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Bernadette Brady 
on progressions

"The progression will seem to manifest first as a feeling or need and then as an action"

"Progressions are the way the cosmos manifests through us, as compared to a transit, which manifests on us."

"Progressions are a richer source of information than transits. They tap into the realm of the inner, personal world, showing both day-to-day motivations as well as unshakable life statements or desires."

Demetra George 
on asteroids

"Astrologers need the asteroids because the tradi-tional planets simply do not and cannot fully explain the issues which are emerging - simply because they are new."

"Before the use of asteroids, the only significators of the feminine in the traditional chart interpretation were the Moon and Venus. The socially acceptable roles for women were the Moon as mother and Venus as mate."

"Ceres, Pallas, June and Vesta represent the new voices of the dormant feminine, recently activated and now demanding power, recognition, justice, and equality in our society."

Richard Tarnas
on the cosmos

Astrology is not concretely predictive, but archetypally predictive."

"The modern dismissal of astrology reflects the virtually universal conviction that the cosmos is disenchanted."

"The universe is a fundamentally and irreducibly interconnected whole, informed by creative intelligence and pervaded by patterns of meaning and order that extend through every level, and that are expressed through a constant correspondence between astronomical events and human events."

Nicholas Campion
on national horoscopes

"Experiment with the charts. Make predictions. And yes, prediction remains a perfectly valid exercise: one successful prediction reveals more about the nature of the universe than a hundred retrospective studies."

" Just as the individual is contained within the collective, so natal astrology can be seen as contained within mundane astrology."

"The modern nation state is largely a creation of the French revolution and is becoming increasingly irrelevant as capitalism becomes global."

Michael O'Reilly
on geopolitics

"Astrology as a worldview shows us that everything is connected, that the individual is an interdependent part of the whole. " 

"When Scorpio is rising, the U.S. has four planets in the eighth house, underscoring the national focus on acculating wealth and corporate influence."

"The biggest celebrities have natal planets closely connected to national planets. Their character may personify a specific planet or group of planets, so that they become a national icon or archetype."
"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!" 
Alice O. Howell
Reader Feedback...  "Courtney Cox and David Arquette have one complicated, tumultuous relationship. Can you shed any astrological light on this troubled couple?"
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"I've read that poor Kelsey Grammer is being fleeced by gold-digging Camille. I've also read that the couple is as wealthy as they are because of Camille's financial acumen. Do you see that in their charts or is the popular perception correct? Thanks, Love your site.
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NewsScope for January 10, 2010
by Michael Wolfstar

Gabrielle Giffords' Mars

At this writing, the condition of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is unknown following a shooting spree in her home state. Giffords' horoscope reflects a high-powered reformist, with an action-oriented agenda and a keen intellect. Most likely, she is the victim of the Solar Eclipse that hit the U.S. Sun only a few days earlier, but her own chart shows plenty of danger signals.
Rahm Emanuel's Residency

As soon as Obama's former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, announced he was running for mayor of Chicago, his political opponents challenged the legitimacy of his candidacy. Emanuel had to defend his Chicago residency, since he had been in Washington the last two years. In the process, he showed some documents including his birth certificate, which was obtained by NewsScope correspondent Romy Ransom*. 
 Regarding the video evidence, the following is excerpted from Dutch astrologer Joyce Hoen's China page at  
who in turn quotes Van Kevin Golay: 

< This information for this chart was taken from video tape of the ceremony and accounts in Xinhua yuebao and Xinhua newspapers. [Oct. 1, 2, 3, 1949 Beijing]. As interpreted by Guanghui Zhou a Chinese student at the Hoover Institute, U.C., Stanford, California. The sequence of events goes like this: 

The celebration begins precisely at 3:00 p.m. and ended at 9:25 p.m. The main events of the celebration were the proclamation of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China by newly elected Chairman Mao Zedung. This was followed by the first ever rising of the newly designed national flag in Tiananmen Square. The flag was raised at the touch of a button by Mao which automatically raised the flag by remote control. These dramatic simultaneous events symbolize and mark the ascendant. The rest of the day was filled with a military parade which lasted about 3 hours and the peoples parades took the rest of the time. Finally there were fireworks at the end.

a. At 3:00 p.m. Chairman (Mao Zedong), vice chairmen, and other members of the central government take their seats on top The Gate of Heavenly Peace facing Tiananmen Square.

b. Lin Boqu secretary of the Central Government announces the beginning and order of events of the celebration. The national song was played. This took about 1 minute ( the national song takes about 48 seconds). 

c. Mao’s proclamation lasted for about 18 seconds, and the applause’s last about 18 seconds. So Mao most likely began his talk at 3:01 p.m. and finished his proclamation at between 3:01:20 and 3:01:36 p.m. (after this, 54 ceremonial cannon fired 28 times and the national song was played again when Mao was raising the national flag. The exact information for this is that the process lasted for about 2 minutes and 5 seconds.)

