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Bernadette Brady
on progressions

"The progression will seem to manifest first as a feeling or need and then as an action"

"Progressions are the way the cosmos manifests through us, as compared to a transit, which manifests on us."

"Progressions are a richer source of information than transits. They tap into the realm of the inner, personal world, showing both day-to-day motivations as well as unshakable life statements or desires."

Demetra George
on asteroids

"Astrologers need the asteroids because the tradi-tional planets simply do not and cannot fully explain the issues which are emerging - simply because they are new."

"Before the use of asteroids, the only significators of the feminine in the traditional chart interpretation were the Moon and Venus. The socially acceptable roles for women were the Moon as mother and Venus as mate."

"Ceres, Pallas, June and Vesta represent the new voices of the dormant feminine, recently activated and now demanding power, recognition, justice, and equality in our society."

Richard Tarnas
on the cosmos

Astrology is not concretely predictive, but archetypally predictive."

"The modern dismissal of astrology reflects the virtually universal conviction that the cosmos is disenchanted."

"The universe is a fundamentally and irreducibly interconnected whole, informed by creative intelligence and pervaded by patterns of meaning and order that extend through every level, and that are expressed through a constant correspondence between astronomical events and human events."

Nicholas Campion
on national horoscopes

"Experiment with the charts. Make predictions. And yes, prediction remains a perfectly valid exercise: one successful prediction reveals more about the nature of the universe than a hundred retrospective studies."

" Just as the individual is contained within the collective, so natal astrology can be seen as contained within mundane astrology."

"The modern nation state is largely a creation of the French revolution and is becoming increasingly irrelevant as capitalism becomes global."
"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!"
~ Alice O. Howell
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Reader feedback
re: Trump - Presidents are required to put their assets into a blind trust. I can’t imagine Trump would be happy with that condition. Also, 29 deg of Leo on the Ascendant makes sense with that hair soufflé he wears.

re: corporations - Since big corporations and their Republican backers are so intent on taking our country back to the Robber Baron days
of the late 1800's, I would like to know what sign and planet rule corporations?Is it Uranus because of the group organization of corporations or is it Saturn which typically rules business and money endeavors? PS: I'm one of Obama's liberal backers who is thrilled he finally stood up "for the little guy" in his recent speech. 
response - Saturn and its sign Capricorn are associated with corporations, but their movement toward a plutocracy as in the robber baron days is related to Pluto. Hard Saturn-Pluto transits generally mark a phase when this element is on the rise, and it often goes with nationalism.

re: earthquakes - "I just got around to reading your excellent piece on earthquakes. I posted a short article in the ISAR Newsletter about the 2012 eclipse.
I wonder where you get your information about eclipse paths. I use pages from NASA starting with I described the path of the eclipse based on the maps they provide as "[the] annular solar eclipse will start in extreme southern China, move over Hong Kong, some of Taiwan, then run up most of the eastern side of Japan--going directly through Tokyo. It will then go out to sea, skirting the Aleutian Islands, to make landfall in northern California through the southern part of the Cascadia subduction zone, and terminating in northern Texas." The NASA website is an incredible resource for students of eclipses.

re: Wisconsin - “The question voters want to know is must financial reform be accompanied by union-busting, or is this a pure power play?”
           ---March 14, 2011 WolfScope

Voters can’t tell for sure.  I live in Kenosha, Wisconsin (i.e., not far from Ground Zero).  This is an immensely polarizing issue.  Some people – be they friends, spouses, co-workers or relatives -- can’t even bring it up with each other because the conversation devolves into a Plutonian meltdown in mere seconds.
Considering the State of Wisconsin’s astrological chart, which “influence” is the stronger. Scott Walker's or Wisconsin's?

response - That's a good question and a matter for long term research. I can tell you that in Wisconsin's chart (May 29, 1848; Madison, WI; noon), progressed Mars has been at 8º Scorpio and is now at 9º Scorpio - all in line with Walker's Sun and the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant. This kind of cosmic convergence is an indicator of the important and intense national dynamics being played out in your state.... And a fabulous synchronicity supporting the 2:21 pm birth time for the U.S.

re: Liz Taylor - "She left us when Venus was at 25 degrees Aquarius conj. the US moon."
NewsScope for April 25, 2011
By Michael Wolfstar

Predators over Libya

President Obama took a decisive step toward increased involvement in Libya last week by approving the use of armed drones to support NATO efforts. The Defense Department is also sending some $25 million in military equipment to the Libyan rebels, another indication of “mission creep”. The unmanned laser-guided Predators have the capability of taking out Gadhafi, should Obama give his approval.

