Whatever the misty origins of human culture, what we do know about Sirius mythology comes from Ancient Egypt's reverence of this star. Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians noticed that the Nile flooded every year when the Sun lined up with Sirius.
Since the floodwaters made the entire valley fertile, bringing sustenance, life, and
stability, it only seemed natural to bless Sirius for this abundance. The highest ranking
figures in Egypt's pantheon of Gods and Goddesses are all associated with Sirius,
including Isis, Osiris, Horus, Hathor, Anubis, and Thoth.

In The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Sirius is described as the place where souls go
after they leave the body. Egyptian temples were oriented toward Sirius, and a calendar
was created centered on the annual conjunction of the Sun with Sirius. Sirius represented, therefore, the religious concept of renewal as an extrapolation of the annual flooding. This included the idea of death and rebirth, ie. reincarnation, which the greatest pyramids are devoted to. More prosaically, Sirius is also the key to survival, the organization and use of time, and the successful management of civilization. The mythology of Sirius extends across our planet to include the empires of Greece, Persia, Rome, China, and the Mayans.

Sirius, as the astronomical foundation of the entire Egyptian religious system, as
well as many other ancient empires, carries profound metaphysical and esoteric meaning. If there exists an actual guiding intelligence to Earth's evolution, it most certainly can be associated with Sirius. And the United States, with its Sun conjunct Sirius, represents, therefore, the clearest channel for this extra-human agency to manifest its will, whatever that may be. For those who might assume that supernatural guidance is America's fate, it might be wise to recall that all empires have had an expiration date.
This connection moves the political astrologer beyond the mundane and into the metaphysical. Sirius has a long, exalted history and plays a prominent role in our planet's greatest empires, the most outstanding of which was ancient Egypt. Tracking the essential meaning of Sirius takes us back into history as far as written records go, and then even further to oral traditions, and the possibility of extra-terrestrial visitations. Sirius is, afterall, only eight light years from Earth, and the
most likely point of origination for pollinators of human intelligence and civilization, if
humanity is some kind of lab experiment.
The U.S. Sun in Cancer is located at a most auspicious place: it's conjunct Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens.
The Sun in the ninth house indicates the patriarchal religions which have done so much to form the essential American character. Moral authority stemming from Christian values continues to be the hallmark of the United States, even though religious freedom is a guaranteed right. Of all Thomas Jefferson's great achievements, the one principle he cherished the most and fought the hardest for, was the constitutional separation of church and state. Even so, the United States remains the most fundamentalist nation in the industrialized world. Three-quarters of Americans believe in the literal existence of the devil, and one-third to one-half believe that the future can be determined from biblical prophecies. In comparison to modern Europe and Japan, the United States is off the spectrum in terms of how much its political agenda is determined by religious

The Sun, symbol for a nation's leadership, is also located in the ninth house, so being a lawyer tends to be the first step for those with political ambitions. The Sun in the ninth house describes American pride in its political philosophy, a system of government which relies on the rule of law rather than rule by tyrants. Although the rebellious colonial representatives voted to separate from Great Britain on July 2, 1776, America's birthday is actually celebrated on July 4, which was when the Declaration of Independence was approved. The Declaration established the legal reasons for separating according to the natural rights of a governed people. These humanitarian principles were promulgated during the Enlightenment period of the mid-1700s, and later codified into law for the first time as the Constitution of the United States with its accompanying Bill of Rights.

With the Sun in the 9th house in the Scorpio Rising chart, America's elected leaders have always captured the hearts of the people by asserting their moral authority. This has always been true of American Presidents, and most national political campaigns boil down to which candidate seems the most righteous, regardless of religious affiliation. Our most famous Presidents are also our most virtuous. George Washington never lied, and honorably declined to be King, or run for a third term. Abraham Lincoln brought us the Emancipation Proclamation, and confirmed the principle of equality.FDR, despite his own infirmity, delivered America from itself through inspiring Fireside Chats, and during World War II by following the worthy imperative of making the world safe for Democracy. The moral strength of these American Presidents is what we honor above all else, and is astrologically reflected in the ninth house Sun.
Sirius and the USA Sun
Sun in 9th