"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!"
~ Alice O. Howell
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Reader Feedback Dept : "Three major earthquakes centered around April 6, just like you predicted in item#1 in this month's Top Five Astro-Events - GOOD CALL! "
Larry and Shawn in happier days.
NewsScope for April 19, 2010
by Michael Wolfstar

The Grand Cross of 2010

Few astrologers are surprised when transportation snafus arrive as Mercury turns retrograde. But the simultaneous closing of Europe's largest airports and the cancellation of some 16,000 flights per day was more than anyone could have predicted based on Mercury's station alone. The physical source of the transportation disruption is the cloud of volcanic ash spewing from Iceland's volcano, which is still erupting.
The metaphysical source is an outer planet alignment that is becoming known as The Grand Cross of 2010. Saturn and Uranus are now heading into the last phase of their interaction over the next few months. Because Saturn is turning direct in late May while only two degrees from its opposition to Uranus, this last leg is particularly disruptive, and lasts from now through late July.

Jupiter in Pisces is catching up with Uranus, and these two will be within two degrees of each other from May through September. So Saturn not only opposes Uranus, but also Jupiter. Meanwhile, Pluto in Capricorn will be squaring all three. These heavy outer planets in dynamic tension are activating geological stresses, which have been experienced most recently as a flurry of earthquakes and volcanic activity.
The structural stresses have social, economic, and political resonances, which could undo the various systems that we depend on. New ideas and innovative solutions (promoted under the Jupiter-Uranus vibe) meet stiff opposition out of fear and struggles for power (Saturn and Pluto).  The Lunar Eclipse on June 26 turns the outer planet T-square into a Grand Cross, but additional Super Moons and eclipses ensure more earth changes and social upheaval.
John Paulson, Hedge Fund Wizard

Last Friday, the SEC filed civil charges against financial giant Goldman Sachs, which allegedly committed fraud by selling investors mortgage-backed securities that were designed to fail. Behind the scenes, hedge fund owner John Paulson was betting against the securities* which he designed with Goldman Sachs, knowing they would collapse. Paulson pocketed $3.5 billion in 2007, the largest one-year payoff in Wall Street history.

John Paulson was born during a New Moon in Sagittarius (December 14, 1955; Queens, NY; time unknown), a sign that enjoys risk-taking. His Mercury is also in Sagittarius where it's especially illuminated by a conjunction with the Galactic Center and trines to Jupiter and Pluto. This planetary signature describes a shrewd thinker, one who looks at the Big Picture, and can influence and profit by major market moves.

Transiting Pluto was passing over his Mercury in 2007 when he helped Goldman Sachs develop a so-called collateralized debt obligation (CDO). GS sold these toxic assets to gullible investors while Paulson shorted them. Over the next year, the profits began
pouring in when transiting Saturn and Pluto trined each other while favorably aligned with his natal Jupiter. This key partnership was formed as his progressed Mars was conjunct Juno, unifying an action plan (Mars) with a well-heeled partner (Juno).

The SEC didn't charge Paulson because he wasn't the one selling the conflict of interest. Still, with the transiting Saturn-Uranus opposition squaring his Mercury now, his world is being overturned as the SEC reveals his role in the scheme. Because his hedge fund owns a large position in gold, investors began selling that precious commodity. The immediate crisis unfolds over the coming two weeks as the Saturn-Uranus opposition becomes exact, and ordinary investors realize that the game is indeed rigged.
Larry King's Eighth Divorce

Larry King and his wife Shawn both filed for divorce last Wednesday, citing the usual "irreconcilable differences". Apparently, both had been having affairs for several years, but have stayed together for the sake of their two boys. Considering the traditional planets, King's horoscope (November 19, 1933; 10:38 am; Brooklyn, NY) doesn't show a tendency for multiple marriages.

The popular CNN talk show host has conservative Capricorn Rising, and his Scorpio Sun trines Pluto in the seventh house of partners, indicators pointing to partnership stability. The key here is Juno, which is conjunct King's Sun and opposite Chiron. Here we have the signature for a deep interest in the institution of marriage as well as a regular cycle of betrayal and emotional wounding.
To get the inside
story, see nytimes
His Sun-Juno conjunction also squares his fateful Lunar Node axis, marking marriage and divorce as major milestones on his life path. By transit and progression, Juno helps define these turning points. When King filed last Wednesday, transiting Juno was exactly (to-the-minute) opposite his natal Juno. The couple married on September 5, 1997 when transiting Juno was in his 7th house of partners, and squaring his Sun-Juno.

Transiting Juno then was also right on his South Node, which in esoteric astrology might signify a karmic continuation from a past life relationship. The duration of this marriage lasted from the time his progressed Juno was trine his progressed South Node (orb 0º01') to when his progressed Juno had
advanced four degrees to trine his natal South Node. If you're not using Juno in your chart interpretations, you're missing out on a primary relationship indicator.