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Bernadette Brady
on progressions

"The progression will seem to manifest first as a feeling or need and then as an action"

"Progressions are the way the cosmos manifests through us, as compared to a transit, which manifests on us."

"Progressions are a richer source of information than transits. They tap into the realm of the inner, personal world, showing both day-to-day motivations as well as unshakable life statements or desires."

Demetra George
on asteroids

"Astrologers need the asteroids because the tradi-tional planets simply do not and cannot fully explain the issues which are emerging - simply because they are new."

"Before the use of asteroids, the only significators of the feminine in the traditional chart interpretation were the Moon and Venus. The socially acceptable roles for women were the Moon as mother and Venus as mate."

"Ceres, Pallas, June and Vesta represent the new voices of the dormant feminine, recently activated and now demanding power, recognition, justice, and equality in our society."

Richard Tarnas
on the cosmos

Astrology is not concretely predictive, but archetypally predictive."

"The modern dismissal of astrology reflects the virtually universal conviction that the cosmos is disenchanted."

"The universe is a fundamentally and irreducibly interconnected whole, informed by creative intelligence and pervaded by patterns of meaning and order that extend through every level, and that are expressed through a constant correspondence between astronomical events and human events."

Nicholas Campion
on national horoscopes

"Experiment with the charts. Make predictions. And yes, prediction remains a perfectly valid exercise: one successful prediction reveals more about the nature of the universe than a hundred retrospective studies."

" Just as the individual is contained within the collective, so natal astrology can be seen as contained within mundane astrology."

"The modern nation state is largely a creation of the French revolution and is becoming increasingly irrelevant as capitalism becomes global."
"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!"
~ Alice O. Howell
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Reader feedback
re: Japan - In  looking back at the last several months for a pattern that could store energy and be triggered, the most significant that I see is the
total lunar  eclipse on December 21, 2010 at around 8:15 AM UT.
response: Comparing the quake chart with that eclipse does show some good connections, but does it help forecast time and place of earthquakes? Check out how the eclipses line up with the national chart to see where the action is. The January 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse aligned with Japan's natal Moon, while the Lunar Eclipse you mention is aligned with Japan's Mars. The coming SuperMoon on March 20 squares Japan's Mars, showing problems with Japan's energy sector, ie., nuclear plants.

re: Charlie Sheen -  I have to ask, WHY are you attacking Charlie Sheen like this in your column?
I'm not supporting Sheen's behavior, and am personally against the use of narcotics used as a form of recreation. . .but, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!"

Charlie Sheen is obviously in serious need competent psychiatric help, judging by what's been reported in the media recently.  How humanitarian of you to dump this on him!  Thank goodness he's not likely to read your column!

More Charlie: Just wanted to tell you how much I smiled at your  very pointed references to Charlie Sheen. Frankly, I'm amazed and sad that he's been given so much TV and radio time. What a horrible example of manhood; an egotistical, coddled and out of control addict, a hedonist and woman batterer who is blathering on in everyone's living room, egged on by the media. 
I'm loving what you're doing...especially the political astrology.  Bravo!  Keep up the great work and be well.

re: Aries Ingress - I also looked at the chart and its Astro*Carto*Graphy.  It's lucky one of those lines does not run through the Koreas!  In fact, NO lines do.  So at least the first three months should be quiet.
Asian BaZi (Four Pillars) astrologers are worked up about Korea. This is the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War, also a Metal Rabbit year, and they see that as a bad indicator of how things might go this year. Leaving BaZi behind, just the Sun-Uranus-Descendant conjunct for the ingress chart is ominous to me.
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NewsScope for March 14, 2011
By Michael Wolfstar

Japan’s National Horoscope

Japan’s national horoscope can be used to track potential earthquakes and forecast future events. The chart is set for the collapse of the Empire of Japan at the end of World War II and the simultaneous birth of its modern incarnation. The formal surrender ceremony took place on September 2, 1945 onboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay at 9:04 am. The Virgo Sun conjunct Juno, the partnership asteroid, reflects the political-military alliance with the U.S. that continues to this day.
In terms of disasters, Pluto near the Midheaven squares Ceres, a combination that reveals the potential for massive loss of life. The collective psychological imprint of being the only nation to be attacked by an atomic bomb is seen in this planetary signature. Also, Neptune in the 12th house of hidden activity closely squares the lunar node axis, showing subconscious fears to public safety. Neptune rules film, and these fears have played out in numerous Godzilla movies.