Then Zhu De, Commander of the Peoples Liberation Army ordered that the military show begin (lasts about 3 hours). This was followed by the marches of the Peoples groups. >
* Romy Ransom writes: "There were hearings to see if he was indeed qualified to run for mayor. So far he has been deemed eligible by the Chicago Board of Elections... As part of his hearings, his attorneys released several documents including his birth certificate which we obtained from the FOIA Officer." 
China's New Horoscope

With China's president Hu Jintao scheduled to visit Washington next week, it's time to look into China's new horoscope. For the past year, this column has urged the use of a 3:00 pm birth time for China rather than the traditional 3:15 pm accepted by most "mundane" astrologers. Recently, translated video evidence* of Mao's declaration of independence indicates that 3:01 or possibly 3:02 pm would be more accurate. 
Giffords' multi-tasking Gemini Sun (June 8, 1970; Tucson, AZ; time unknown) squares Pluto, putting her into the struggle for political power. At its best, the Sun-Pluto dynamic helps transform society (Pluto) through persuasive arguments and open dialogue (Gemini). The Sun-Pluto square may also attract fanatics who oppose her by whatever means necessary, whether in the political arena or from lunatics patrolling mainstream America. 

Giffords' Moon in Leo adds tremendous self-confidence and an enjoyment at being the center of attention. Her Sun is sextile Juno in independent Aries, and her marriage to astronaut Mark Kelly has enhanced her political career and helped shape her image as one half of a unique power couple. But the Leo Moon is a drama queen, and needs her own career so that she can shine in her own right.
In a politician's chart, Mars in Cancer is often associated with patriotism or nationalism. In her case, this placement encouraged her to actively pursue legislation to protect the Arizona-Mexico border from drug cartels and smugglers. Her Mars forms a dangerous, explosive square to Uranus, and both are tightly linked to the karmic lunar node axis. Transiting Pluto opposed her Mars at the time of the shooting.
With an accurate horoscope (Nov. 29, 1959; 2:00 am; Chicago), we can assess the conditions of his fourth house, which represents his legal residence. Capricorn is on the cusp, and so the ruler of his fourth house is Saturn. Saturn is well placed in Capricorn and conjunct the fourth house cusp. Using traditional aspects, Saturn is much enhanced by a trine to Pluto, giving him strong roots in Chicago.

What could lead to the career-threatening challenge to his residency? Saturn has one more relevant aspect - the trioctile (135º) to Uranus - and it's very tight. This can lead to surprising or unexpected developments within his home life or his place of residency whenever Saturn is activated by a major transit or progression. This is what is happening now: transiting Pluto is conjunct his Saturn.

Emanuel left the White House on October 1 when the transiting Sun-Saturn conjunction was right on his Libra Ascendant. Transiting Jupiter enters his seventh house of adversaries on February 22, the day of the first vote. This likely means that he will be in the run-off election on April 5 facing a worthy adversary. His progressed Venus (the ruler of his chart) trines Uranus just after the time the mayor assumes office on May 16, and this is very favorable for his election. 
Using 3:01 pm, what's most interesting about this horoscope are the indicators for growth, both as an economic and military superpower. When Nixon "opened" China in 1972, the communist-led country began edging toward state-controlled capitalism. Progressed Venus and the progressed Midheaven have been in a long-term conjunction, advancing at about the same rate of one degree/year. Ever since they entered business-oriented Capricorn in 1986, China's economic growth has exceeded all expectations. 

In the mean time, China's Jupiter has urged a more expansionist worldview. Natally, Jupiter in the 12th house and in Capricorn suggests a behind-the-scenes elite. Jupiter sextile the Midheaven might describe a ruling class guiding China's destiny with a sense of ancient Confucianism. By secondary progression, Jupiter entered Aquarius last year, and will be conjunct the Ascendant in a few years.

This combination points to China's growing image as a superpower, and optimistically networking around the world. In 2017, China's progressed Midheaven, Venus and Jupiter will all be conjunct right on its Aquarius Ascendant. We can be sure that this extremely favorable alliance of the benefics with China's angles will keep it prosperous, outgoing, and interested in shaping the geopolitical landscape with its newfound strength. 
The biwheels here show China's 3:01 pm chart on the inside wheel, with the secondary progressions on the outer wheel. The top graphic is current, and the one below is set for January 2017
* scroll down to see the video and to the bottom of this page for a detailed analysis of the Oct. 1 1949 declaration event.