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Demetra George
on asteroids

"Astrologers need the asteroids because the tradi-tional planets simply do not and cannot fully explain the issues which are emerging - simply because they are new."

"Before the use of asteroids, the only significators of the feminine in the traditional chart interpretation were the Moon and Venus. The socially acceptable roles for women were the Moon as mother and Venus as mate."

"Ceres, Pallas, June and Vesta represent the new voices of the dormant feminine, recently activated and now demanding power, recognition, justice, and equality in our society."

Richard Tarnas
on the cosmos

Astrology is not concretely predictive, but archetypally predictive."

"The modern dismissal of astrology reflects the virtually universal conviction that the cosmos is disenchanted."

"The universe is a fundamentally and irreducibly interconnected whole, informed by creative intelligence and pervaded by patterns of meaning and order that extend through every level, and that are expressed through a constant correspondence between astronomical events and human events."

Nicholas Campion
on national horoscopes

"Experiment with the charts. Make predictions. And yes, prediction remains a perfectly valid exercise: one successful prediction reveals more about the nature of the universe than a hundred retrospective studies."

" Just as the individual is contained within the collective, so natal astrology can be seen as contained within mundane astrology."

"The modern nation state is largely a creation of the French revolution and is becoming increasingly irrelevant as capitalism becomes global."
"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!"
~ Alice O. Howell
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April  2009 - Dec. 2010
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Reader feedback

Q. Throughout history,  exceptional, powerful men have had sexual dalliances.  These extraordinary man have, and will continue, to impact the lives of humanity.  Some of these men for naught, but many many for good. So what do these sexual dalliances say about them? And what does this say about us?  Are we more hypocritical … or less?  Are we more puritanical … or more sexually open? As always, you do a fantastic job!

re: Arizona - Many compliments on another great column. Thought: could the "fire" in Arizona's chart connect to the "firing," gun"fire," on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her constituents?

thx - Thanks for your wonderful column.  DSK post, and others, fascinating.

Q. - Tangential fun side questions:  Chelsey?  Pippa"!
Keep up your good work!

re: Federer - I just looked at Federer natal chart and couldn't believe that someone with this kind of fame and success is born with the Sun in house XII and doesn't even have one planet in house X!

A. Well, he is a Leo, and it's hard to keep a strong Leo out of the limelight. Notice that he has a formidable Jupitrer-Saturn in the 2nd house of money closely trine the MC. This helps build his career and promises financial security (wealth even) in the process.

re: Bin Laden's death -  Is Osama bin Laden's death on May 1 related to what you said in the April 27 NewsScope?:
"Astrologically, the U.S. is entering a phase of escalating military objectives. On May 1, the Moon, Mars and Jupiter conjoin to make a triple conjunction in the assertive sign of Aries, promoting adventurism, over-confidence and brash boldness. This rare combination is growing in power this week, and is especially significant in U.S. combat zones because it forms a close sextile to the U.S. Mars."

A: Yes, absolutely! It's a very favorable turn for the U.S. military, suggested by the triple conjunction sextile the U.S. Mars. The outer planet Eris is also there, so really it's a quadruple conjunction. They were transiting through the U.S. sixth house of military services.
NewsScope for June 20, 2011
By Michael Wolfstar

Greece’s Debt Problem

Last week, the European Central Bank warned that if Greece defaulted on its national debt, it would trigger another Lehman Brothers-type financial crisis. The fear of contagion brought Germany and France closer together on a bailout plan, easing international financial markets and the possibility of a ripple effect across the Euro zone. Does Greece’s debt problem pose a serious risk to the global economy?

Greece’s horoscope* (July 24, 1974; 4:00 am; Athens) offers some clues about where this is heading. Greece’s Moon-Pluto conjunction in the 4th house of domestic conditions represents the people and their binding financial agreements with the government. Having austerity programs put into place in order to secure international loans was felt as extremely threatening. Over the past week, transiting Uranus opposed this Moon-Pluto conjunction, leading to rioting in the streets.
Transiting Saturn just turned direct in Greece’s 4th house, bringing the need for in-house financial discipline. The government is being forced to cut back on its popular, but expensive social contract that can no longer be sustained. Saturn is moving ahead to square Greece’s natal Saturn, which fits with additional austerity arrangements. Unfortunately for Greece, the epochal Uranus-Pluto square will continue to undermine its financial solvency.

