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"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!"
~ Alice O. Howell
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Asteroids - I just would like to say thank you for your interesting websits about Juno and other asteroids. It is problem that my english is really very bad, so i have a problem to talk more profoundly on this subject. Past weeks i try to study Juno and Vesta too, but it's long time study I think. I wish you all the best.

Rick Perry - As you said last week, Obama may face Perry or Romney. What does the "birthtime" announcement of Perry's candidacy add to that idea? And, how does John Huntsman now fit into the scheme of things, since an item you sent out a few weeks ago seemed to say that he has the strongest birth chart compared to the U.S. chart? Could any 2 out of 3 of these form a Prez/VEEP ticket combo?

Vietnam - You're the top: your analysis are superb, especially the politics and economic issues. I love history and as for Vietnam war and such tragic period in American history, I wish you would make some analysis on it. I watched "Path to war" from HBO and it is so impressive, so well played and directed and awakening so much about that. Could you please make an astro analysis about that? Thank you and best compliments to your marvellous site and work!

The U.S. Moon - I love to read your column because you do such superb work and the 8º Scorpio chart works beautifully for your predictions. But I've been watching the 28º Aqu point as the US Moon for several years now and I'm convinced this is the degree. A few pieces of data just off the top of my head: Space Shuttle Crash when Uranus transit 28º Aqu. Last big national blackout when Jupiter in Leo opposed at 27º and some degrees Leo. Oil rig disaster when Neptune transit 28º Aqu last time.

A. Yes, 28º AQ does seem like a critical point. Did you know that 28ºAQ12' is exactly trioctile (sesquiquadrate) the U.S. Sun at 13ºCN12'?
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NewsScope for September 5, 2011
By Michael Wolfstar

The Double Dip Recession

Last Friday’s devastating jobs report sent the stock market spiraling downwards and amped up the politicians’ accusatory rhetoric. The broader message played across the blogosphere was that America is heading into a double dip recession. According to the most optimistic economists, normal employment rates won’t be kicking in until 2016 or 2017 at the earliest due to a combination of structural and cyclical problems.
A look into the U.S. horoscope gives some perspective on how drastic this situation is becoming. In the Scorpio Rising U.S. chart, Chiron is placed in the 6th house of jobs. Chiron is part of a Grand Cross (opposite Juno, square the Mercury-Pluto polarity), and so naturally the national job market is in a constant state of flux. As Friday’s zero-growth employment figures for August were released, transiting Mars was exactly squaring the U.S. Chiron.

On October 13, transiting Saturn in Libra will oppose the U.S. Chiron, an indicator that the government and institutional forces are becoming highly focused on the chronic unemployment issue. Since Juno, the marriage asteroid, is currently traveling with Saturn, the dismal job prospects are likely going to cloud many partnerships this month, as financial concerns weigh on promises of commitment and sharing of burdens.
In the long run, and the celestial reason why the fundamental issues won’t be resolved for several years, we have the Uranus-Pluto square hitting the U.S. chart hard. Currently, the U.S. Venus and Jupiter (symbolizing corporate capital and family wealth) are under cosmic assault. In 2014 and 2015, the Uranus-Pluto square aligns with the U.S. Sun, which suggests that the socio-economic-political system will become increasingly dysfunctional.
Juno-Saturn and the Institution of Marriage

Astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green often made startling declarations in his lectures, but because they also rang true at some very deep level, his work became quite popular. One of his main tenets is that the underlying cause for psychological, sexual and emotional abuse is rage. And rage comes about because natural ways are repressed by the patriarchal religions that emerged 8,000 years ago and that dominate our society today.
Green attributed the repression of natural urges to Saturn, which teaches us how to survive in the consensus reality, and how to repress natural laws in favor of widely-recognized social standards. As the Juno-Saturn conjunction in Libra shapes up over the next two weeks, we can expect that those who back the institution of marriage will be on full alert against any natural urges that might undermine the sanctified union.

Politicians have an especially difficult time balancing public expectations against their own natural instincts. Elizabeth Abbot* noted an interesting hypocrisy this week at HuffPo: As Bill Clinton was carrying on with Monica Lewinski, Reverend Jesse Jackson prayed over him at the same time that Jackson was cheating on his wife. Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich was Clinton’s self-appointed prosecutor at the same time that Gingrich himself was carrying on with a mistress.

All these two-faced duplicitous acts are the result of natural law competing with Saturn’s ideas of proper morality. According to Green, “whatever is natural, including sexuality, becomes the basis of distortion and rage when it is repressed.”
Chaz Bono on DWTS

For the 13th season of DWTS, the producers made the highly controversial selection of Chaz Bono, who underwent a female-to-male gender transition over the last two years. His partnering with Lacey Schwimmer has grabbed headlines, and outraged DWTS fans and conservative media groups. “It’s made me realize I’m really glad I’m doing this,” said Chaz, “because America really needs to see this.”
Consequently, to be a healthy individual and to help create a healthy society, one must become more aware of natural law. Under the influence of the current Juno-Saturn conjunction, growth-oriented individuals have the opportunity to be more natural in their relationships and move beyond the guilt trips fostered by patriarchal religions. This may mean addressing any underlying repressed rage.
Chaz Bono was born with a flashy Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the 10th house (March 4, 1969; 12:55 am; Hollywood, CA), a placement which aptly describes his celebrity parents, Cher and Sonny Bono. When the show premieres on September 19, transiting Uranus will be exactly opposite natal Uranus (orb: 0º03’). This describes an eventful time when he may own these planets himself by establishing his own unique public persona as a celebrity transgender spokesperson.

The transits leading into the premiere are deeply clashing. First, there’s the long-term influence of the highly conservative Juno-Saturn conjunction in the partnership sign of Libra. This planetary pair believes in traditional marriage and “proper” sexual roles. Any displays contrary to this sanctioned pattern are seen as threatening. Juno and Saturn will conjoin on the 17th, so growing in intensity up to the premiere.
On the other hand, transiting Venus enters Libra on September 14, and then goes on to oppose transiting Uranus and square transiting Pluto. This dynamic T-square linking Venus, Uranus and Pluto promotes highly experimental or taboo relationships, and happens to align with Chaz’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Fortunately for Chaz, his progressed Moon in Aries is trining his progressed Mars, giving him plenty of self-confidence. However, this aspect wanes after week #2.
* See Jeffrey Wolf Green’s Essays on Evolutionary Astrology. And at Huffpo, read elizabeth-abbott
Chaz was previously profiled in NewsScope at the time of his/her sex change. See nsc062209