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"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!"
~ Alice O. Howell
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Reader feedback

Berlusconi - good piece on Berlusconi ---- "He personifies all things Neptunian, which is to say, glamor, charm, scandal, dicey policies, and false promises." Of course, he started his career as a crooner on cruise ships - how Neptunian is that!

Boo - I don't like this two-segment issue. I like three. :(   I understand that these two bits get to be extra meaty, but I feel like I'm missing out on something. boo

Rick Perry - As you said last week, Obama may face Perry or Romney. What does the "birthtime" announcement of Perry's candidacy add to that idea? And, how does John Huntsman now fit into the scheme of things, since an item you sent out a few weeks ago seemed to say that he has the strongest birth chart compared to the U.S. chart? Could any 2 out of 3 of these form a Prez/VEEP ticket combo?

Vietnam - You're the top: your analysis are superb, especially the politics and economic issues. I love history and as for Vietnam war and such tragic period in American history, I wish you would make some analysis on it. I watched "Path to war" from HBO and it is so impressive, so well played and directed and awakening so much about that. Could you please make an astro analysis about that? Thank you and best compliments to your marvellous site and work!

The U.S. Moon - I love to read your column because you do such superb work and the 8º Scorpio chart works beautifully for your predictions. But I've been watching the 28º Aqu point as the US Moon for several years now and I'm convinced this is the degree. A few pieces of data just off the top of my head: Space Shuttle Crash when Uranus transit 28º Aqu. Last big national blackout when Jupiter in Leo opposed at 27º and some degrees Leo. Oil rig disaster when Neptune transit 28º Aqu last time.

A. Yes, 28º AQ does seem like a critical point. Did you know that 28ºAQ12' is exactly trioctile (sesquiquadrate) the U.S. Sun at 13ºCN12'?
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NewsScope for August 29, 2011
By Michael Wolfstar

Rick Perry Soars in the Polls

Several readers pointed out that Jon Huntsman wasn’t included in last week’s GOP field update. Unfortunately for Huntsman, his strategy of civility and moderate politics doesn’t fit the Republicans’ shift to the far right and the anger felt toward big government. In sharp contrast, Rick Perry’s candidacy is uniting the diverse strands of the energized right, including Christian evangelicals, Tea Party enthusiasts, and fiscal conservatives.

Perry’s horoscope (March 4, 1950; 10:40 am; Haskell, TX) features Venus, the ruler of his Taurus Ascendant, near the Aquarius Midheaven. Venus is well aspected here with the trine to Mars, which gives him charisma and sex appeal – always a plus for a career politician. However, the charming public personality conceals a great deal of anger, since that Mars conjoins the South Node and squares Uranus.
By secondary progression, Perry’s Mercury is retrograde near his Ascendant. Its zodiacal location of 27º Taurus is only one degree from Algol, known as the Demon Star. Algol is associated with extreme rage, and this is the primary vibration that Perry is channeling. His message is designed to tap into the “alternative-reality right”* - those who don’t believe humanity is causing climate change or that Obama was born in the U.S.

The dynamic radicalism of Perry’s campaign can be seen in the activation of his natal Uranus, the ruler of his Midheaven. Over the next few months, transiting Uranus squares his Uranus, while his progressed Venus will enter Aries and also square his natal Uranus. Next month brings a critical passage for the Texas governor, as transiting Saturn conjoins his Neptune. Undoubtedly, his unscientific beliefs (Neptune) will be severely questioned and criticized (Saturn) during the three Republican debates.
* This "alternative-reality right" phrase was used by New York Times columnist David Brooks. See
September’s Top Five Astro-Events

1. Saturn sextiles the U.S. Midheaven on the 9th, likely bringing diplomatic breakthroughs and opportunities in international affairs. The U.S. becomes recognized for the constructive role it’s played in Libya, Syria, and other hotspots awakened by the Arab Spring. Watch for important transitions in the State Department, and newsworthy celebrity marriages.
Warren Buffet, Master of Fear and Greed
Buffet’s chart includes a challenging Mars-Saturn opposition, a combination that typically has trouble with timing. Knowing when to act (Mars) and when to hold back (Saturn) become especially difficult since Mars is in emotional Cancer. In Buffet’s case, he sees when fear and greed have taken prices too far in one direction through the mediation of his Sun-Neptune, which is linked to Mars and Saturn by harmonious aspects.

Jupiter, the ruler of Buffet’s chart, is at 13º Cancer, where it’s exactly conjunct the U.S. Sun. This makes him a firm believer in the nation’s future, and allows him to benefit from the nation’s businesses. Last Thursday, when the BAC deal was announced, transiting Mars and Saturn were squaring each other while aligned with Buffet’s Jupiter, allowing him to turn everyone else’s fear into his own profit. Mars and Saturn are tough planets, but through vision and experience, they can be used to excel.
2. The Full Moon on the 12th squares the Lunar Node axis, leading to significant relationship changes for many, especially those with planets in mutable signs. Venus opposite Ceres aligns with the Full Moon, perhaps signaling some stress within family dynamics. During the Full Moon work-related issues regarding proper behavior and duties may culminate. What person, ideal, or deity do you serve?
3. Uranus squares the U.S. Venus on the 16th, leading to some rapid developments in economic planning. Expect some surprising financial news as well as unexpected action by or against U.S. military enemies. In the Scorpio Rising chart, Venus rules the 12th house of hidden enemies, and the last time Uranus squared the U.S. Venus, Osama bin Laden was killed. Mars opposing the U.S. Pluto mid-month may indicate reprisals.

4. Juno and Saturn are conjunct in Libra on the 17th, and in effect most of the month. This combination tests commitments of all kinds, but especially marriage and business partnerships. The most challenging days are between the 13th and 18th, but any underlying issues will be self-evident throughout the month. Those who cement their commitment at this time will likely remain together for many more years.

5. The Libra Ingress on September 23rd (5:05 am EDT) features the Sun opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto. In Washington D.C., this T-square activates the financial houses, ensuring that intense jousting over the federal deficit will continue. On the plus side, Pallas, the political asteroid, turns direct while conjunct the U.S. Pluto, suggesting that deals can be made to preserve key institutions.
The Oracle of Omaha was taking a bath the other day when a terrific idea occurred to him. He then called up Brian Moynihan, the CEO of the Bank of America (BAC), to arrange a sweetheart deal. When everyone else was selling BAC, Buffet bought $5 billion in preferred BAC stock, and will earn $300 million per year based on a 6% interest rate.

Warren Buffet was born with his Virgo Sun conjunct Neptune (August 30, 1930; 3:00 pm; Omaha, NB) in the 8th house of investments. The Sun-Neptune blend is open to inspiration, and in an earth sign, knows how to translate that into practical affairs. His Sun also trines Saturn in Capricorn, so that his intuition is routinely guided into organizational skills and business matters.