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Pluto and Saturn are the planetary titans. Pluto represents power and Saturn denotes authority, so people with the combination prominent wrestle with how authority is used, both in their lives and in the world at large. In this section, you'll also find a table of historical events that took place during Saturn-Pluto hard aspects, the same dynamics now in play.
The Saturn-Pluto Vibe
Like a tuning fork, those born with a Saturn-Pluto aspect are resonating with the current square between Saturn and Pluto.

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Hillary Clinton’s birth time is still controversial, because AstroDataBank lists her as born at 8:00 PM, but ranks her data as DD, conflicting, because a variety of sources close to her give an a.m. birth time. 
To me, the A.M. time is the only one that makes sense, because it places her Leo stellium in the 9th and she has an exceptional background in law, and then the Scorpio stellium falls in the 12th, the house of enemies. The two possible charts are shown here. 

Regardless of birth time, however, she has a Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in loyal Leo squared by a Venus-Chiron-Mercury conjunction in power-conscious Scorpio. Adding to the potency of these squares, Pluto disposes of Venus, Chiron, Mercury, and her Sun. Love and betrayal must be painful issues with such aspects, but since Saturn is involved and these are fixed sign, she seems determined to stay in her marriage.

She has surely endured more public humiliation through exposure of a sitting President’s sexual transgressions than any First Lady in history. In typical Saturn-Pluto fashion, she bore with it and put on a good face, whatever may have gone on in private. There were rumors throughout the years in the White House that she would leave him after his term was over—and yet they’re  still together, after a fashion. Not only that, but she rose above the situation to wage a fierce senatorial campaign in 2000 to become the first former First Lady to hold elective office. People typically love Hillary or hate her, but no one doubts that she is a consummate politician.
Pluto and Saturn are the planetary titans. Pluto represents power and Saturn denotes authority, so people with the combination prominent wrestle with how authority is used, both in their lives and in the world at large. They’re  mistrustful of the powers that be, often with good reason, for many have been targeted by authority figures, starting with their parents. They tend to be contemptuous of those in charge, and this attitude doesn’t go unnoticed by bosses, even when it’s not verbalized. Their challenging, chip-on-the-shoulder attitude may set them up for power struggles and for becoming enmeshed in work-place politics.

To return to the theme of transiting Saturn-Pluto aspects stirring up natal ones: I saw Saturn-Pluto natives at every economic level challenged to take their jobs, businesses, or careers to a higher level through close encounters with wealth and power during the transiting opposition of 2001-2002. That transit accompanied a peak growth period for international conglomerates that increasingly swallowed smaller businesses. Where clients were dealing with powerful, wealthy people, we explored hostility and contempt toward those with money and position that these individuals may have developed in their younger years. I urged them to work on releasing resentments that can contaminate business dealings and that set them up to fail.

In my days as a social worker, I met many Saturn-Pluto people who endured great economic hardships, but the aspect also occurs in offspring of rich, famous, or politically powerful families. If so, it suggests that these children’s often-envied positions of privilege did not sit well with them and left them feeling deeply resentful and personally disempowered. They were controlled by their prominent parents, dwarfed by parental achievements, or manipulated around money. Aspects like these often run in powerful families—Barbara Bush has the trine, while Laura Bush has the conjunction, as do her twin daughters; metaphysical teacher Deepak Chopra has the conjunction, while his son, Gotham, who is following in his father’s footsteps, has the square.
Many political figures have this aspect—in two recent White House administrations, they included Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Dick Cheney, and Laura Bush. The politicians are likely to adopt a philosophy of “the ends justify the means” and become gifted manipulators of the system. The conjunctions and trines of Pluto and Saturn enter into these machinations most naturally; the squares tend to pit themselves against authority in hardheaded battles that can be counter-productive.

It’s hard to draw empirical conclusions about politics and oppositions because there were only three examples in only three examples in the past century, and two of them involved transiting Uranus as well. Politically radical—and tumultuous—Uranus was involved both in the 1930-32 opposition, where it formed a t-square with Pluto and Saturn, and in the 1965-67 opposition, where it conjoined Pluto and opposed Saturn. During the Pluto-Saturn opposition of 2001-2, the only pure example in the past century, terrorist attacks ushered in catastrophic events with immense political repercussions for the world.
Parts of 1939-40: Saturn Aries-Taurus square Pluto Cancer-Leo:

1939 Events: WWII begins in earnest; Women, children evacuated from London as air raids begin; Roosevelt declares US neutral; Great Depression ending as US economy booms with war orders; Wizard of Oz

1939 Astrological Positions:  Pluto 29 Cancer-3 Leo; Neptune 23-25 Virgo; Uranus 13-22 Taurus; Saturn 11 Aries-1 Taurus; Chiron 4-18 Cancer. Aspects: Uranus Neptune trine;  Saturn-Pluto square

1940: Germany captures Holland and Belgium; invades Norway, Denmark, captures Paris; Cyclotron built; Selective Service Act; FDR wins 3rd term; Jung: Interpretation of Personality; For Whom the Bell Tolls

1940: Pluto 0-4 Leo; Neptune 22-27 Virgo; Uranus 17-26 Taurus; Saturn 24 Aries-14 Taurus; Chiron 13 Cancer-1 Leo. Aspects: Uranus trine Neptune; Saturn square Pluto, Chiron conjunct Pluto

Parts of 1946-48: Saturn in Leo conjunct Pluto in Leo:

1946 Events: Nuremburg trials of Nazi War Criminals; First session of U.N. General Assembly; US founds Atomic Energy Commission; Japan, occupied by US, becomes democracy;  Dr. Spock, Baby and Child Care.

