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"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!" 
Alice O. Howell
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Reader feedback

re: North Korea - The varying dates for North Korea's chart have me a more than a bit confused and I would be profoundly grateful for some background on your 8:50 pm time. Yours is the time I found in my old Kepler data base and the chart seems to be working well but a wonderful mundane astrologer friend just mentioned Nick Campion's noon chart, and that made me curious about the origin of yours, particularly since I've just put out a couple of 2012 predictions based on that chart at Time & Cycles, a traders group where I post as a Knowledge Contributor.

A. Thanks for your comments. Campion uses the noon chart when there's no known time, or the time has uncertain sources. I've rectified the time to 8:50 pm based on reports that the independence proclamation was announced on the radio in the late evening of September 10, 1948.

re: Iraq -  I was hoping that you would post the chart for the US out of Iraq. From what I could tell it was December 15, 2011 13:00 Bagdad local time. Neptune is at 28 Aquarius 30. Compare to the other big disaster on the US Moon with the BP Oil Spill where Neptune was at 28 Aquarius 50 according to the chart in your archives. I think this  
makes a very convincing case for the true position of the US natal 28 Aquarius and some minutes between 30 and 50 and could be  
used to backtime the true Ascendant of the US chart. I always enjoy reading your columns and wish you the best for the next matter what it brings.

A. Currently, as the troops withdraw, transiting Saturn is exactly square the US Pluto, the ruler of the Scorpio Rising chart. Neptune at 28 AQ is perfectly trioctile (sesquisquare) the U.S. Sun. This action - withdrawing from Iraq - was instigated by Obama, ie, American leadership, which is symbolized by the U.S. Sun, not Moon. The invasion began on Mar 19, 2003 when the progressed US Sun was at 28 AQ, so Neptune passing over this point is a significant ending to this Iraq cycle.
When Bush invaded in 2003, transiting Jupiter was in imperial Leo and exactly square the US Scorpio Ascendant from the 9th house of foreign affairs. Transiting Saturn was cnj the US Mars, the co-ruler of the Scorpio Ascendant.
The Moon symbolizes the people, consumers, voters, not leadership. Candidates with close connections to the US Moon at 25 AQ do the best. This is all chronicled and detailed in many articles at my website. What led to Newt's surge, if not his several close connections to the US Moon? He has zero planets or angles at 28 AQ, but his Gemini Sun, Chiron in Leo, and Fortuna in Libra are all in 25 degrees of their respective signs. How do you figure he's a leading GOP candidate if the U.S. Moon is at 28 AQ?
April  2009 - June 2011
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Spiritual Cinema Circle
NewsScope for January 16, 2012
By Michael Wolfstar

Corporations are People

Last week, numerous media stories focused on the influence of Super PACs, which allow special interest groups to spend unlimited amounts of money to support or oppose candidates. Super PACs emerged from a 2010 Supreme Court decision which, in essence, equated spending money with freedom of speech, and ruled that corporations have the same rights to freedom of speech as living individuals.
Hay House, Inc.
Neptune transits to the U.S. Moon have marked the rise of the corporatocracy, beginning with the Supreme Court decision on May 10, 1886 in Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad. The Court ruled for the first time that corporations have the same rights as people. Transiting Neptune at 25º Taurus was squaring the U.S. Moon at 25º Aquarius.
Americans Elect, June 2012

A flurry of questions about potential presidential candidates reached the NewsScope desk over the last week, with most wondering if their favorite candidate has good enough connections to the U.S. Moon to pull off an upset victory. Buddy Roemer, for example, has his Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn aspecting the U.S. Moon. Others asked about Marco Rubio, Jon Huntsman, and Michael Bloomberg.
Here are some guidelines about using the U.S. Moon as a litmus test for candidates. First, the orbs between a candidate’s planets and the U.S. Moon should be extremely tight: less than one degree, and within ¼ degree is preferable. Roemer (b. October 4, 1943) has his Jupiter at 20º Leo and his Mars at 19º Gemini, and both these are relatively meaningless because of their wide orbs. Even his Saturn at 26º Gemini is too wide.

Second, the personal planets are the most important ones to consider, especially the Sun and/or Mars. Thousands of Americans have a particular outer planet at any one degree, so having, say, Neptune at 25º Libra doesn’t separate one from the masses. For example, Jimmy Carter and George Bush (41) both have Mars at 25º Aquarius. Third, also consider the progressed planets: Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980 when his progressed Mars was at 25º Aquarius.

Obama and Romney will be the likely nominees for their respective parties, but on June 5, 2012, a third party known as Americans Elect will carry out an online nomination process. As the potential candidates gather for this “Hail Mary” play, consider their connections to the U.S. Moon to separate the potential winners from the non-contenders. June 5 is astrologically extraordinary since it comes one day after a Lunar Eclipse and on the very day that Venus occults the Sun.
The Intrepid, Glamorous 
Marlene Dietrich

Last week, Dick Cavett marvelously reminisced about Marlene Dietrich, who he said unexpectedly began a series of phone conversations with him some years back. It’s an oddity of astrological cycles, but the famed Hollywood icon has been in the news recently, including stories about her invention of the face-lift, and the re-birth of Berlin’s Cabaret era where Dietrich began her sterling career.
Marlene Dietrich was born with her Sun and five other planets in Capricorn (December 27, 1901; 9:15 pm; Berlin, Germany), the sign associated with longevity and enduring ambition. With Pluto transiting over her Capricorn Sun now, it’s no surprise that her story should re-surface. Dietrich’s many Capricorn placements reside in the 5th house of entertainment, which kept her in show business from the 1920s through the 1970s.

With her Sun opposite Neptune, Dietrich excelled at creating a fascinating image. Her glamorous style and exotic looks can be attributed to her well-placed Venus in unconventional Aquarius. Venus favorably aspects a Uranus-Pluto opposition, which adds a dynamic and unrestrained sexuality to her lifestyle. Although she was married to one man her entire life, she participated in an unending string of affairs, some lasting days, others decades.
While Dietrich is remembered for her sultry and intriguing roles on the silver screen, she said her proudest moment was when she was awarded the Medal of Freedom on November 18, 1947. Her Mars-Jupiter conjunction gave her courage, and as Dick Cavett writes, “During World War II she was the most intrepid of troop entertainers and not just in safe areas.” Her medal was awarded as transiting Jupiter was exactly trine her Part of Fortune in fearless Aries.
Read Cavett’s piece in the New York Times
For more in-depth discussion of corporations as people, see
Around every 41 years, Neptune makes a hard aspect to the U.S. Moon. Most recently, transiting Neptune was at 25º Aquarius and conjoining the U.S. Moon when, on January 21, 2010, the Supreme Court encouraged the creation of Super PACs in Citizens United v the Federal Election Committee. In both these historic cases, Neptune’s erosion of people power in favor of corporations was facilitated by Saturn’s simultaneous transit to the U.S. Jupiter.

In the Scorpio Rising chart, Jupiter is located in the 8th house of capitalism, where it signifies American corporate wealth and influence. During the 1886 decision, transiting Saturn was conjunct the U.S. Jupiter, giving the corporatocracy its first solid legal foundation. Then, during the 2010 decision, transiting Saturn was squaring the U.S. Jupiter while at the same time transiting Pluto was opposing the U.S. Jupiter, further empowering the U.S. corporatocracy. As comedian Stephen Colbert said last week during his satirical presidential campaign, the Super PACs are “100 percent legal and at least 10 percent ethical”.