Until last week, the most disastrous event since World War II was the Kobe earthquake, which struck on January 17, 1995. At the time, transiting Saturn opposed Japan’s Sun, striking a severe blow to the nation’s confidence. The disaster signatures were also activated, with the transiting North Node conjunct natal Ceres and squaring Pluto. The severe disruption can be seen in the progressed Full Moon square the Midheaven.
The March 11 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear reactor explosion took place as transiting Pluto was right on Japan’s South Node at 7º Capricorn. What has further sensitized this degree is that Neptune has progressed to an exact square to the natal lunar nodes at 7º Libra. The sudden crisis-oriented nature of the event can be seen in the progressed Ascendant exactly opposite natal Uranus. Since both these markers are getting closer to their precise hit (applying), the disaster is still unfolding in the form of nuclear meltdowns. Over the next two years, transiting Uranus and Pluto square each other while aligned with Japan's Neptune-Lunar Node dynamic, promising more disasters to come.
Progressions as Fractals

The question often arises, what exactly are progressions? Most astrologers will tell you the formula for calculating progressions, but that doesn’t explain why they work or what the underlying philosophical, spiritual or theoretical framework is. Telling us that one day is symbolically equivalent to one year is a great forecasting tool, but how is it that progressed planets relate to the progress of the soul?
One way to understand progressions is through the recently developed science of fractal geometry. Although fractals were theorized at the beginning of the 20th century, not until the advent of the supercomputer have we realized the full implications of fractals, which many scientists believe explain all natural phenomena. Patterns that appear at one level of perception are replicated at larger or smaller levels of magnification.

For example, the patterns of galaxies are similar to the electron swirls around an atom’s nucleus. Or the growth pattern of a leaf appears the same whether one is looking at the whole leaf, or up close at a microscopic level. Fractals in nature are everywhere, from cloud formations to shells, coastlines, bacterial colonies, snowflakes, blood arteries, and crystals. It’s nature’s formula for organic growth.

Now, Einstein told us that space and time are part of the same continuum. If physical nature is fractal, then time must also be fractal. Astrologically, this means that the planetary patterns seen 25 days after birth will have a similar pattern 25 years after birth. Although the most common progression technique is secondary progressions, solar arcs or tertiary progressions may also be used. These are the various ways one can make fractal projections across time.
Double Scorpio Scott Walker

Riding the Tea Party wave of financial reform, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has been at the center of a national storm about how to balance state budgets. Last week he rescinded layoff notices for 1,500 state workers after the Republican-controlled legislature approved his plan to cut bargaining rights for state employees. Political observers are seeing Wisconsin as a testing ground for similar budget issues across the nation.
Scott Walker was born during the New Moon in the warrior sign of Scorpio (November 2, 1967; Colorado Springs, CO; time unknown), a tough, strong-willed, uncompromising combination. The Scorpio Sun-Moon type is willing to go to extremes to accomplish his goals, and venture into areas that others consider politically dangerous. Walker’s Sun happens to be conjunct the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant, showing why his local battle has landed him on the national stage.

Walker’s Sun is given courage and ambition by close aspects to Mars and Saturn. However, Mars in Capricorn square Saturn in Aries is like a steam-roller, ready and willing to play hardball politics. Mars-Saturn aspects can be brutal and mean-spirited unless tempered by softer placements. The challenge of Walker’s Mars-Saturn influence is
that it’s too ambitious, wanting to accomplish too much and as quickly as possible. Transiting Pluto conjunct Walker’s Mars is propelling him into action.

Walker was born during the epochal Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the revolutionary Sixties. Now that we are entering the opening square of the Uranus-Pluto cycle, the next phase of the geopolitical transformation is underway. Since Walker’s Mars-Saturn dynamic is perfectly aligned with the Uranus-Pluto square of 2011-2012, he will undoubtedly be in the news for some time to come. The question voters want to know is must financial reform be accompanied by union-busting, or is this a pure power play?
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