1946: Saturn 19 Cancer-8 Leo; Pluto 9-13 Leo; Uranus 13-21 Gemini; Neptune 5-10 Libra; Chiron 14 Libra-five Scorpio. Aspects: Pluto conjunct Saturn; Neptune sextile Pluto/Saturn; Chiron square Saturn, trine Uranus.

1947: India independent; House Un-American Activities Committee intent on Red Hunt; UFO sightings reported; housing shortage, inflation; A Streetcar Named Desire. Pan-AM commercial flights circle globe.

1947:  Saturn 1-22 Leo;  Pluto 11-14 Leo;  Chiron 2-20 Scorpio; Uranus 17-26 Gemini; Neptune 8-12 Libra.
Aspects: Pluto/Saturn conjunction; Chiron square Saturn, Pluto; Neptune sextile Pluto, Saturn.

1948: Israel created; Ghandi assassinated; Cold War begins; US funds rebuilding Europe; HUAC investigates 2M federal employees; Soviet blockade of Berlin; 205K displaced Persons enter US; South Pacific.

1948:  Saturn 15 Leo-6 Virgo; Pluto 12-16 Leo; Chiron 18 Scorpio-3 Sagittarius; Uranus 22 Gemini-0 Cancer; Neptune 10-15 Libra.  Aspects: Pluto/Saturn conjunct, square Chiron; Neptune sextile Pluto.

Parts of 1955-56: Saturn in Scorpio-Sagittarius square Pluto in Leo-Virgo:

1955 Events: Blacks boycott buses in Alabama; atomic power first used in US; Churchill and Peron resign; world powers normalizing relationships with Germany, European Union established; “Rock around the Clock,” The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit; Lolita

1955: Pluto 24-28 Leo; Saturn 14-28 Scorpio; Neptune 25 Libra-0 Scorpio; Uranus 23 Cancer-2 Leo; Jupiter late Cancer-early Leo; Chiron 27 Capricorn-5 Aquarius. Aspects: Pluto square Saturn; Uranus and Jupiter conjunct,  in t-square with Neptune and Chiron

1956: Khrushchev denounces Stalin; Soviet troops enter Hungary; Castro lands in Cuba; Eisenhower reelected; ML King emerges as leader; Jordan-Israel truce; Japan enters UN; Elvis huge success;  Diary of Anne Frank.

1956 aspects: Pluto 26 Leo-0 Virgo; Saturn 26 Scorpio-9 Sagittarius; Neptune 27 Libra-2 Scorpio; Uranus 28 Cancer-6 Leo; Chiron 4-11 Aquarius. Aspects:  Pluto square Saturn; Uranus square Neptune.

Parts of 1966-67: Saturn in Pisces opposite Pluto in Virgo:

1967 Events: Six Day War in Israel; MLK leads Vietnam protest march; assassinations of Che Guevara and American Nazi Leader G.L. Rockwell; race riots; Black Power conference; Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

1967:  Pluto 17-22 Virgo; Uranus 20-29 Virgo; Chiron 22-28 Pisces; Saturn 24 Pisces-12 Aries; Neptune 21-25 Scorpio. Aspects: Pluto conjunct Uranus, opposed by Saturn and Chiron; Chiron and Saturn trine Neptune

1968:  RFK and MLK assassinated; riots at Democratic Convention in Chicago; Nixon elected; US lands Survey on moon, underground H-bomb test;  crimes of violence increased 57% since 1960

1968: Pluto 20-25 Virgo; Uranus 25 Virgo-3 Libra; Chiron 25 Virgo-2 Aries;  Saturn 5-25 Aries; Neptune 23-27 Scorpio. Aspects: Pluto conjunct Uranus, opposed by Chiron; Chiron trine Neptune

Events of the Pluto-Saturn opposition in orb most of June 2001 to May 2003:

2001: Bush Administration takes office after hotly contested election; US spy plane collides with Chinese jet, crisis;  Shock, mourning, fear in response to 9/11 bombings and anthrax deaths; Giuliani heads NYC crisis, excavation of WTC site; US, Britain bomb Afghanistan, Taliban collapses; Israel bombs Palestine; UN supports Anti-Terrorist initiative;  US refuses to participate in  International Criminal Court, international climate control efforts.

2002: Department of Homeland Security created as arm of Bush’s War on Terrorism, controversy over threat to civil rights; Milosevic War Crimes Tribunal; North Korea nuclear threat; Hindu-Muslim violence in India; Catholic Church rocked by sex abuse scandals;  Enron and other corporate corruption scandals; UN weapons inspections in Iraq

2003:  U.S. deploys troops to Persian Gulf; bomb Iraq, enter Baghdad; War protests world-wide; Homeland Security sets Terror Alert at red, begins provisions; Anti-Terrorist law expands govt. right to spy on suspected terrorists; suicide bombings; SARS virus spreads, adding to general fear of flying; S. Africa approves reparations to Apartheid victims
The Timetables of History
Continuing from Part 2's "General Themes for Saturn-Pluto People", Part 3 now explores Hillary Clinton's chart, and how Saturn-Pluto people often struggle with power and authority.
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