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"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!"
~ Alice O. Howell
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Reader feedback

re: Kim Kardashian divorce - say it aint so! So for Christmas -- rebound toy.  Making 17 million on a wedding tends to make me cynical on the seriousness of it too. Although that is serious money.

re: KK divorce - I just saw that Kim Kardashian is getting divorced. What happened? She just got disenchanted? Pity. I'm a fan of hers, she's utterly lovely.

A. - From NewsScope, June 6, 2011:

< However, the many Uranian elements (the current transit, his Uranus square her Venus, her progressed Moon opposite natal Uranus) are not conducive to actually living together. Kim’s prominent Saturn indicates that she’s totally in charge, that Kris is a toy to play with and then set aside when she gets bored. >

re: Mignini - Golly, it's nice that a lawyer can maintain a professional level of objectivity. What an ass. But that is a Pluto-in-the-7th-house view of the world: seeing the other as one of two extremes, black or white, madonna or whore.

re: Hawaii Five-O - I just found out that both of the leads of the new Hawaii 5 0 share the same birthday!  It strikes me as so funny when I watch the show because they are as different as night and day. It would be fun to get your take on it.
Alex O'Loughlin (Steve McGarrett) was born Aug 24, 1976 in the morning in Canberra, Australia.  Scott Caan was born Aug 23, 1976 at night in LA.  They said in an interview they were born only a few hours apart.
I want to know why O'Loughlin is so unbelievably hot, and Caan is not quite.  They have the same planets for goodness sakes.....can a rising sign make so much difference?

re: GOP candidates - Your analysis of the candidates has been very interesting and on point
so far. I am curious about Herman Cain and his surge in the polls and wonder when Gov. Perry will finally bow out, if ever. Enjoy your column. Thanks

re: neutrino - I don't agree with some of the basic premises of so-called modern physics. Fifty years from now physicists will look back and wonder how these people could have been so stupid! Modern physics is the science of matter and living things seen as dead material. The real new physics will look upon matter and living things as living material with consciousness. At that point science will be able to accept the reality and beauty of astrology.
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NewsScope for November 7, 2011
By Michael Wolfstar

Jon Corzine Resigns

As advertised on its website, MF Global is one of 22 primary dealers authorized to trade U.S. government securities. But last week, the investment firm filed for bankruptcy following liquidity problems stemming from a bad $multi-billion speculative bet on European bonds. CEO Jon Corzine, the former New Jersey Governor, resigned in the midst of a growing scandal concerning a missing $700 million of client funds.
With a Sun-Mars conjunction in Capricorn and an Aries Moon, Jon Corzine (January 1, 1947; Taylorville, IL; time unknown) has what might be called a steamroller chart. This high-energy, ambitious combination creates a relentless alpha male personality with a never-ending drive to be number one. Since the Sun-Mars squares Neptune, some of his most headstrong or bold actions may prove misguided.

A financially savvy Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio led Corzine into banking. He quickly rose through the ranks to become Goldman Sachs CEO in 1994, but after being forced out in 1999, he turned to politics. When his stint as New Jersey’s governor ended in 2009, he went back into the investment business as CEO of MF Global.
Corzine’s Sun-Mars is also quincunx to Pluto, adding a relentless forcefulness to his pursuits, but also cyclical phases of death and re-birth, or periodic career transformations.

Corzine had leveraged his company’s assets 40-to-1 to bet big on Europe’s debt crisis, assuming none of the Euro-Zone’s troubled nations would default. As Greece’s problems grew larger, MF Global went down the tubes. The transiting Uranus-Pluto square will align with Corzine’s Sun-Mars-Neptune configuration over the next two years, highlighting his faulty, hasty judgment. More to the point, his trial will show how nothing has changed to alter risky hedge fund behavior since the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers.
Julian Assange versus the United States

Last week, Britain’s High Court rejected Julian Assange’s appeal against extradition to Sweden. Assange has long contended that the sexual assault charges are politically motivated and a pretext for sending him to the U.S. for prosecution in connection with his leadership of WikiLeaks. On November 28, 2010, WikiLeaks released 250,000 State Department cables. Sweden issued an arrest warrant the following week.
Julian Assange was born with his Cancer Sun square Uranus (July 3, 1971; 3:00 pm;* Townsville, Australia), a strong signature for someone who thinks outside of consensus reality. His updated birth time gives him Sagittarius Rising, making Jupiter in Scorpio his ruling planet. This placement is the sign of the true believer, one who is passionate about morality. It’s energized by a square from Mars in cause-oriented Aquarius.

Assange’s Moon in Scorpio is conjunct the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant, which gives him an emotionally intense relationship with the capitalist superpower. Since his Moon is in the 12th house of secrets, his business with the U.S. has centered on the secret diplomatic cables he sent to the New York Times and which they began publishing last November 28. At the time, Assange’s progressed Midheaven was conjunct his Pluto, while transiting Uranus simultaneously opposed his Pluto.
This historic confrontation with power resulted in his arrest, and since December 2010, the corporate banking giants have blocked donations to his website, effectively starving WikiLeaks of operating funds. Assange’s progressed Sun is now nearly conjunct his Midheaven, indicating that he’s arriving at the height of his public recognition. Factor in the transiting Uranus-Pluto square activating his Sun-Uranus square over the next two years, and we can be sure that his controversial case will draw worldwide attention.
* This 3:00 pm birth time supercedes The Mountain Astrologer’s unsourced 2:05 pm data. It comes from the book “Julian Assange: The Unauthorised Autobiography”. For details, see
Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce

While Kim Kardashian’s legion of fans were shocked that she filed for divorce last week, NewsScope readers were well prepared for a brief marriage**. Kim told People magazine, “He lives in Miami and Minnesota. I’m in L.A., so we had to find where the home base is going to be.” This dovetails closely with what was described back in June: the many Uranian elements are not conducive to actually living together.
Kim Kardashian was born with Neptune near her Sagittarius Ascendant and square Venus near her Midheaven (October 21, 1980; 10:46 am; Los Angeles, CA), which makes her a true romantic. She did confess on Australian TV that her marriage just didn’t live up to the fairy tale image she had. Those with challenging Venus-Neptune aspects frequently fall into the trap of disillusionment. No one, even an NBA star, can live up to the internal image she has of the perfect partner.
Kim’s charismatic Sun-Pluto conjunction, plus her prominent Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the 10th house of business, makes her a busy celebrity. She filed on the day that her progressed Moon entered her 6th house of work. From March 2010 until last week, her progressed Moon had been passing through the 5th house of romance. As her progressed Moon entered the 6th, it was also forming a challenging aspect (a trioctile, 135º) to her 10th house Juno, the marriage asteroid.

Combine that stressful tension between marriage and work with transiting Uranus in her 4th house: they just couldn’t figure out where to live together. Over the coming year, Kim’s progressed Venus will be conjunct her Sun, one of the most romantic astrological signatures. This favorable combination may bring her tremendous popularity and new relationship possibilities as well as much success in her fashion line.