Astrologically, the U.S. is entering a phase of escalating military objectives. On May 1, the Moon, Mars and Jupiter conjoin to make a triple conjunction in the assertive sign of Aries, promoting adventurism, over-confidence and brash boldness. This rare combination is growing in power this week, and is especially significant in U.S. combat zones because it forms a close sextile to the U.S. Mars.
Top Five Astro-Events for May

1. Uranus square the U.S. Venus on the 5th indicates some upsetting or startling economic developments, especially in the housing market. Watch sudden shifts in foreclosure and mortgage rates (either upwards or downwards) for long-term trend indications. Since Venus rules the U.S. 7th and 12th houses, expect surprises on the war front, perhaps in Libya or Afghanistan.

2. A rare and very beneficial triple conjunction involving Mercury, Venus and Jupiter unfolds between the 6th and 17th, making this phase an excellent time to enjoy life with those you love. Gatherings of all sorts go well, travel is favored, as is financial investing, and connecting with friends and family in distance places. New romances or relationships that begin now are favored.

3. The Full Moon on the 17th aligns with Algol, the most evil star in the heavens. Some will lose their heads in the figurative sense, as prejudice, superstition, and delusional beliefs take hold. Sexual issues, obsessive behavior, possessiveness, jealousy, and power struggles within personal relationships may emerge now. Political candidates may be appealing to people’s worst fears without regard to logic or the known truth.

4. Venus enters her own sign Taurus on the 16th, ushering in a highly sensual week that culminates with her conjunction with Mars on the 23rd. Sexual vibrations are in the air across the planet. Spontaneous and natural attractions bring erotic, friendly or fun interactions throughout this pleasurable week. Making financial plans, cashing in and/or reinvesting are now favored.

5. Jupiter squares the U.S. Pluto on the 23rd as Pluto enters into an opposition with the U.S. Jupiter. This doubled planetary theme elevates religious fundamentalism to absurd heights. Hypocrisy, fanaticism, and arrogance enter into politics. The U.S. may be over-extending on several fronts, especially military and economic. Watch for mega-deals in the business world as corporations begin to deploy their $2 trillion in idle assets. 
Rebecca Black,
Viral Star

Teen pop singer Rebecca Black became an instant celebrity when her Youtube video “Friday” went viral, beginning on March 11. To date, the song has received over 116 million views, but nearly universal negative criticism. Seasoned internet critics have been panning its silliness and ineptness, while others feel the tune is catchy and “gets a lot of things about pop music right, if just by accident.”
Relocating Obama’s horoscope to Libya, we can see why this area has become such a problem. Uranus is right on the Ascendant, and rules the 7th house of open enemies. Ceres, the asteroid associated with caretaking, is exactly conjunct the Midheaven where it assumes responsibility for protecting the civilian population. Transiting Pluto is exactly squaring Obama’s relocated progressed Ascendant, leading to this intense military engagement.

This triple conjunction involving the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter happens to be exactly quincunx Obama’s natal Mars, and is entering into an opposition to his progressed Mars. Watch for strikes on Gadhafi’s closest supporters over the coming weeks to encourage defections. Gadhafi himself may be targeted during this window of military opportunity, which is in effect through May 13 when transiting Jupiter trines Obama’s Uranus.
Rebecca Black’s horoscope (June 21, 1997; Anaheim, CA; time unknown) features the Sun in family-oriented Cancer in a close square to Mars in socially-aware Libra. This high energy combination explains why Rebecca began dance classes at three years old, and from there went on to study jazz, ballet and hiphop. The Sun is also closely quincunx Neptune, which gives her a vivid imagination and sensitizes her to musical vibrations.

Rebecca has several very close connections with the national horoscope, which explains why she could rise above the masses to play out a favorite American archetype: the overnight sensation. The most significant of these is probably Uranus, located at 8º Aquarius.
Uranus, the planet associated with technology and sudden or unexpected fame, is exactly square the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant. The producers of the video used some auto-tune technology to enhance her voice.

“Friday” was posted on February 10, and by early March, Rebecca was happy that it had received 4,000 hits. On March 11, her video was lampooned at Comedy Central and then went viral. Uranus had just entered Aries, where it squared her Sun. Her sensitive Venus-Saturn square was hurt by all the negative comments (over 2 million to date), but with Uranus activating her Sun-Mars square, she fought on. Former American Idol judge Simon Cowell praised her, saying “The fact that she’s making people so angry is brilliant.”