ is perfectly trioctile (sesquisquare) the U.S. Sun. This action - withdrawing from Iraq - was instigated by Obama, ie, American leadership, which is symbolized by the U.S. Sun, not Moon. The invasion began on Mar 19, 2003 when the progressed US Sun was at 28 AQ, so Neptune passing over this point is a significant ending to this Iraq cycle.

When Bush invaded in 2003, transiting Jupiter was in imperial Leo and exactly square the US Scorpio Ascendant from the 9th house of foreign affairs. Transiting Saturn was cnj the US Mars, the co-ruler of the Scorpio Ascendant.

The Moon symbolizes the people, consumers, voters, not leadership. Candidates with close connections to the US Moon at 25 AQ do the best. This is all chronicled and detailed in many articles at my website. What led to Newt's surge, if not his several close connections to the US Moon? He has zero planets or angles at 28 AQ, but his Gemini Sun, Chiron in Leo, and Fortuna in Libra are all in 25 degrees of their respective signs. How do you figure he's a leading GOP candidate if the U.S. Moon is at 28 AQ?

re: Russia - I was heartened to read your commentary on "Russia's Arab Spring," since just this past weekend I was reviewing Vladimir Putin's horoscope for signs of decay; only to hear the latest in the news today (Mon.) that the nickel magnate Michail Prokhorov was throwing his hat in the ring to oppose Putin! Could you, would you, take a look at what the outcome here may be? Just from Putin's horoscope, with his Saturn return and Saturn on the ascendant, by the March 4th, upcoming presidential elections, in my humble opinion, because he's not apt to make the necessary adjustments that Saturn requires, methinks Putin is...GOING DOWN. But that may also be because of wishful thinking. Here in Latvia and I'm sure across Europe, in all of EU -- thanks for those write-ups, little gems, too -- we're being cautiously optimistic.

re: Elizabeth Warren - She seems to be a wonderful candidate.  I wish we had at least one Senator like Elizabeth Warren in all 50 states...But she shares a birthdate with the enormously successful Meryl Streep.  Although they operate in different fields, both are their generation's top female role models.

re: Albert Pujols - Thank you. You are still in the zone.
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The Top Five Astrology Books about the
Progressed Moon

1. Giselle Terry:

2. Maritha Pottenger

3. Steven Forrest

4. Darby Costello

5. Stephen Arroyo
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NewsScope for December 26, 2011
By Michael Wolfstar

Kim Jong-Un Takes Charge

Regular readers of NewsScope were not surprised when North Korea’s regime began consolidating around heir apparent Kim Jong-un this week. From the November 29, 2010 column: “A good bet is that he will assume power in 2012, perhaps on his birthday when transiting Saturn is conjunct his elevated Mars.” Based on this accurate forecast, we have confirmation of his birth date and time.
Kim Jong-un was born with his Sun in duty-conscious Capricorn (January 8, 1984; 7:00 am;* Pyong-yang, NK). A retrograde Mercury is also in Capricorn, and rests on the Capricorn Ascendant. This combination describes a reclusive personality, one that is shaped by imaginative, strategic thinking. Jupiter and Neptune conjoin his Mercury, creating a mythological, royal veil around the real person, making him a receptive symbol of the regime’s power.

Jong-un’s father, the “Dear Leader”, died unexpectedly within a week of when Uranus turned direct in Aries. This Uranus station squares Kim Jong-un’s Ascendant-Mercury configuration, suddenly thrusting him into his pre-determined role. The youth’ 10th house of earthly power is dominated by a Mars-Pluto conjunction, suggesting the important alliance (Mars is in Libra) with the regime’s military.
The process of securing control over North Korea’s political, social and military dynamics will take several years to unfold, but transiting Saturn hovering over his Mars now is a solid start. However, in two years transiting Uranus and Pluto will begin aligning with his Capricorn Sun, which predictably, will usher in his most severe challenges. In contrast, the CIA admitted last week that “North Korea is an extraordinarily hard intelligence target”. Perhaps they should consult an astrologer.
Top Five Astro-Events for January

1. The Full Moon takes place on the 9th, emphasizing family dynamics in its most patriarchal form. The Capricorn Sun is empowered by a trine to Mars in Virgo, so for those who have work, steady progress and a brighter future seem within grasp. Watch for improving economic indicators, especially in the housing and construction market.

2. Transiting Uranus hits the U.S. Midheaven (trioctile) on the 13th, but is a dynamic influence all month. Expect numerous surprises, reversals and unexpected developments in American politics, especially in the GOP primaries. With Uranus in the U.S. 5th house of the nation’s youth, the various Occupy movements may also become stimulated and agitated by restive students.

3. The U.S. progressed Mercury trines natal Mars on the 12th, a harmonious influence that has been in effect for the past several months. Since progressed Mercury is retrograde, this combination facilitated the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and is leading to a broad re-thinking of military objectives. This becomes a good window of opportunity to scale back in Europe and other global theaters to reduce military spending.

4. Mars turns retrograde on the 23rd, kicking off an 80-day phase when initiatives seem to go nowhere. In Virgo, Mars here is best at re-working, re-analyzing, and discovering new methods of accomplishing tasks. Watch for short term market reversals sine Mars here octiles the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant. Later in this cycle, favorable aspects from Jupiter and Pluto allow more interesting, fulfilling ways to work.

5. Ceres conjoins Uranus on the 24th but in effect from the 19th through 25th. This combination can indicate the need for sudden first aid or relief projects due to natural disaster, industrial accident, or other calamity. Women become empowered to make changes. Expect leaders of the environmental movement to be in the news, and fascinating celebrity news about mothers, daughters, and pregnancies.
Jackie Evancho, #1 Classical Artist of 2011

One of the busiest entertainers in 2011 was a relative newcomer to the scene, since she’s only 11 years old. Jackie Evancho has had a stellar, non-stop career since her stunning 2010 performance in America’s Got Talent. Most recently, she released her new Christmas album, appeared with producer David Foster on a PBS special, and became the youngest person ever to give a solo concert at Lincoln Center.
Jackie was born with a well-placed Aries Sun (April 9, 2000; Pittsburgh, PA; time unknown) with a sextile to Uranus and trine to Chiron and Pluto. These favorable links give her plenty of confidence, boldness, and enthusiasm. The only challenging aspect to her Sun is the square from Vesta in Capricorn, which infuses her identity with a sense of purpose and a commitment to developing her innate talent.

A triple conjunction in sonorous Taurus (Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) adds tremendous determination and physical vitality, and astrologically signals that she might have an amazing voice. But considering the traditional planets and asteroids, there’s not much that sets her apart from her peers. However, her Aries Sun happens to be exactly conjunct Eris, the recently discovered planet that is larger than Pluto.
Pluto was demoted to the status of dwarf planet after Eris was discovered, which goes along with Eris’s role as a troublemaker, as described in her myth. Consequently, with Jackie’s Sun conjunct Eris, we might think of her as a troublemaker, but in a most spectacular sense. Does Jackie make us believe in reincarnation? How could such a young person have such a phenomenally mature and resonant voice? It’s troubling when considering the normal range of human talent.
* The young leader’s birth year is uncertain, as is his birth time. The astrological rationale for using the stated birth data was explained here: nsc112910

For more on Eris and other new planets, see dwarfplanets