Greece’s debt crisis is only the first tremor in a shaky global economy. The U.S. is facing an analogous challenge to its financial system in the brinksmanship being played over the debt ceiling. Every national chart discussed here in recent months will be hit by the up-and-coming Uranus-Pluto square, which suggests a global crisis. The evident trend heading into this unsettling influence is toward financial chaos.
Greece was last profiled in
NewsScope on February 15, 2010
The U.S. Horoscope, Q. & A.

A reader sends this note: “As usual, a great column. But I disagree with you on one point. I have been forecasting the terrible U.S. economic conditions for several years now, and I don’t use the Scorpio Rising U.S. chart.”
Crystal Harris says “No”
to Hugh Hefner

A reader asks why Crystal Harris called off her wedding with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner only five days before the ceremony. Although Hef is old enough to be Crystal’s great-grandfather, she evidently agreed to marry him because of the financial and social perks that went along with the deal. What went wrong?
** For an inside look, see
Most anyone who uses July 4, 1776 as the birth of the United States has been able to see that Pluto’s opposition to the U.S. Venus and Jupiter would bring economic problems, along with the upcoming Uranus-Pluto square. No one to my knowledge, however, has been able to pinpoint a trend change like what is happening this month. I wrote what was coming this month, and it unfolded as anticipated due to Saturn’s station while aspecting the U.S. Moon, which is at 25º Aquarius, and not 26º or 27º Aquarius as in the Sagittarius Rising variants.

The trend change can be seen in the precipitous decline in the stock market, the unexpected increase in joblessness, and an unexpected decrease in consumer confidence – unexpected, that is, unless you use the Scorpio Rising chart. If your chart for the U.S. is accurate, you should be able to make useful forecasts, not ones that predict a vague economic downturn sometime within a few years.
And from another reader: “Here in New Hampshire we have some right-wingers who want to pass Nullification, essentially seceding from federal control. In the U.S. natal chart (and I do accept the Scorpio-rising version), are we in a configuration that mimics the incredible conflict of the Civil War and/or the War of Independence?”
The Civil War and the War of Independence took place 84 years apart, or one Uranus cycle. Evangeline Adams (the chief advocate for the Gemini Rising chart) predicted in the 1920s that the U.S. would experience another great war around 1943 due to this 84 year cycle. The next cyclical Uranus return takes place in 2027, so we’re not yet due for anything that seismic. Still, the current Uranus-Pluto square will align with the U.S. Sun-Saturn in 2014, and this will undoubtedly bring tremendous challenges to the American system of democratic capitalism. Any U.S. chart based on the Declaration of Independence will show this development.
Hugh Hefner was born with his Sun in pioneering Aries (April 9, 1926; 4:20 pm; Chicago, IL) where it forms an octile to Venus in ethereal, photogenic Pisces. Hef met Crystal on Halloween 2008 when his progressed Venus was at 3º Gemini and squaring his natal Venus. Crystal Harris (April 29, 1986) has Venus at 3º Gemini, making her an ideal screen for him to project his love interest.

The two have plenty of favorable planetary connections, but one of the telling markers is how her Capricorn planets align with his natal planets. Her Moon is conjunct his South Node, a signature for a past life connection. She’s noted how easy it was for them to talk and get along. “It was as if we already knew each other,” she said. More problematic is her Mars opposite his Pluto.
Hef’s Pluto in home-oriented Cancer and in his 10th house of public status represents his commanding presence at the Playboy Mansion**. By secondary progression, his Mars and Sun are now both aligning with this Pluto, so that he’s completely identifying with this imperial role. Her Mars opposite his Pluto suggests some discord about his hedonistic lifestyle at the Mansion, which would become her new home. Last week Saturn turned direct in the partnership sign of Libra where it squared their Mars-Pluto dynamic. Saturn impressed upon Crystal that she couldn’t live with this innate conflict.