"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!"
~ Alice O. Howell
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January 18, 2010 - Haiti's earthquake, the eclipse hits the U.S. chart, and Google fights censorship in China.

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February 8, 2010 - the market outlook for 2010, China's 3:00 pm horoscope  and Charlie Sheen.

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March 1, 2010 - Chile's 8.8 earthquake, the Bloom Box, and Alice in Wonderland star Mia Wasikowska

March 8, 2010 - Best Actor Jeff Bridges, Mars turns direct and anger, plus the European Union's horoscope

March 15, 2010 - New York's wounded politicians, Greater Israel, and Betty White's Comeback at 88.

March 22, 2010 - Pluto's role in financial reform, Pope Benedict's troubles, and Sandra Bullock's marriage.

March 29, 2010 - Obama's improved standing, April's Astro-Events, and DWTS leader Nicole Scherzinger

April 5, 2010 - the influence of the June 26 Lunar Eclipse on Hamid Karzai and Pope Benedict, plus the iPad
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This graphic shows a portion of the April 7, 1940 Solar Eclipse on the inside wheel, with the outer wheel progressed to April 10, 2010
Poland's and the Vatican's horoscopes are from Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes
for background info on this scandal, see
and for the 2002 breaking story, see
NewsScope for April 12, 2010
by Michael Wolfstar

Poland's Lost Elite

Last Saturday, Poland lost its president and many leading government officials in a shocking airplane crash while traveling to Russia. They were on their way to commemorate the April 1940 Katyn massacre, the slaughter of 22,000 captured Polish military officers by Stalin's secret police. The World War II event remains a festering wound between Russia and Poland, and coincidentally, the locale of last week's tragedy.
Poland's horoscope (August 24, 1989; 1:05 pm; Warsaw, Poland) features Scorpio Rising, with its ruling planet Pluto in the 12th house. This placement says in essence, "we remember the past, and we're bitter about it." Transiting Uranus was exactly opposite Poland's Mercury at the moment of the crash, while transiting Pluto turned retrograde in the midst of Poland's Capricorn stellium, indicating a major government shake-up.

A look at the Katyn incident helps us to understand this situation. The Solar Eclipse on April 7, 1940 set for Warsaw (9:18 pm) can be used for the timing of the massacre. This chart has the same angles as Poland's national horoscope (19º Scorpio Rising), marking it as the key event in the Polish psyche that shaped its
modern incarnation. Uranus conjunct the Descendant reflects the shocking inhumanity.

Progressing this Solar Eclipse chart to April 10, we find a triple conjunction between Mercury, Mars and Chiron – all at 19º Cancer. This combination squares the Lunar Node axis and symbolically suggests the surging feelings of anger, loss and emotional despair during a fateful tragedy. The next Solar Eclipse on July 11 happens to be at 19º Cancer, so watch for more historic developments between Russia and Poland.
The Vatican's Troubles, Part One

The Vatican's modern incarnation is set for the Lateran Treaty, which became official when Mussolini and Cardinal Gasparri exchanged their respective ratifications on June 7, 1929 (11:00 am; Rome). The corresponding horoscope reflects the traditional religious nature of the Vatican, with Jupiter in Taurus conjunct the Midheaven. Jupiter is given a strong dose of spiritual pride by its close square to Neptune.
Erin Andrews, DWTS Contender

Following death threats to DWTS celebrity Erin Andrews, security at the ABC studios has been dramatically beefed up, adding more pressure to an already intense reality show. Despite the emailed threats and a bout with a stalker, the ESPN sportscaster has performed well, dancing the waltz while blindfolded. Rumors abound that she and her professional dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy are becoming romantically involved.

Erin Andrews was born with her Sun in solid Taurus (May 4, 1978; Lewiston, Maine; time unknown), a statistically relevant placement among DWTS winners. Her Sun opposes Uranus, pushing her to flaunt norms. This, plus her Sun's square to sports-minded Mars has allowed her to succeed in a field
Mars in the 12th house is especially noteworthy given the recent headlines about sexual abuse perpetrated by Catholic priests. Considering the traditional planets, Mars is not afflicted: its sextile to the Gemini Sun describes the close alliance between the Vatican leadership (Sun) and the patriarchal clergy (Mars). However, when considering Chiron and the asteroids, Mars begins to look like a trouble spot.

Mars square Chiron points to wounded sexuality, so the Catholic Church has attracted homosexuals and pedophiles, and given them a place to hide. Mars also squares Juno in Scorpio, and if there's anything Juno in Scorpio wants, it's sex between consensual partners. However, Juno is retrograde, signifying sexual repression. Mars also squares Ceres, which describes the priest's role as a
nurturer or caretaker as well as the venue that allowed twisted expression of the institutionally repressed sexuality.

In accordance with Mars in the 12th house, sexual abuse committed by Catholic priests had been handled internally and secretively. However, on January 6, 2002, a series of articles by The Boston Globe* opened this can of worms, and it's been a huge scandal ever since. At the time, transiting Pluto was opposing the Vatican Sun, undermining the Vatican's stature. Also, by secondary progression, Mars had come out of the 12th house and was squaring morally judgmental Saturn in Sagittarius.
traditionally dominated by men. Her Venus in vocal Gemini is sextile Mars, giving her plenty of sex appeal.

Ms. Andrews has been subjected to a number of predatory invasions, including the secret videotaping of her through a keyhole. While her Moon-Mercury conjunction in Aries gives her the self-confidence and boldness required of the dance routines, these two planets oppose Pluto, the planet associated with the invisible enemy. Transiting Pluto just turned retrograde while squaring her Lunar Node axis.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy (January 17, 1980; Odessa, Ukraine; time unknown) has Mars in technically demanding Virgo, where it forms a trine to Erin's Sun and a wide square to her Venus. These are mildly lusty connections, but not a spontaneous, love-at-first-sight chemistry. Their
strongest connections are found in his Ceres conjunct her Mercury-Moon, and her Ceres conjunct his Mercury-Moon. These mutual Ceres links suggest a caring, protective relationship rather than a romantic one, which may be just what Erin needs.
Reader Feedback Dept : "Three major earthquakes centered around April 6, just like you predicted in item#1 in this month's Top Five Astro-Events - GOOD CALL! "